Sign making, its a dull rainy day out and I haven't done any woodwork in a while..

The other day I ran out of gas.. in the campground and in front of probably the only people already staying there, of course, right, lol. So as I sat in the truck with Sienna laughing at myself for even letting it run out, I called answer.
So now what? Sitting here feeling like an ass in front of all those people (like 10 of'em) all staring hard this way now.. like I couldn't have run out of gas around the corner at least!?!?!
I decided to call Dale, (he owns the campground and also employs Dallas). Dale had a good chuckle and told me to come up to the house, he lent me his quad to go back to the truck with the pail of gas. As I was putting the gas in the truck all of those people were still staring, of course! LOL! After I got some gas in the truck Sienna drove the quad back to Dales house and I followed.
I thanked Dale for helping me out and I told him I'd get him back for the gas.
Today it's kinda dull and rainy so I threw in some laundry and then decided to break out some wood and my router, so I quickly made a new sign for the campground since it looks like its time for a new one.

Picked out the perfect board for the sign and cut it to size.

Using a 1/4" Cove Box Bit

Start of the routering.

Done routering.

Shaved off the bark with the ax (all of the chisels are at the cabin).

Ready for staining.

Washed on a Dark Walnut stain.

FInished, with 2 coats of satin varathane, I will take it to the campground tomorrow.

It wasn't raining anymore when the kids got home from school, so after supper, we went to get some rocks so I can finish up the garden tomorrow.
I am not so sure what to do with that huge rock, it took all three of us to lift it in the truck!

The kids trying to push/lift that enormous rock, they ended up pushing it right off of there too!



Funny story, I didn’t know that’s how you made those signs

It was funny!
Yup, that how you make'em, they are pretty easy to do :)

Your post is featured in my FRIDAY DIY Day Curation - Weekly Edition 11!

Thanks for featuring my post in your FRIDAY DIY Day Curation, glad to be a part of it :)

Thats a great Sign! Well made and good skills with the router.
What have you done to mitigate your Gasoline problem?

Yeah, you got to have a steady hand for that.. see how perfect the lettering is? Impressive

Thanks. :)
I knew there wasn't much gas in the truck but I figured it would make it there and back, the other truck had a load needing to go to the dump in it or otherwise it would have been that one I took.

Very good I like your original wood work.🌲🌴

Take Care.
Bless you and your family.

Haha very funy story, but yeah couldn't you have broken down around the corner from those campera, jeesh!!!

Very nice signage by the way!

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Was never realy learned how to do stuff like that by hand with a router. Kind of just started off with a CNC carving. Cool to see it be done with a hand router though

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