Anatomy of a Mushroom and Life Cycle 🍄 (comic) + Giveaway Contest

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I want to share another comic I made showing the names of the different parts of a mushroom and the stages of its life cycle.
My goal with this series of comic strips is to get people interested in mycology by making it less grey and more appealing to those that don't know anything about it.

Like with my previous article about how to grow mushrooms, I will share the rewards of this post with everybody who upvotes and resteems this piece.

Here are the comics:

Parts of the mushroom.png

Life Cycle.jpg

And for the contest, just upvote and resteem this article, put a comment with the message "Done", and I'll equally split the rewards generated by this post with you.

If you liked it, check my last article on mushroom cultivation for more. Also, it's still not too late to participate in that contest if you want a share of the rewards!!

Thanks a lot for reading and let me know in the comments what you think of my comics!!


Done! I would like to delegate my share of the profits to @fabulousfungi

Thanks for your support @ecoinstant!

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Good Luck!

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They are comical. :) No, I love being among the fungus. Always such amazing pictures.

Resteemed tip!

Hy friend, The photo is very interesting, I inhin know how to take photos with very good results, from simple scenery can look beautiful, if you could please give us some of your experience for us

Love it! Followed you, great style and great info!

Thanks for your kind words!

Done. Nice drawings. I hope many people see this post and learn more about the mighty 'shroom. Steem on! @ironshield

Thanks! I appreciate it.
You're in the list now.

If you found these in the woods, which would you eat to survive? @ironshield

First one is a morel (good edible).
The second looks like Amanita muscaria (toxic and hallucinogenic).

In the latest round of Steem-pocalypse, we're starving and searching for food. These are our options. I don't think we can afford to be hallucinating in a survival situation. Thanks for your advice! @ironshield

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Woo hoo! Thanks! I always knew you were a fun guy! @ironshield

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