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I'm back again presenting another Steemit Exclusive Collab with @vachemorte, he composed this track and I loved it, so he proposed I make some visuals to go with it. While trying to decide on the theme I listened to the track multiple times and the idea came to me of walking around a gritty industrial, foggy city and the implications of these structures on both humans and nature. This one's a bit dark.


TRACK: @vachemorte
VIDEO: @juliakponsford

A link to my last track Daffodils That Twitch: https://steemit.com/music/@juliakponsford/daffodils-that-twitch-original-track-video-steemit-exclusive-collab

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I watched the whole video, which I can't say for many other videos. I reserve further comment as I have no idea how it will be received by other steemers. I could see there was a lot of work put into it. It did make me think: "aging is slow murder".

Haha, cool thanks for watching!

Oh I see you added to your comment, yes we are all slowly dying :/ that's life I suppose, I'm curious what your holding back but I understand if you choose not to share.

This is absolutely insane! It's crazy, weird, creepy and brain wrenching! I fucking love it!!! Great visual and instrumental. Wow!!

I love all the descriptors you used, thanks!

I upvoted even though it's only 1 cent lol it's my maximum upvote. I'm resteeming as well.

Hey a vote is a vote, I appreciate it :) resteeming is good too!

whether you are a musician's music @juliakponsfotd ..?

? I'm not sure I understand your question :)

Damn, this really captured my attention, and I have ADHD so that's saying something! The vibe is so grim and thick, this would be great in a haunted house or at a halloween party; there's a lot of power of suggestion here. I'm really curious about your process making this video and how much of the footage is original vs found, could you tell me about that stuff?

@vachemorte, this is really cool music. I don't know if you know the band Tera Melos, but their guitarist Nick Reinhart has some solo Halloween sounds albums that I think you'd enjoy and maybe even get inspiration from.

You guys should definitely collaborate more, I really liked this.

Yo fungusmonk. Glad you like my music also so now it's mutual (I was really impressed with that track of yours yesterday). I am listening to Tera Melos right now I didn't know this band, you are right the track frozen zoo totally works for me.

You should check this out, it's very similar vibes to your track: https://nickreinhart.bandcamp.com/album/scary-sounds

For this video I actually used all creative Commons footage, I transform and layer and color and morph it a lot though, most of the shots you see are multiple layers of opacity, I also use some png overlay (?) effects like smoke and sparks etc. Everything is edited in Adobe premiere but I'm slowly learning after effects for animation! For the actual creative process I go in with a vibe/idea I want to convey and just play with the footage until it feels right. I use the music as a guide :)

Awesome, found footage is a cool medium and liked all your choices a lot. I'd love to collaborate with you as well if you'd be interested; the pace of my music tends to be a lot faster than this though, so it might be a very different challenge!

That would be awesome! I would love vocals on my tracks but I hate singing I choke in front of a mic, lol. I started a track for a cover contest on here, not sure if I'm going to post it. Might have to modulate my voice beyond recognition before I like it (^o^)

Yeah singing on recordings is hard. I'm usually pretty unhappy with my voice so I scrap a lot of takes. That's why the album I just put out is all instrumental~

Do you do any vocal exercises? I started doing some a while back and after a week or two I noticed it felt easier to sing, I didn't keep up with it though and now it's been ages, I should do that again

I don't and I probably should! But I tend to just not like my voice very much. I haven't sung much in a while because all my musical efforts have been focused on recording and mixing for a few months.

Well your last post was great! The vocal exercises might give you more confidence about it (I should take my own advice) As long as your making music it's good either way though, I think it's probably a good idea to keep creating so you don't get rusty.

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This is wicked. It's a great collaboration as both audio and visuals are super cool and well done to the same high mark.

I got a real strong Twin Peaks vibe right off the bat. Almost thought some of the strings or bass note slaps could have been pitched/modified samples from the title theme but by the end of the track, I wasn't so sure.

Keep up the good work! Please collaborate again!

Thanks for the comments, it is very twin peaksy!

Glad you liked my track. I use samples sometimes but not in this one. I do love Twin Peaks music and there is a great documentary out there with the composer talking how he came up with the music.

Really great work vachemorte ... i was blown away! Real deep, thank you!

thanks. Come check out my landlord singing the crypto malady blues...it's a different genre of my music and i just posted it now.

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This is dope, got me inspired to post my work

I like your posts :) keep going

Thank you, I most certainly will!

Hi, im making Top 20 New Authors - Steemit. You are on my list!

Thank you so much, I appreciate it! I'm releasing another video this week in a similar style, stop by an check it out :)

Woah!! ... Deep, dark and awesome piece - i love it!!
That bass line is great, i too enjoy to use strange/unusual harmonies - great work!

@vachemorte did an amazing job with the track, so atmospheric and moody! It was a pleasure making visuals to go with it!

Holy Schlamoly ! I love everything about this. The track is !Great! and the visuals are !Stunning! You two outdid yourselves with this one :)

Thank you! I find the rhythm of this one very hypnotic and I think the visuals add to the feeling.

I watched it full screen on a big monitor and full range speakers. The visuals Definitely merge with the music. A total trip! ReSteemeD!

Thanks for the resteem!

I really like your track, it's quite dark and for some reason despite being a very positive person I love dark music, especially Minimal Techno, and Techno House.

I look forward to hearing more!

Thanks I'm pretty positive too but I love dark music so I hear you. Maybe it allows us to let the feelings out so we can be cheerful?

again...you killed this track/video. Its so visceral whimsical beautiful and yet unsettling. I really immersed myself. Thank you for continuously providing amazing stuff!

Thanks I'm glad your liking it, I'm starting to see a sort of theme in my videos, even when I try to go gritty I cant not add a nature element, everything in nature is so amazing!