Steemit Open Mic Week 107 - Torn In Two

in openmic •  5 months ago

Playing over this track called Torn In Two by guitar player Andy James. As usual i follow the overal vibe and melodies but improvise most of it...



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Rafaaaa!!! Sos el UNOOOOO en la guitarra !!!!!
La rompés, mal !!!
No puedo esperar a hacer tu carta para Cards & Tokens de esta semana.


Felicitaciones !!!

@dreamrafa, Cómo estás? hermano, que gusto verte otra vez entre los 5 mejores de la semana. Realmente es muy disfrutable escuchar tu guitarra !!
Felicitaciones !!

Te invito a que reclames la autoría de esta nueva carta y participes con ella del concurso de Cards & Tokens.

lee más sobre:


Gracias amigo!, ya reclame la autoria :)

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Rafael, do not take it personal but I am not sure if you are speaking English or Spanish but whatever you are saying is too fast and I can not really understand what you are saying. Great playing, keep it coming.


LOL, i am speaking in Spanish of course, my English sucks a lot and you would understand even less if i try to speak English...

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Exceptionally well played! And I dig your tone a lot. Thanks for sharing this short piece!


You are welcome. And congratulations on the open mic win!

Another kick ass rocker @dreamrafa. Congratulations!


See who won Steemit Open Mic week 107


thanks a lot my friend! lml

Very impressive. Saludos.