🎵 Steemit Open Mic Week 94 - “Home” (Original Song)

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For my first ever entry in the Steemit Open Mic, I'm happy to share an original song, “Home.” Such a joy recording it yesterday, with the man I walk with: @cabelindsay, singing beside me.


Into the sea I will go [2x]
Into the sea I’m diving

Into the sky I will go [2x]
Into the sky I’m flying

Into the stars I will go [2x]
Into the stars I’m shining

Into your arms I will go [2x]
Into your arms I’m going



With heart,



A beautiful partnership.
I love this. Relinquishing yourself, yourselves during time of transition, to what will be, looking to the greater world, energy, sky around you and allowing what will be to flow over and through, together.
I love how you look at each other. Cabe always is about honouring the offerings that people make to the quest, I can see that honour exchanged in your eyes to each other .

What a wonderful, meaningful comment. I cherish these words you're sharing with me/us. This Monday morning is made honey sweet because of you.

This song is such a gem, you know. I'm so grateful for the honor of singing it with you.

Same. It's a pleasure singing with you, especially with the kids.

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing and I’m here to curate you!! I’m a crypto enthusiest and trying to bring the steem community together with multiple initiatives. Check out my @steemmonsters and @steembasicincome giveaway with a Byteball signup.


Cool, I appreciate any effort to bring community together. That's one thing our music is about. And I support the idea of a basic income stipend–is that the idea behind your initiative? I'm not sure if I understand the concept of your trading card game, although my partner @cabelindsay used to collect baseball cards, so he might be interested. I'll let him know. Thanks for your note, and your upvote.

yes @steembasicincome is a initiative to provide every steemian with basic income. For every share you give, you get one! The steemmonster is related to an actualy blockchain game like magic and cryptokitties on the STEEM blockchain where users will be able to particpate in a fantasy game and win rewards (upvottes, dollars, steems, SBD, etc.)....and then of course byteball is just free money for steemians whoohoo!

Nice you guys.

Thank you! Hope all is well in your world, @luzcypher.

This is quite beautiful and touching you guys! Nice to see you again Cabe, and the lovely woman you have been blessed to walk with. Loved your harmonies and I enjoyed a small glimpse of the special love that you have for each other.

Hey, thanks so much! Yeah, we're making a commitment to sing together more regularly, so it feels great to have this nice encouragement. Really good to hear from you again.

Sweet comment! Thank you for seeing the special connection we share.

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Wonderful! Thank you.

Yay, what a pleasant surprise. It's good of you to offer your encouragement. Thanks so much!

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Love it.
Nice one.
Keep steeming

Thank you, friend. Wishing you a great day.

such a joy and pleasure to watch. you two touch hearts with great skill <3 i love this song @wildfamily <3

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