Pantheon of Rome, Italy

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Since arriving in Italy a little less than two weeks ago, I’ve taken so many pictures with my phone, I can hardly carry it in my pocket—it’s heavy! The enormity and architectural brilliance of the mutli-century old building’s and ancient ruins we’re surrounded by, everywhere you turn to look, make even the least seasoned photographer’s appear as though they’re trained professionals.

Prior to leaving England, I was telling the guy cutting my hairs of our plans to visit Rome. He said, in his gentleman-like English accent, “oh, wait’ll you see Rome, mate, the historical architecture there is simply lovely!” I responded with something like “really, have you seen your own buildings?!” When he said “you haven’t seen anything yet,” it went in one ear and right out the other assuming ‘he probably just takes his own country’s architecture for granted.’ Next time I see him, I’ll have to let him know how accurate his description was.

As I began taking pictures, I was quickly loaded up with structures—extravagant churches, water features (and there’s a lot of them), gorgeous statues, narrow cobble stone roads, everything is so ancient and the designs are nothing less than a modern marvel. I quickly realized I can’t fit each of them into a single article so I’ve since decided the only way to adequately share our experience in Rome with you is by breaking them up into sections—a Roman series. I decided I’ll post an article that only features statues, one for water features, another for ruins and so on. Then we visited Pantheon—a picture tour worthy of an article all by itself. And then, just yesterday, we toured Vatican City—another picture tour deserving of its own article, I’ll get to that one another day. First, Pantheon.

You’ll find the extensive description by clicking the link above—this is the shortened version. I’ve since jokingly dubbed the former Roman Temple, “selfie center,” you’ll see why in just a minute. Originally constructed during the reign of Augustas in the year 27 B.C, the Pantheon’s dome is the worlds largest unreinforced concrete cylinder standing 142 feet in the air. That, itself, is a challenging concept to accept even having seen the structure with my own eyes. The Pantheon’s dome is the inspiration and example inspired by both previous and current architects worldwide that annually hosts an estimated six million visitors. On that note, the picture tour of this nearly 2,000 year old structure that remains one of today’s modern architectural mysteries has officially begun—enjoy the show!
Images - iPhone 8+

Pantheon of Rome, Italy







































🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 selfie lady is hilarious. I know what you’re talking about when you say you want to revisit everything with a “knowledgable” eye. Now, when are we going to take our selfie infront of a monument? 😎

When there’s nobody taking a picture of us while doing so. Oh well, looks like we can’t (insert guy shrugging his shoulders). Once researching these things, it really makes me want to go back and see it again.

I guess I could research them first but then I probably won’t feel the need to see it in person. 🤔 Like allergy pills—“lose - lose.”

iheartu all the time beautifulest.

Love always,
The Luckiest Guy I Know.

Like allergy pills… hahaha

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@steemitworldmap, thank you! Good lookin out @choogirl @martibis @itchyfeetdonica @livinguktaiwan and @lizanomadsoul. Ya’all know how maintain a good thing.

(got all the names right that time, too) Nothing worse than leaving out key players when you’re trying to give a shout-out.

for @dandays

I sure am glad I’m able to keep your attention, @eii. Thanks for sticking around!

Great shots! I don't know what are your plans in Italy, but if you end up in the vicinity of Siena, pay it a visit. It's a small but really lovely town! 😊

Deal, @trincowski! Thank you. I just looked it up, I can’t say we’ll make it there as I’ve got a sick wife on my hands we’re really hoping gets healthy but we’re going to try our best to get to at least Naples and Florence.

We were hoping to take in a lot more but she got pretty ill man, ill enough to where we’re going to rest traveling for a minute and go back to the UK at the beginning of the year to have some testing done.

Thanks a lot for checking out this article, sir, it’s always a pleasure hearing from you.

I'm sorry to hear about that... 🙄
Best wishes for her.

I am always fascinated by rich culture and history of Rome. Your trip have been quite joyful, keep sharing more about it.

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.

Oh you know I will—my pleasure! I speak on behalf of the platform @appreciator @bluemist, this type of recognition and the support appreciator is giving the platform is precisely the encouragement we need to keep going—thank you!

"In fact, the concept of a pantheon dedicated to all the gods is questionable.',_Rome

With so many different views people have on what and who god is, I also find this concept odd, that the pantheon was dedicated to all of the Gods.
Great idea breaking up all of the material you have gathered into several posts.
The last thing you would want to happen would be for people to just rush through a post of this magnitude, attention span, attention span.

There are really no words to describe what you have shared with us in this post.
The one word that comes to mind that would even come close is extraordinary.
The craftsmanship involved with building structures like the Pantheon of Rome always flabbergasts me.
You wonder if it would even be possible for a structure of this magnitude to be built in the present time. For some reason I doubt it.
If I read it correctly in the link you provided, this structure only took 41 years to complete, that's if my math is correct 27 BC to 14 AD.
The selfie section is hilarious, especially the 5th picture.
And then you have the young lady that just couldn't get enough photos of herself.
Take off the glasses girl, and you will be able to see what the heck your taking pictures of, besides yourself.

Presently negative 1 degree outside, since that is a little cold I wont be attempting to do much outside today, so keep them coming, I'm having a ball!

I’m back. You’re in luck sir, that’s “you’re in” not urine. I just released The Vatican last night—man, Wait’ll you see that joint! What I meant by urine you’re in luck is the cold weather gives you an excuse to stay inside. I got so much metal in my leg, any geographic location outside of California hurts. All.the.time!

About the construction. Being a tradesman yourself, I’ll voice my opinion. Dude, I don’t think an unreinfinforced dome of that size would be possible today. If not for the fact engineering is incapable, certainly for the fact the contractor wouldn’t profit all the way to the bank during the construction phase. The man power and ingenuity required actually gives me a headache just thinking about. Crazy! This is another one of those articles that I didn’t know specifics on, that one in particular, until I researched the facts. Now I have to go back and see it again. Incredible engineering! 41 years.. how did they do that?!

I silently whispered the song to Pura while we were inside “I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can...” and then I really got sidetracked just taking pictures of people taking pictures of themselves. Pura began to get embarrassed like “stop it! They’re gonna see you!!” Dude, that’s funny. It’s a good thing I didn’t notice until after I pictured the joint for you because it completely changed the view from my camera lens. Too much fun when they make it so easy.

As per usual, you really let me know how much you appreciate what I’m doing (or think I’m doing) around here by leaving such a detailed response. I can’t type THANK YOU big enough. More to come, Rob, the pleasure is all mine and it’s always a nice surprise to wake up to your responses.

See you soon.

The Luckiest Guy I Know

You're like a walking jukebox. I wear my sunglasses at night, original by Cory hart, another great tune.

Just added this one to my play list.

Matter of fact, I just started a new folder and named it The Big Ear. This folder will include music that you have added to your posts. I have quit an extensive library, but you keep coming up with some golden oldies that have slipped my mind.

I hear you with metal in the leg. Artificial hip and all, with another hip and two knees to go, which I've been putting off for over two years now, we may have to compare notes one day.

You should have went with the winter metal, good to -20 F before you feel any discomfort.

Your post on the Vatican should be eye opening. With all of the money the Vatican has, I'm sure the interior decorator has been given free reign.

That's funny with @puravidaville scolding you about taking the pictures of the people. It's just the opposite around here. When @farm-mom goes around taking pictures in a public place, especially of people, I get a little uneasy and ask her to chill.
After she is done getting her pics, and she loads them onto the computer, I'm glad she took the photos.

Talk about detailed responses, you're right there with those of us who really enjoy the engagement.

Whoops! I clicked on this one way too soon, Rob. My favorite kind of response right here, the type I save for last. I’ll be back!

Another homerun Mr. @dandays, great pix, you should write a book about your travels and include some of this great photography. I'll take a signed copy as soon as it's hot off the presses.😀

I’ll trade you a Jurg jug of maple syrup for it!

Good morning, @farm-mom, you guys have been encouraging with us since day one—this traveliving adventure of ours has been no exception. Thank you for keeping an eye on us and welcome back from Jersey—the platform just isn’t the same with you.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from you, @farm-mom. Good morning from Rome.

Ok Mr. D @dandays, I am saying good morning, when after checking my fone, oops phone, attempt at humor😏, realized you are like 6 hours ahead of us. Ok got it, so GOOD AFTERNOON!! what's shaking?
You know what they say "when in Rome..."
I say "go big or go home", play hard, sleep well.
Smile, laugh and love, that's it, everything else is out of our control, let the chips fall where they may. At the Jurg farm those chips are wood chips 😄

You know my smart phone, iPhone 8+ to be exact, will allow me to spell phoBe for phone if I don’t click the N and it even does it like that with a capital B? What the heck kinda phone allows you to misspell “phone?!”

sit yeah, I am a lousy speller, but I can do better then that.

Sit yeah, I am a
Lousy speller, but I can
Do better then that.

                 - farm-mom

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hahaha!! You got a Haiku out of that!

I don't really know, if a bot upvotes you that's a good thing? What is Haiku? I know it's a bot but do I reply? To a robot? just not getting it...

Nah, no need to reply. Haiku is a specific writing style in the poetry family. I’ve seen haiku bot around the platform for a long time but the timing on this one was stellar.

Good morning, @farm-mom, happy Sunday to the the whole upstate family.

That’s the best haiku I’ve seen yet 😂🤣

Oh hello there sweet @puravidaville, glad everyone else is getting a kick out of it, I am just the dumbo who had to ask.

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Thanks @dandays for your support! We are currently testing 2.2.3 release, so expect more awesome update 😉

waw so quality content :) thanks

My pleasure, @ython, I’m glad you appreciate what I’m doing around here—thank you letting me know, kind replies are motivating. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

We liked Rome when there a few years ago...It sort of feels old but still has a modern vibe. A someone who likes history there's no shortage of it and, of course, the coffee, pasta and pizza...Yum!

We spent 8 days there and could have spent a lot more. There's so much to see, not just the attractions but just street by street, and we also spent some time sitting on the sidewalk in cafés watching the world go by.

It's a must-visit city I think. Thanks for the share. Oh, looks like that Samsung phone is keeping up with your demands on it. Nice photos.

Hey, good morning again, @galenkp! I just responded to your other one. Rome is a world in itself, isn’t it? There’s not an adequate adjective to describe this place. It’s spendy, though, that’s for sure, we’ve been traveliving since the start of the year and this is the most expensive city yet.

And, yes, I’ve had pasta on average every other night, I expected pizza and pasta everywhere and wasn’t disappointed. We don’t drink but there’s no shortage on wine here, either. I think it’s safe to say we’re doing what you would do—enjoy from the room, from the cafe table, from the bridges, there’s just so much to take in.

Thanks a lot for keeping an eye us, sir, it’s a pleasure to hear from you, I’m glad you enjoyed this article and I appreciate the comment. We’ll chat again soon, @galenkp, happy holidays to you and yours—enjoy your weekend.

Rome is awesome. My wife doesn't drink alcohol either, and I don't drink much at all, but I have some vino in Rome, with my pasta...Amazing.

Have a great time, see everything and soak it all up!

(Travelling since the start of the year...Lucky you!)

Luckiest Guy I Know, @galenkp. Blessed to be in this position and taking nothing for granted, we’ll aware at all times it can be taken just as quickly as it’s given.

I really appreciate your support, sir. Your content is a pleasure to keep an eye on as well. Happy holidays.

And happy holidays to you sir! Thanks for reading my blog from time to time and of course, it's a pleasure to follow you also. :)

Great :) I also want to visit too. Thanks for sharing

Of course, @electrotechnic, it’s my pleasure! I’m glad you enjoyed the tour—more to come. Happy Sunday and happy holidays to you and yours.

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Howdy sir dandays! Simply breath-taking, everything is so huge and so magnificent!

@janton! Been a long time. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to check out my articles. I’m glad you liked them, sir. I did one on the Vatican, too, in comparison to Pantheon—Wait’ll see that place.

I mentioned something about whaleshares and weku on the other response so I won’t repeat myself any more than I already have.

Nice to hear from you again, Janton.

Howdy again sir dandays! you're outdoing yourself on these fabulous posts! Yes, I'm checking out the Vatican post today and preparing myself to be blown away.

Hey @dandays, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

Cheers! 🍺