Steemit Open Mic Week # 98 // Cover of Bring on the Rain ft. My Friend Jes!

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Hi Friends!

Here is my submission for Steemit Open Mic Week #98! My friend Jes came over the other day to jam and so we decided to film an open mic entry together!

We went a little country on you guys - but the harmonies are just too good to pass up on this song. Today we are playing Bring on the Rain by Jo Dee Messina and Tim McGraw.

I hope you guys enjoy our little blooper reel at the end too!

Ps... if you are an open mic'er and are thinking of gong to Steemfest - @anomadsoul is running an awesome contest with Blocktrades to give away a free ticket + accommodations! I'll be submitting an entry for that sometime in the next week! Click HERE to check out the details.

Here is the YouTube link!

XO, Lea



Ps... I will be on the road to Toronto soon! If you are at all thinking about attending - just do it!! It is so worth it. Besides - both me and my sister @maryjaney are going - so maybe you'll have a surprise appearance in a Steem Sister Show episode.

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Thanks @luzcypher!! I’m glad you enjoyed our silliness!

I did. I did very much enjoy your "sillyness". Hahahaha!

I see a lot of passion in this. You are so much fun and i love your voice. You are all shades of amazement. You are such a joy to watch. Bravo!.

Bring on the rain
Let it soothe my pain
Restore all energy that has been drain(ed)
From slippery path my feet it will restrain
All of the joy in the world i know i will gain
Just bring on the rain. - Olawalium.

oooh did you just write that on the spot? Beautiful! <3

Thanks so much for stopping by and listening to our cover and for your kind words!

Yes, i wrote it on the spot and thank you for appreciating it.

I could listen to your voice all day. Well done. You are such a beauty!.

Awesome cover Lea! :)

aww thanks my friend! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

You are so very welcome! :)

Mad respect. Love the energy.

aww thanks @tfeldman!!! It's good to see you! <3

I love your videos @coruscate! Keep pumpin’ them out! 😋

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aww thanks my friend! <3

@coruscate what a lovely open mic thanks for bringing her once again. Go for the blocktraders contest you will definitely win that you have potential for that good luck.

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aww thank you! By the way - they just opened up the blocktrades contest to everyone - so you don't have to perform any music to enter.

But when i enter than have to perfom the music which i can't so no point fornme to enter you should and your your sister should perform i will support to sweet couple.

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Lovely voices you got there!!

@coruscate, you have a beautiful voice and probably these are my wild dreams. I like the acoustic, its fantastic.

Hi beatiful girls, this is good music. Greetings from Venezuela.

Let the guitars are very small, but the feelings and voice are very large!

Beautiful song. Such beautiful voice!
Totally enjoyed listening... Thanks for sharing.

Nice. Much love to you both.

Awesome stuff as always!!!

que bello tema las felicito excelente dueto me enamore