Steemit Open Mic Prizes Are Temporarily Reduced Until Further Notice

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Just letting everyone know that the prizes for the Open Mic contest will be reduced until further notice.

@pfunk has been donating Steem to go towards the Open Mic contest. He usually gives at least 200 Steem and I kick in another 100 Steem each week.


Unfortunately, for the last few weeks, @pfunk has slipped to the number 21 position as a witness. That means he earns less and as a result has been donating 100 Steem and I have been making up the difference with another 200 Steem.

I don't earn enough Steem to continue doing that. It's a lot of work to run Open Mic and I don't mind the work or even paying for it, but it is not sustainable at this point. I'm actually losing Steem giving that much as a prize.

So until we can get @pfunk back into the top 20 or find some other sources of funding, or get enough upvotes on the Open Mic posts to cover the Steem prize I have no choice but to reduce the prize payouts.

I hope everyone understands.

You can upvote @pfunk as a witness here

Just scroll down until you see his name and upvote it. You will need to log in with your active key to do so.

Thanks for understanding and I will let everyone know if this changes in the future.

The new payout, for now, beginning week 86 will be: (Week 85 will still payout 300 Steem as promised)

100 Steem from @pfunk
100 Steem from @luzcypher


1st: 80 Steem
2nd: 40 Steem
3rd: 26 Steem
4th: 26 Steem
5th: 26 Steem


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I'm really sorry man. I should have given you a heads up on the financial situation. It's my mistake and I've covered the difference. You're already hugely generous with 100 STEEM per week and I can't let somebody else take the hit for my mistake.

No worries @pfunk. You have done so much to help build this community with your generosity. I can't thank you enough for all of your support which has touched so many lives through music.

Open Mic has done wonders to help people get their footing on Steemit and has increased engagement and retention immeasurably. Thanks for your support.

Just voted for you - thought I already had - thanks for all the support in the past

Thanks @pandamama for the vote

I've added my witness vote for you @pfunk - hope it helps edge you back towards the top 20 - only 317MV to go now.

Thank you!

Glad to see you have managed to get back into the Top 20.

sounds like we def need to work on getting @pfunk up the charts as witness I hope to contribute to this cause here in post form shortly.

It's not about the prizes for me, if I stood a chance :) I appreciate they can make a real difference to others. I hope @pfunk can get back up there. I already voted for him

You make a difference too @steevc in the life of many minnows... this would platform would be 10 times more amazing if there where more people like you.

Totally agree!

Senpai.. i got something for you!! come to discord

Aw shucks :) I just want this platform to succeed.

I'd still play even if there weren't any prizes. Well, I basically am at this point anyway. Still got a couple of level-ups to go before I'm in that neighborhood.

I haven't been as good at hitting the posts as I should be. I went back and got all the still-active ones, and I put you on my minute-zero SteemAuto list.

I was already voting for pFunk but I went and made sure the other accounts I manage are as well. It's only ~31 SP right now but every little bit helps.

It was rea;;y cool of you to pay out bonuses to some select entries for week 85. I want to thank you once again.

It's fun, and gives me extra reason to make sure I listen to all the originals, plus something I can use to promote Steem on my other social media. I don't see any reason not to keep doing it indefinitely.

good man

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I really appreciate it @tcpolymath, thanks for your vote of support and very cool of you to give your SBD as bonuses

I really appreciate your support. It's great how fast the bonuses have grown - it's amazing that I've only done this for five weeks and have gone from "I'll give out some prizes if anyone upvotes this post" to 27 SBD each of the last two weeks.

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In all honesty first time I won it I did not even know what the prize was, and welcome be, super grateful but was not and should not be the reason to participate. I think next week I will have time to make one ❤️❤️❤️
We got this.
Everyone maybe it is time also to promote a way all contestants support each other too by feedback and encouragement.

Open mic for me was my first landing into the music "community" and helped me to find fellow musician friends on steem... So live on...
I voted for pfunk a month or two ago but we will keep spreading the word.


I'm so glad we were able to help in some small way for you to find your family here on Steemit. Thanks for the beautiful music you have shared with us.

Aw thanks, more to come on open mic hopefully soon.

Edited the trail of typos on my post, seriously if I write on phone it happens to me a lot.

I’ve already voted for @pfunk for a witness, but hopefully everyone can pitch in and get him back in the top 20 again. Although prizes are nice, I think most of us can generally agree that it’s not about money in the openmic family, but more about community. All of the hard work and dedication from both you and @pfunk is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for that and the music.

Just a bump in the road... no biggie Senpai... :)

Just added this to the post.

The new payout for now will be:

100 Steem from @pfunk
100 Steem from @luzcypher

1st: 80 Steem
2nd: 40 Steem
3rd: 26 Steem
4th: 26 Steem
5th: 26 Steem

Wow!, very generous 😊

I've really enjoyed just being a part of the Steemit Openmic and creating music! While the Steem prizes are great incentive, I would still be a part of the openmic without them 😏
Thank you for having it and putting so much work into it every week. I really appreciate all of the people who make the Steemit Openmic a possibility and invest so much time and resources into it.

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Aww, that really touches my heart and is a big part of what keeps me going on Steemit. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

You're welcome. I'm looking forward to continuing being a part of Steemit Openmic 😏

I greatly congratulate your support with us so that each week we can show our talent and if you have to reduce the amount in prize then do it, it seems right because only with participation and we win a lot, as support and additional profits, I particularly think it is sensible to reduce it, I have never won this contest but it helped me a lot so that more people know my talent and learn from others who are in this contest. Keep up the support is net

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement.

I am more grateful to you that thanks to your contest I dared to do something new besides playing in symphonic that was a challenge for me, and the community has helped me a lot to do much better, although I have not won the award I have gained experience and More motivation to follow in what I like. So the amount of SBD that you give for the prize is only insensitive but the best prize we can have is THAT MANY MORE PEOPLE KNOW OUR TALENT so keep it up and if the awards go down no matter do not stop doing this contest.

I greatly congratulate your support with us so that each week we can show our talent and if you have to reduce the amount in prize then do it, it seems right because only with participation and we win a lot, as support and additional profits, I particularly think it is sensible to reduce it, I have never won this contest but it helped me a lot so that more people know my talent and learn from others who are in this contest. Keep up the support is net

Thanks for your continued support and sharing your music.

I love the slogan of your picture.
“When you give STEEM, it gives back” 👍

I voted! Let's keep it goin' fellas.

I already voted for @pfunk. I've said it before but a huge thank you to you both for putting up the prize Steem. I've never won, but that's not why I submit, and I'm sure that's the same for most of the regulars. It's just such a darned great idea and it's so inspiring to see so many great entries.

It is a lot of fun and there is so much good music getting shared.

People are doing well even if they don't win. Have a look:

This does not matter to me.

I love being a part of the #openmic community and my witness vote is on @pfunk.

Thank you @jgvinstl!

Not that it will make much of a difference but I just gave pfunk a witness vote. Every little helps, right?

Every little bit helps. Thanks.

First I want to congratulate you for the work you have done, for supporting musical talent and allowing people like me to participate. Go ahead with your great work, do not get discouraged. God bless you!!! @luzcypher

let's continue supporting the whole team, especially let's all vote for @pfunk :)

I'll throw in a vote for him!

Thank you.

We are proud to have you people here since it's an amazing thing you do to conduct this contest. We don't mind even if there is no prize money. We can participate for the love of it and as a sign of gratitude since you helped us make money for sharing our art/music whatever you may say.

I have voted @pfunk in witness.
Long Live open mic.
God bless you guys for being so awesome.

Thanks for being a part of it.


I already voted for @pfunk, thank you so much for your efforts, I love the Openmic challenge because it made me earn that need to play music again, and to meet new music and people.

Thank you so much, It's just a bump in the road, we'll keep rooting for you guys!

#Openmic Rules

Thank you for the support!

I appreciate the gesture from @pfunk even if he stops supporting today. You guys have made life better for alot of steemians by showcasing their talents. I voted @pfunk already.


Totally understand.. hopefully we can get @pfunk back in the top 20

I greatly congratulate your support with us. I appriciate they can make a really diffrence to other.
i hope get back up here @pfunk..
love you @pfunk

I have complete understanding and will vote everything you post. As always, I express my big thanks to you.

It is still a very good reward. Thanks for all your hard work.

I have also placed my vote on @pfunk - hope that it helps

Thank you @tosch!

You are more than welcome. Thanks for your efforts.

What else can we do to help, besides voting for @pfunk as witness? (which I've already done)

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I don't know. Find some whales to upvote the contest posts that I make each week so I can make enough to fund it. Pray for the price of Steem to go up or find more musicians to join in on the fun. Thanks for asking and showing interest.

The cool thing is mucians are earning steem even if they don't win the contest.

Have a look:

That's true! Hopefully @pfunk will find his way back to the top 20 witnesses and also the steem will go up! Thank you for all of your efforts.

I appreciate it!

Thanks for all your hard work @luzcypher

Thanks for all your hard work @luzcypher and I have just voted pfunk for witness - was sure I had done this before

Realmente sigue siendo de gran ayuda para todas esas personas que estas demostrando su talento a través de este concurso. Que siga la buena vibra! Lo mejor es ver todo el talento que abunda al rededor de esta comunidad

Sorry to hear about that. I personally voted for @pfunk as my witness knowing all his effort for this platform & support to community projects. My single vote might not be enough for now but I will do my best to spread the word and get support from my friends & followers as well.

@luzcypher thank you for what you do here already , as my brother says this is just a little bump on the road , i know the Open Mic train will keep going strong! having said this , if there is anyway I can help , count on me! Cheers! and long live Open Mic :) !

I love you guys. So much love here :)

@pfunk, thanks for you massive contribution towards the growth of the openmic community. @luzcypher you effort has been awesome too... I don't mind to continue in the contest even if it's just for the sake of sustaining the community... I just voted @pfunk. He deserves a better position...

You have built a great platform for many artists, and we are grateful. This will do in the best case, that the support increases. Do not worry @pfunk, you have everyone's support. Everything will be fine!!! Here we are!! I want to do my part to help!!

I’m sorry to hear about that. @pfunk has been super supportive of my music and music related posts. I hope he gets in the top 20 again soon.
I think I’ll unvote a few too 20 witnesses to help push him back up.

Aside from that, even the amended prize amounts are super generous.
Open mic is such an important community for musicians to share their music creations.

Voted @pfunk and thanks for everything. Cheers!


Thank you

I cant believe @pfunk is going out of the top 20 witness... We MUST put him back up there...

Working on it.

I just saw this @luzcypher. I also saw meno's post about setting up the beneficiary. I'll figure out how to do that over the weekend for my Steemit Musicians post! In the meantime,​ I'll just send over some SBD to openmic.

Thanks. You can just send it to me. @ausbit is just going to transfer it from @openmic to @luzcypher anyway. I make all the payouts from my personal account, not from openmic

I'll also start mentioning to vote for @pfunk during the show.

That would be most helpful. Thanks.