Steemit openmic semana 119 Tormento F. P. Tosti R. Mazzola por @edmundocentenor / Steemit openmic week 119 Tormento F. P. Tosti R. Mazzola by @edmundocentenor

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Steemit openmic semana 119,
Estimados amigos de steemit openmic, esta semana les interpretaré una canción napolitana del gran compositor Francesco Paolo Tosti en un poema de Riccardo Mazzola, es una canción bellísima del repertorio lírico obligatorio en las academias y conservatorios de música del mundo.

Quiero agradecer y felicitar a @luzcypher, @Pfunk, @passion-ground, @krystle, @verbal-d, @meno, @soundlegion, @isaria, por la organización y el patrocinio de este prestigioso concurso.


Agradezco a @classical-music, @isaria, @curie, @cervantes, @lacolmena, @streetstyle, @acidyo and @ilazramusic y @dtube

por su gran apoyo cada semana, espero que disfruten mi presentación.
enlace youtube:

Steemit openmic week 119,
Dear friends of steemit openmic, this week I will play you a Neapolitan song by the great composer Francesco Paolo Tosti in a poem by Riccardo Mazzola, it is a beautiful song of the obligatory lyrical repertoire in the academies and music conservatories of the world.

I want to thank and congratulate @luzcypher, @Pfunk, @passion-ground, @krystle, @verbal-d, @meno, @soundlegion, @isaria, for the organization and sponsorship of this prestigious contest.

[! [steemit-open-mic-week-119.png] ()] (https: // steemit .com / @ luzcypher) </ center>

I thank @classical-music, @isaria, @curie, @cervantes, @lacolmena, @streetstyle, @acidyo and @ilazramusic and @dtube

for your great support every week, I hope you enjoy my presentation.
link youtube:


Hi edmundocentenor,

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Hi, thank you very much for supporting my publications, it's an honor!

Hi @edmundocentenor. I would like to thank you for this video and that was impressive to hear your voice. Normally I imagine to hear such voice in Opera and theater but in this video just very simple at home and you, accompanying yourself. Really like it! I wish you success!

Pleased that you liked it, thank you very much for your comment @stef1!

Very good ... I like it :)
Soon I am back and I come look more what you post :)

Thank you very much for supporting my publications @foxkoit!

you are welcome :)

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Excelente interpretación, digno para la competencia maestro. Éxitos en el concurso!!!

Muchas gracias hermano!

Felicidades maestro. Estuvo bella esta interpretación. Un abrazo.

great interpretation! we enjoy to look at the video and listening to the voice

Hi, @edmundocentenor. There are many who hide in my house I really like your singing and you sing as well as I publish you would have many fans I hope to see another video many hits God bless you.

Thank you very much @neymarth11 , I am pleased that you liked it!

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