OpenMic Night Contest - Record Your Musical Performance Using Just A Phone And Win Steem Dollars

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Do you play an instrument or sing? Join OpenMic Night and win Steem Dollars. Just Record, Post, Win! Reblogs 1SBD - Upvote your favorite performer if you're not a musician and show support by Reblogging this post.

Dear Steemit Community,

Thanks to the unanimous, positive response to the idea of a Steemian Open Mic Night, the contest will launch starting today.

Here's the open mic contest's initial announcement for convenience:

Open Mike Night Contest Process

Keeping it short and sweet, here is the flow of considerations for the openmic contest:-

  • Need to promote community participation in spirit of openmic night.
  • So.. openmic submissions in comments, community voting and reblog is encouraged.
  • However, we need to avoid public vote abuse and keep a certain standard for openmic night.
  • So.. community voting as first filter, before internal voting.
  • Another problem: late submissions are usually disadvantaged as they get less attention on the contest post.
  • So.. we've tried to mitigate such a problem by including unique votes of openmic submissions in their own blogposts.
  • Right at time of contest closing, the votes from all performances submissions will be counted and winners posted the following day.

How To Enter OpenMic Night

  • In a well lit quiet room, use your cell phone to record your performance. See recording tips here and here

  • Upload your performance to YouTube or other video hosting site.

  • Create a post on your own Steemit account pasting the URL of your uploaded video.

  • IMPORTANT: The first words in the title of your post must include the words: OpenMic Night Contest before any other text in the title.

For example: OpenMic Night Contest Entry - Don't Stop Believing by @username

  • You can title your post anything you want just be sure the first words say OpenMic Night Contest.

  • Very Important: The first tag on your post must be: openmic All one word. No spaces.

  • Post a link to your post in the comments section of this post. This will increase your exposure and votes while increasing the amount of prize money.

Judging, and Contest Prize

  • Submit your performance in the comment / reply section by 12.00 PM UTC Time (9 October 2016). Find your UTC time here.
  • You may submit as many performances as you like.

  • Performances are not judged on production value, only on performance and entertainment value.

  • Top 10 performances by amount of votes (not comment payout value) will be selected.
  • OpenMic judges will deliberate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on the selected performances.
  • Each week the prizes will be paid as follows: 1st place: 50% of SBDs and Steemgenerated by this post.
    2nd and 3rd place: 25% of SBDs and Steem each generated by this post.
  • All SBD's generated on your own post are your to keep of course.


You can use any images you want on your blog when you enter OpenMic. If you would like to help promote a common theme for the OpenMic Contest you may also use this image below.

Just copy and paste this code as the first image on your blog post.




  • Make sure performances are your performance.

  • The song does not have to be original, only your performance of the song.

  • The OpenMic judges reserve the right to forfeit submissions that are misleading.

Thank you all for the participation!

Thank you for the positive support from the Steemit community and a special thanks to @kevinwong for his guidance, encouragement and support and @Verbal-D for writing the song that inspired the idea.

Please contact us @luzcypher in SteemitChat for any further questions you may have or in the comments below.

We would like to thank you all for your spirited participation in making this a big part of blockchain history!

Follow me @luzcypher.


What a great idea! This is something my husband would love, being as he's a musician and all. He's always recording videos of himself performing and putting them on YouTube. I'll encourage him to put some here, as well. Upvoted!

Thanks. I look forward to hearing his music.

Thanks for resteeming the Open Mic Night Contest. I transferred 1 SBD into your account. Come back before Sunday and vote for your favorite performers.

Thank you, I will definitely watch out for this and therefore followed you!

Thanks for resteeming and entering. I transferred 1SBD into your account.

Support the arts and sleep with a musician! Upvoted and reblogged.

Same Goes for me , good luck !

Thanks @steemitguide for reblogging and up voting OpenMic Night.
I transferred 1 SBD into your account.
Spread the word and come back to vote for your favorite performances each week. Thanks again.

Thanks @lpfaust for helping to promote OpenMic Night by reblogging and up voting.
I transferred 1 SBD to your account.
Let your musician friends know about the OpenMic and come back to visit this page to vote for your favorite performances. Thanks again.

Again great idea @luzcypher and I shall submit something soon. Best of luck to everyone's entries, this is truly a beautiful thing.

Upvoted and Reblogged. This is a fantastic idea :)

Thanks for the up vote. It appears you did not reblog it so I did not pay 1 SBD.

I noticed you resteemed today so thank you and I transferred 1 SBD to your account. Come back and vote for your favorite performances before October 9th for this week's contest.

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