The Letter Boxes - Birthday Cards For Kaitlin

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Have you seen letter boxes now a days? Maybe not. These letter boxes are very old maybe build in 1800. I remember as a child growing up in the village. We didnt have letter boxes. My aunt and my cousins would walk 3-5 kilometers to the next village just to drop a letter. I didn't know how to write a letter at young age. But I saw my grandma's excitement every time she receieved  letters from her children who were living in the city. I remember having a telegram. It's like a piece of paper with a very short note, grandma only use it for emergency because it was very expensive back then.


Everytime I see these letter boxes, it brings back memories to me.  How many of you send letters or cards to friends and loved ones? Maybe a few. I used to live in a developed country and sending cards is just normal especially birthday or Christmas cards. Our desk was full of cards in any occasions and sometimes I would write 50 Christmas cards or more, not only for friends but also for our neighbors. 

It is very common now a days to use email. It's quicker and faster. But holding a card and reading it is so different. Gratefulvibes family @paradise-found is encouranging us to send a birthday card to Kaitlin. She's a beautiful girl, with special needs she will be turning 18  this summer. She lives in Canada. Her mom requested people around the globe to send her daughter a birthday card. She wants to make her 18th birthday very special. I'm planning to send one and maybe some seashells. Papa bear wrote an article about it READ HERE. 

The address to send cards is:
Kaitlin Coghlin
267 Brantwood Park Road
Brantford, Ontario
N3P 1P2

VIDEO from facebook:

Article from @phoenixwren:

Update @phoenixwren:

Would you like to send her a card too? 

Have a wonderful day everyone:)
All original photos. 

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Yours truly,
The village girl @sunnylife by the Steemian Forest

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Oooh way to go! Thank you so much for spreading the love and joy to beautiful Kaitlin! xoxoxoxo


aawww thanks for dropping by.
Yeah would love to do that. I'll ask my son also to make one.
love is all we need.


Happy birthday to Kaitlin..Me and my family will try to her a birthday .greetings..
hello my dear sun <3 <3


sis meron nakong nagwa sau..
later send ko, sana magustuhan mo.
ngayon lang ako naka off gabi na

Yup, it is a nice feeling to receive and send mails nowadays cause it is no longer a common thing. :)


sobre daw sis na may datung hehehe

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Love love love, Kaitlyn!


thanks sis
One Love.

I'll be sending Kaitlin a birthday card too! Naku sis pati anak ko gagawa daw ng personalized card🙂


ohh that's great sis.
I will send a card too.
personalized den pati anak ko pagawin ko
Rock n roll yeahhh!
thanks sis!


Magsama din ako ng pix habang ginagawa.. Sana magustuhan nya😉


oo sis tas post mo sa steemit den:)
rock n roll!

Happy birthday Kay kaitlin sis!
And good morning sis @sunnylife😘😍


thanks sis sa july pa birtday nya.:)
good evening sis hahah maya tulog nako

Those were the days but I think it is still being used abroad...


yeah you're right, in some countries they do.

I hadnt heard letter bo up to know. they are so cute.. .)


aww thanks.
It's an old post box


yes I understood after reading. thanks again.)

Are you in Ontario? @sunnylife

Thanks for spreading the word for Kaitlin! 💙