Steemit's Official Open Mic Judge @Verbal-D's Top 5 Entries For Week 122 (Original Blog)

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Steemit Open Mic Week 122

My Top 5 In Order


As one of the 6 judges, and as an original artist also, I aim to represent the best original artists in this contest from our wonderful Steemit community. I am keeping my ears open for cover artists as well, don't worry but creating an original song is indeed impressive, especially if executed and performed well. Best of skill and performance to you all next week. This week was filled with so many wonderful artists, even amongst the high amount of entries, and there were still many talented performers who entered, so forgive me if I didn't list you, I definitely heard everyone's entries. Also, be sure to check out the other judges' top picks for the week, @krystle, @soundlegion, @passion-ground, @meno, and @luzcypher, who hosts the Open Mic Contest. See you next week! And don't forget to please vote for @Pfunk, @Ausbitbank, @Luzcypher, @Curie, @Aggroed, @Helpie, @Lukestokes, & @Teamsteem as witnesses here, all of whom are our biggest supporters who help to run, fund, curate, build and expand the Open Mic Contest.

1. @mariajruizb's "Sentida Canción" By Henrri Martinez Cover Song

As often as I have heard your wonderful singing voice paired with the skilful command of @danieldedosd2's guitar savvy, this is another one of those chilling entries that reach the depths of a listener's soul. Such beautiful melodies and inter-layered harmonies between your serenading vocals and the constant rifts and strums of the guitar. A fantastic performance this week from you both, thanks for sharing this refined gem, looking forward to your next one with more high hopes.

2. @jeronimoverdun's "Dejándote Crecer" Original Song

This original entry is smooth fire and you performed it with ease with your warm vocals and laid back guitar playing. This is for all the romantics out there in Love and Bliss land. I thoroughly enjoyed this entire performance, even your whistling solos lol reminds me of myself when I am mapping out songs of my own. Thank you for sharing this high replay value gem, definitely worth repeats and recognition. Looking forward to more of your originals man.

3. @danieldedosd2's "Una Furtiva Lágrima" By Gaetano Donizetti Cover Song

This was a very gently performed masterpiece and a great cover choice to showcase your singing talents that are in comparison to your excellent guitar playing skills. I feel very tranquil and peaceful after absorbing such delightful melodies so carefully delivered with graceful intentions. One of your best performances and you continue to show and prove your growth within our Open Mic Family. Keep up the amazing music, and thank you for sharing this gem with us all. Looking forward to what you perform for us next.

4. @vanne's "The Father That I Always Dreamed" Cover Song

I love the fact that I can sense and hear your passion and conviction for this song, it makes your entry that much more impacting. Your sweet voice lures us in and folds decoratively into the melodies and deep lyrics of this touching song. Your performance was as enjoyable as it was musically charming and you were attentive to all the soft details. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gem, definitely looking forward to what your share with us next.

5. @digitalopus' "Entre Dos Aguas" By Francisco Sánchez Gómez AKA Paco De Lucía Cover Song

I specifically asked your wife @lynnm for your return and you have blessed us with many wonderfully energetic and rhythmically charged entries. This is no exception as you deliver once again another catchy and fun, positively-vibed cover. I absolutely love your playing style and the happiness and exuberance you expel through your crafty instrument is contagious. Your skill and creativeness clearly shows in this performance and you have earned your spot once again in my top 5 for good reason. Thank you for the great healing frequencies, and please keep sharing your fantastic music and looking forward to your next entry.

Honourable Mentions

My Top 7 In A Particular Order : )

1. @davidcentenor's "Ojalá" By Silvio Rodriguez Cover Song

4. @k0wsk1's "Witchy Woman" By The Eagles Cover Song


6. @kkarenmp's "How Deep Is Your Love?" By Bee Gees Cover Song

7. @zeitli's "Yellow Roses, White Doves" Original Song

Special Mentions

I want to mention more people, but I keep my judging strict for a reason. Many of you inspire me and make an impact. There simply are too many wonderful artists here, which is why open mic continues to grow. Keep playing and sharing please.

Artist On My Radar From Week 122

@dougalporteous @lynnm @xxxplasticman @amberyooper @derekrichardson @edwardstobia @iiegon @eugelys @juanchez @josevallera @dustinseth @minuetoacademy @maximilianoflute @guacamedia @alfredmusic @siomarasalmeron

Apparently a lot of people don't know that I, @Verbal-D, am a Hip Hop Emcee as much as I am a singer/songwriter/beat producer, so I will continue to showcase from now on the song that inspired @Luzcypher to create the Open Mic Contest that we are all apart of today. I hope it inspires you to write original music.

The Official Steemit Song By @Verbal-D, Feat. @Papa-Pepper & @EdgarStudio

A Must Read Rap Verse Of Why I Love Hip Hop

Creating & Sharing Positive, Conscious, & Inspiring Hip Hop To All
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More original music from me coming very soon, stay tuned to my profile this week. I'll be releasing more live performances and professionally recorded tracks shortly.

Thank you for viewing and reading this post in its entirety, I hope you enjoyed it for what it's worth.

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Oh por Dios estoy llorandoooooooo al verme alli en primer lugar. Gracias @verbal-d por valorar nuestro trabajo, no te imaginas cuánto me motiva esto aun más por un momento que estoy pasando que de verdad lo que me hace falta es ver algo asi. Bendiciones para ti amigo y de todo corazón felicito a todos los compañeros seleccionados en el pots incluso los de mension honorifica, además estoy muy contenta de ver a mi guitarrista en el top. 🎤🎼🌷🌷🌷🌷🤗


I am so happy to hear you cry tears of joy my friend @mariajruizb. You deserve top place on my list and I definitely accredited your guitarist friend @danieldedosd2 as well. I have written your song review up above now. Thanks for waiting. I hope this motivates you even further and provides you strength and perseverance throught whatever trials and tribulations you are going through. God bless you!