Openmic Week 106: Pretty Saro/Steem Meet-Up in Toronto

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Hey Steem People!

First off, I wanted to start off by just saying how much fun it was to meet @jaybird @dan-atstarlite @lifesacircus and @brian-Rhodes at the Steem Meet up in Toronto almost 2-weeks ago!!! After a nice little get together at The Pilot, we took to the town, hung out in a bar where Jay worked in the past, and jammed out some crazy music sessions in Dan's apartment.

@jaybird love your chord progressions, takes me back to 1994 or somewhere around there, good to see you in the flesh buddy!
@dan-atstarlite, love your hospitality, letting us jam out in your apartment, and showing us what a true juggler can do
@lifesacircus: your enjoyment of life is contagious, you're hilarious, and I wish I had half the energy you do haha
@brian-Rhodes, wish we could have talked longer but great meeting you at The Pilot, and I love your enthusiasm for the Steem network...just a great guy

We had one crazy jam in Dan's apartment of "Yea Heavy and a Bottle of Bread." Not sure which person's phone recorded this, but I would love to have it for the memories! PM me if you have it... or post it so I can see it haha!

I'm from Indiana, but it is crazy how small this world is at times. Randomly being in Toronto for an extended family get-together, and just by chance (...or fate) meeting up with Steem friends!

Now to OPEN MIC!

Good to be back for Week 106! I decided to keep with the folk theme and play a traditional folk song (writer of the song is unknown but Dylan jammed it out on a bootleg once) called "Pretty Saro". Love the feel of this song. Hope you all enjoy.

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Haha So good to meet you too- come back soon would yaaa? Love this xox

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Sounds like a plan! Had a blast. Toronto is awesome. Wish you the best in acting. You got what is takes!

love ya to bits mate absolutely loved it!!! mmm tfeldman in the house with that special sound

Thanks! It's always fun playin' some classics. Hope you are doing well!!!

That sounds like it was a cool meetup.


It was man! Had a blast.

right on

It was good times for sure!

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