OpenMic Week 103 - @soundlegion Judges Picks Top 5 Honorable Mentions & Top Picks List

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Hey everyone!! I have been away from judging openmic for the past month.  This was a little longer than I expected to be away and for that I apologize to the participants and also the other team members.   Its been a hectic month for me and I have had to take some time back to get things in a better position.   Its a new world these days and things are changing fast, its hard to keep up with all the crazy happenings this life has to throw at us.   With nothing but love its fantastic to be back listening to all your incredible entries.  I am always blessed by the talent here on Steemit and this week even though a little lighter on entries than previous weeks have been is still flooded with big talent.  Blessings to you all out there, grab this world by its passion strings and give it hell.  

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Top Picks List

 @jhosepdelgado  @josesanteliz   @zorajr  @tarotbyfergus  @rawvega  @cristmounicou  @juliolunar  @manuelmusic  @abelfernandez  @raymondelaparra  @wilins  @katrina-ariel  @paintingangels  @siomarasalmeron  @jpabloji17  @dearw  @paomota  @elisonr13  @alejandra23  @leomolina  @graceleon  @kayclarity  @carlosgu  @beeflomein  @dreamrafa @minuetoacademy  @edwardstobia  @josevallera  @exzorltg  @veganpetite 

Honorable Mentions


 - Clasico N° 2 - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain (COVER) --- by @juliolunar 


 Turning Modes Jam --- by @dreamrafa 

"@dreamrafa rocks the guitar so well it sooth my very soul. Fantastic to see you again this week performing so cozy on them electric strings.  huge love to you"

Top 5


 // Perdidos y encontrados - Lost and found // (original song). --- by @wilins 

"I could listen to you all day @wilins you have a voice that vibes in the cells beautifully, loved every bit of this performance, fantastic to be back this week and hearing this lovely sound,  my heart fills, got a good goosebump out of it.  much love to you"



 : "Unsexy" by Alanis Morissette (cover ) --- by @kayclarity 

"I love this song @kayclarity and you sing it so well, your voice sounds great as always huge fan of your work and incredible voice.   You hit that chorus amazing especially the cadence in the highs, woo"



 @- Cover "Aire" por Mecano. --- by @cristmounicou 

"awesome voice and I love the look, totally rocked it out, was killer cover performance. "



 / Es la Historia de un Amor  --- by @dianakyv 

" I love the sound of your voice. This is just beautiful.  I remember you from past weeks and you really blow me away, I love the guitar company with your voice, just lovely."



 @  - Original song "Revelation" --- by @paintingangels 

"@painting angels you touch me deeply with every single performance.   I need you to sing me to sleep every single night.  My dreams would come in sweet.   Just beautiful dear, lovely song, great voice as always, emotive and delicate, brings my emotions to the top of my skin.  I love you girl"

Thanks for checking out my picks this week for Steemit OpenMic.   Also be sure to check out top picks from OpenMic Judges @verbal-d @passion-ground @meno and @krystle.  Weekly openmic winners announced by head openmic man in charge @luzcypher.  

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Much Love 

Shavon Bonnie Legion

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Beautiful picks...
Welcome back, Bonnie!
Luv U, girlfriend!

Me alegra ver a mi amigo @wilins por acá. Saludos Bonnie.

I'm really happy and it's a great honor to be in your mentions ... this is great! know what you like what I sing ... really thank you very much !!! ..... hugs ...

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Thanks, Shavon. You are a sweet, woman. I send you many hugs ... I listen to you frequently and I enjoy you very much.
Your words are very kind. You make me happy.

Good to have you back @soundlegion! We really missed you and Open Mic is not the same without you.

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