Buddy: Off-loading The Task of Many Developers

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Technology continues to rise. Likewise, the development of each application needs to evolve. Legitimate and effective information administration is a major worry for any individual or business program developers. Computer applications ceaselessly developing, and organizations are looked at with intense choices as how to oversee them successfully and productively. Numerous organizations utilize third-party arrangements since they don't need excessive time detracted from their main goal as well as the cost of overseeing server farms are excessively costly and exceed the advantages.

What if there is a deployment and development platform that can assist program developers? What if there is an existing platform that will serve as your backbone while you are developing your program/software so that you will be able to focus on other creative tasks? A platform that will oversee the framework of your software while you are doing the easy part. Let me walk you through about Buddy


  • In 2007, while assisting an infamous Subversion Hosting Platform by Bootstrapping Springloops with deployment software for developers, Buddy was created. Through all the learnings and earned experiences from previous clients, the team came up with the idea of developing Buddy.
  • In May 2015, Buddy was introduced and was formerly named Meat!. November 2015, Meat! was renamed as Buddy and formally published as a cloud-only service. Its aim was to automate application development process to unload some work from developers for them to produce more quality time by not making repetitive task and so that they can focus on other challenges.
  • In September 2016, the Buddy GO was launched. An overwhelming positive reaction from the community made its path for Buddy to be more popular which led to partnering Google, Github, Microsoft and other key players. Helping developers have become its mission so that they can provide faster and better-quality products.

Since then, Buddy became a partner with developers all over 120 countries. Estimated 7,000 Developers are using its tools and products each day.

WHAT IS Buddy?:

Buddy is built on blockchain technology and it is meant for technical people. It Allows you to run programs and websites with code from software such as Gitlab, GitHub and Bitbucket. It lets you build, test and deploy programs. It is solving the problem in the technical world, application world and application development world.

Buddy envisions to become a pillar which supports developers in producing quality products. It aims to unload some task from these talented people so that they can maximize their time focusing on creative works.

Buddy is already existing and working in a centralized system and planning to be introduced to blockchain environment.

buddy logo nbg w lines.png


Problem Identified

  • Some organizations tend to focus on configuring and maintaining their apps instead of giving more time in shipping and this is due to their quota of building faster and get the result faster. To meet their daily target they hardly invest in building infrastructure.
  • Parallelism - Some companies do multi-task by executing builds and actions within pipelines in order to meet the delivery time and this factor adds pressure not only to developers but also to the infrastructure itself.

PIPELINES - are regularly actualized in a multitasking OS, by propelling all components in the meantime as procedures, and naturally adjusting the information read asks for by each procedure with the information composed by the upstream process – this can be known as a multiprocessed pipeline.

The above image shows the crucial development automation metrics caused by scaling of devOps infrastructure:

Formulated Solutions

1.) The DevOps Marketplace

Through the gathered idea and brainstorming, the Buddy Team created 80 various automation actions that can help developers with an easy click. It is made simple for every individual to use the actions even for complex applications and multi-cloud workflows.

The actions are arranged into:

  • Pipeline
  • Making building
  • Testing
  • Deploying

ACTION - "refers to producing Blocks of Automation Pipelines"

It became more accessible when it is opened to third-party developers.

Illustrating interaction between developers, Buddy and the users.

The next image shows some ideas of 3rd party actions.

SECURIFY refers to - "A web-based software that has been developed by Software Reliability Lab and its sole purpose is to automatically detect security threat or not secure coding for any Ethereum Contract on the web. Its service is for free."

Parity Wallet library incident reported that expert developers are not exempted to making mistakes. According to the gathered information, there are 8,833 out of 19,336 Ethereum Smart Contracts that are positive for security threats.

See below example:

Automating Security Reports with Buddy


  • Can be added to automation pipeline.
  • Will be able to report issues after being transmitted to the codebase.
  • Will lessen the shipment time.
  • Will improve code quality.

ChainSecurity - An Automated Formal Audit Platform that has been created by the team who developed Securify. Has the ability to run an Audit in the Ethereum Smart Contracts.

2.) Private Automation GRID

Network of Buddy Instances - It aims to provide a high level of accessibility auto-scalable infrastructure.

About Privacy
Buddy decentralizing only on reliable sources and applications that can be fully controlled by users. It doesn't just rely on any resources like home-based computers

To provide a high-level accessibility system, the first two master-master replication need to be created. Depending on the load, Buddy will be able to provide new and delete repetitive instances on-the-fly.

IaaS providers that can be used for integrations

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Or use other Buddy GRIDs

3.) Shared Automation GRID

  • Aims to unload some complex automation tasks.

Basis of the Shared Automation GRID

  • In exchange for a BUD token, a node of the Shared Automation GRID with a compute unit of a small entity will be assigned. The storage only follows the executed tasks. It will be soon released after the tasks have been completed.

Below is the standardized vCPU (Specs: 2 vCPUs, 2GB of RAM and 4GB of SSD storage)

  • Buddy only allows instances that are able to meet the required standard.

Expansion (Private to the Shared Automation GRID)
Supercomputers are not being used by organizations when it comes to core development automation.

Illustration of Resource-Intensive Tasks

  • Developers who use Buddy are immediately able to put to work the Shared Automation Grid. It can let multi-tasks by doing other hundred works while lining up Buddy instances from the shared GRID at the same time doing some testing which will then give the results in minutes.

  • Then Users will be able to unload to the Shared Automation GRID the selected actions or even the whole pipelines.

Buddy Instances

  • Buddy has its own P2P network. Nodes can provide information to Buddy if there is a technical issue or abuse.

The flow of P2P reporting

DAO (Data Access Objects) - is an application program interface (API) that gives a developer a chance to ask for access to a database.

Shared Automation GRID's economy

A BUD token will be given to the producer and it will only be given when the task is done, in exchange for renting the Compute Unit. The price is negotiable.

See illustration below for renting flow

  • Producers are the one who sets the price and when it will be available in the market.

Supplier Safety

  • There is a limit on accepting actions on the Shared Automation GRID. DevOps Marketplace actions are the only actions that are allowed to run. Manually or Automatically, any abuse or bad actors detected will be removed by Buddy's DAO and reporting system.

  • 3-layer parallelism framework is present to make solid interest for Buddy's Compute Units. This can isolate pipelines and their activities into separate tasks that can be run at the same time. This will energize utilization of extra assets outside the private system.


  • Automation by Design
    The administration has been intended to run them more than once with no client collaboration unlike supercomputers, are more about asking for finishing of one-time employment with large registering power needs.

  • Fixed and Local Resources
    It is likewise hard to plan applications by third parties, not comprehending what assets are accessible at runtime. There are many undertakings that require no less than 1 GB of RAM and quick nearby stockpiling to run, for example, building Java applications. Supercomputers attempt to actualize fog computing and utilize a wide range of gadgets (tablets, cell phones, switches), as they are planned more towards extensive calculations, for example, CGI rendering or demonstrating.

  • Control
    Buddy places clients in full access and control, enabling them to set up their own particular Private Automation GRIDs. In protecting intellectual property, at present, there is no perfect solution for snooping users.

  • User Experience
    Buddy has a high level of credibility with its easy to use interface which gives a smooth running operation. Supercomputers are generic that only follows specific workflows.

  • No Overhead and No Fees
    When posting a job to a supercomputer several arrangements are needed to be accomplished such as the costing, depositing money into wallets and alike. Compare to Buddy, a user own the Private Automation GRID which can be used off-chain immediately with no cost.

  • Challenges
    Buddy doesn't require complex process flow and is made simpler. It utilizes existing technologies. Supercomputers are at possibilities of putting their projects at high-vulnerability as they are still facing too many technical challenges.

buddy logo nbg w lines.png


Problem Identified

  • Before getting to work, programmers should study and understand complex concepts such as EVM, solidity, Geth, dApps and many more to mention.
  • Challenges in the development of smart contracts or dApps and adopting blockchain technology.
  • Lacking tools in assisting blockchain-specific development.
  • Building trust

Formulated Solutions

1.) BlockchainOps

As Buddy made its way successfully in spreading the good news about automation platform to developers, it is now taking a new challenge by introducing the development automation of Blockchain-based projects. The process is user-friendly and very easy to use.

Ready-to-go actions:

  • Compiling and tests
  • Deployments
  • Custom scripts
  • DApps monitoring

The dApp Development Automation Actions

Below is an example of 3rd party developers

BlockchainOps Actions

2.) dAppOS

  • It can be incorporated with Buddy's cloud, guaranteeing that remote groups advancement isn't hampered. They can likewise be utilized as preparing apparatuses for smart contracts and DApps. dAppOs can be utilized as a domain for testing.

  • dAppOs can either be an independent, or it can be doled out to branches. When it is allocated to branches, each branch gets an occurrence of dAppOs alongside the administrations required connected. With this, a computerized completely detached stack is in locating for each branch.

Training Tool - Since programmers can focus on hands-on training, it makes blockchain education easier. dAppOs can be utilized as a preparation device in blockchain training.

Sandbox & dAppOS Template Universe
Template Universe - A marketplace provided by 3rd party for Sandbox & dAppOS template.

dAppOS Swarms

  • A significant number of the supposed decentralized stage are not genuinely decentralized in light of the fact that most run plenty of nodes in a single DC. With the common computerization framework, a large number of (dAppOs swarms) can be spun the world over, and this dAppOs swarm would exist for the time expected to execute an assignment. With this, the cost is diminished, and the execution of errands are viable and effective.

3.) Distributed Blockchain-as-a-Service

  • Buddy empowers designers to determine and sort out what they need versus what they want. Without much effort, they can make another Blockchain of various type. Contingent upon the sort of usage, Buddy can utilize the private GRID and the mutual GRID to make the vital examples for developers to test their executions, reproducing a decentralized real situation.

BlockchainOps + dAppOS + Distributed BaaS

Above image illustrates dApp Development Workflow


BUD- A utility token that is derived from Ethereum (ERC20). Token serves as a bridge between developers, experts and users. It is utilized to additionally distributed trades on the BUDDY Platform. The token makes a solid decentralized economy with the point of guaranteeing straightforwardness and security for the members of the Buddy Platform.

  • Symbol: BUD
  • Current Rate: 1 BUD = 0.0002 ETH
  • Total Sale Supply: 300 million to 470 million.
  • Total Supply: 670 million BUD tokens will be produced
  • Protocol: ERC20

Token Allocation

In My Opinion:

Buddy will become a key player when it comes to the blockchain automation platform as it is already doing it on decentralized automation platform. Buddy has a lot of advantages such as learnings and experiences it gathered from different company developers. Buddy is now a backbone to many developers, experts or new ones. By extending its services to the blockchain world, it will decrease certain errors and loops. By utilizing its user-friendly automation platform life would be easier.

buddy logo nbg w lines.png


For more information

Buddy Website

Buddy WhitePaper

Buddy OnePager

Buddy Token Sale

Buddy YouTube

Buddy BitcoinTalk

Buddy Facebook

Buddy Telegram

Buddy Linkedin

Buddy Twitter

Buddy Medium

Buddy Github

buddy logo nbg w lines.png

If you want to participate in this contest, go to: @originalworks

My twitter link



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Good morning @coinbelly

Lately I've read about other tool called Crowd Machine and this project in so many ways seem to be similar to BUDDY.

Both are going to make developers lifes easier and both are worth attention. Thx for this great review.

Sometimes Im wondering if being tester/developer is not a risky job those days. All those new tools will make their life easier but since developers will be so much more efficient ... will there be enough jobs for them?

I wonder. What do you think?

Obviously upvoted



Hello @crypto.piotr! Thanks for dropping by!

Since the new age has begun and we are now living in a world that is being dominated by machines, gadgets or super hi-tech computers I can say that there will always be available jobs for them. As I believe, programs are continuously upgrading and new softwares are being developed and so the demand for developers will definitely move up. Thank you for the upvote! :)


I love seeing how responsive you are @coinbelly

Just checked your profile just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology :)

I will follow you closely :)
Cheers, Piotr


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I will be definetly visiting your profile every now and then @coinbelly

I hope your life situation will become stable enough and you will have a chance to be more active here on Steemit :)



I'm fine now and striving to make it better every day. Thank you! Been joining a competition that is being hosted by @originalworks, I have this belief that that contest will enhance my writing skills as well, because of the prize, it will let me increase my sp little by little. :D


you're very responsive which is absolutely great and steemit community surely will benefit by having you here.

if you would ever like to keep in touch and support each other closer, then drop me a message promib.pl@gmail.com. You can also find me on telegram: @crypto_piotr.
This will allow us to communicate easier.

No pressure of course,

Cheers, Piotr


Trying my best out of it. :D

I will surely drop a message to that email add. I have nothing much to offer tho, coz I am starting from a scratch.

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