Introducing My Band: Cosmic Butterflies [And A Bear]

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Hiee! Did you miss me? It's been 9 months since my last Steemit post, and it feels exciting to be back in action now. So why was I gone so long? Did we have another baby?!!!

Not exactly. We started a band, called Cosmic Butterflies [And A Bear] (see Some of our songs originated right here through the Steemit Open Mic, kudos to @luzcypher. Others were simply bedtime songs we sang to the kiddos.

Cosmic-Butterflies-Austin-Rock-Band-Flourish-003.jpgThat's me in the middle with @wildfamily and our bandmates, during the recording session for our first music video.


Cosmic Butterflies [And A Bear]

Our band name formulated in a dream, soon after we started building steem as a group. To me, the name presents us in a light-hearted way, while hinting at the celestial and also having an element of grounding. We continue dreaming, seeing ourselves in festivals around the world.

This entire project is a dream come true for me, with ample opportunities for creative expression including the logo artwork you see above, along with the photos, video... and of course the music. Later this week, we'll have our second studio session, building the foundations for our next songs, with drums, bass, and guitar.


Bandmates (left to right): Matt Dietrichson, Sarrah Martin, Jacqueline May, Cabe Lindsay, Kate Lindsay, Cheryl Gallagher, Vic Wheeler, David Thunder, and Shiloh Travis.

I asked everyone to wear all white for our camera shoot because I aimed to add vivid color overlays, as you can see in these images, as if we are shrouded in rainbows. The effect is psychedelic, which is appropriate for this initial song. Other songs are more sentimental and deep, and so I imagine future photo / video sessions will look very different.


You might recognize the title of this first song, called "Flourish." I shared it a year ago right here: Steemit Open Mic #95 - "Flourish" (Original Song). Now it's a wildly exciting co-creation of nine fine musicians including a cellist, flutist, and harpist.

Let me know what you think of the band, the song, and the video, will you? Feels like a big Steemit success story to me, and so I sure would appreciate your words of encouragement. Thank you.

Lots of love, Cabe


Yeah Cabe, it is so good to see you back on here I have often checked on your blog to see if you had returned. Congratulations on the new band, I love the name and the positive healing vibes from your song. I look forward to more, you were missed my friend xxx

Aw, thank you sis. Really brings me joy to hear from you. Thanks so much for welcoming me. Big burly grizzly bear hugs to you.

Love all of it - the band name, the photoshoot, the song and the video :) Welcome back! Hey some things have changed while you were gone, there are now side chain tokens from (essentially the same thing as SMTs are supposed to be if/when they ever come out). One in particular is Creative Coin Crypto / CCC - you should use #creativecoin tag on your creative posting. Both to expose your work to a new audience (dedicated website displays all Steem posts with #creativecoin tag and is browsed by a growing number of Steem creatives) and to earn a second crypto just by using the tag. In case you don't know, if you use to post or edit your post you can also add up to 10 tags so you wouldn't have to give up any of the tags you already use to add #creativecoin. Also consider using #sonicgroove tag for music posts in particular (similar thing, dedicated website and crypto token specifically for music posts that use that tag). Much love - Carl

Nice! Thanks for the tip about #creativecoin and #sonicgoove - I made those updates. And I'll keep in mind for next time–first time I've heard of that. Man, it's good to hear from you. Thank you again!

Likewise - really nice to see you post again, and with such an awesome music video to share as well :) Cool now that you have added those tags you can check out to see your post on Creative Coin (and any subsequent creative type post that uses the #creativecoin tag). Likewise for sonic groove check out although it looks like the post hasn't shown up there yet (there can be a delay if you add the tag after publishing).

Wow, that is cool! So it looks like "CCC" is some kind of a cryptocurrency I wasn't aware of before. Creative Coin, I assume. Brother, I really appreciate you.

Yup that is what I was getting at :) I am a small fish in the steem pond but basically a whale in the Creative Crypto pond lol. Currently one CCC is ~ .05 Steem so ~20 CCC per Steem. Most of my posts lately have actually earned more $ in CCC than Steem!

So a lot has changed in the time you were away (obviously). Creative Coin Crypto (CCC) is only one of many tokens running on a sidechain of the Steem blockchain. You already have a wallet for CCC and all the other tokens by virtue of having a Steem account. You can visit to log in to your wallet, claim your tokens when your post pays out, trade the tokens for Steem on the internal exchange (if you want to) or "stake" (the equivalent of "power up") any token to gain influence on distribution of that token (e.g. if you stake any of the CCC you earn, then when you upvote a Steem post that has #creativecoin tag you would be awarding CCC to the author and earning CCC in curation from your vote).

There are a lot of new tokens for all kinds of interests/communities and it can be a little overwhelming. Now that you have the base idea, here are a few that I would recommend you use:
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#creativecoin and #sonicgroove I already told you about, #creativecoin (CCC) for all creative posts (including creative non-fiction) and #sonicgroove for music. #sonicgroove (SONIC) is an interest specific (music) offshoot of the Creative Coin umbrella. There will be other interest specific offshoots coming.
#neoxian is another general purpose tag, probably the second largest general purpose tag / community behind palnet/pal. Might as well use #neoxian on all posting.

There are others, e.g. #stem for science, tech, engingeering and math posting, #sportstalk for sports related posting, etc. For the most part I am guessing the other tribes / tokens may not be super relevant to you, but as you get time you may want to check some more of them out.

So as both myself and @torico suggested, use as your front end for steem blockchain now. It has left in the dust. I personally don't like the default large post view that uses when looking at your feed, but if you press the button I circled below you can cycle through different post views including a condensed view that is same as

There are many reasons to use instead of One of them is ability to use up to 10 tags which is crucial now with the various new tokens all requiring use of a tag. You can also see the payout in various tokens from steempeak if you hover your cursor over (or touch on mobile) the post payout, it will pop up any payout in side tokens as well. You can also browse all the "Tribes" on steempeak - tribes are communities with their own token.

Aight that is enough Steem re-education for one extremely long comment. Let me know if you have questions! Much love brother

You are the best. Thank you so much for your terrific information. Feels like you just gave me a thousand dollar bill, dude. Grover Cleveland says, "You da man!"


dude! welcome back! :) good to see your name pop up again.

Thank you! Feels really good to be here. Man, you were one of the first people I thought of, naturally.

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Welcome back! It's great to see you here again. It is a truly exciting time to be on Steem.

Yay, thanks so much for being in touch. Did I miss anything great while I was away?

So many things that it would be impossible to mention them all. I can no longer keep up with all the dapps that are building here. And the wallet and all the Tokens that give you multiple ways to earn on one post. And the coming HF21 followed soon by hf22 which will give us SMTs. More exciting stuff than it is possible to keep track of.

How cool. Great, well I guess I have some homework to do to bring me up-to-speed. Thanks for letting me know about and all. I don't know what "HF22" means, or "SMTs," so I'll get to work figuring it out. Hugs.

Hard Fork and Smart Media Tokens I'm still not caught up and I was here the whole time!

Congratulations on forming the band , I’ve got to sit down and listen to your music.

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Thanks man. I treasure this experience of being in a band. What an adventure.

Yeah man I also have pleasure of being in a band- a really good experience so far. Music is life indeed.

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Oh fun! I checked out your blog, and I found a picture of you singing with a group. Looks like you're in Japan? I bet you really stand out in the crowd there, eh? ;) I'm following you now. Hope life's treating you well.

please consider using the #sonicgroove tag on your creative posts! our curators are actively looking for and promoting original songs! (you might also consider the #tunes and #dsound tags)

sonic groove * server invite


yer late to the party @torico :) This post already has #sonicgroove tag at my recommendation LOL

ooh it wasnt on there when i looked. or i need to wear glasses... ty!

I was just teasin' you ;)

:P ah i see i totally didnt read your comment... my bad.

Cool thanks for your encouragement. Yep, I updated the tags thanks to @carlgnash's recommendation.

cool! another tip, if you post on steempeak front end you can use up to ten tags.

Ha ha I beat you to the punch there again LOL! :joy: Yer killin' me :)

throws up hands and walks off stage

Oh wow, classic! :)

Welcome Back! this post deserves much more upvotes! I love how its so artistically colorful and the sound is beautiful! the fact you have so many different personalities and instruments being used is lovely and don't see to many bands that have a freakin harp in it! I enjoyed it greatly, and I hope to see more of your songs and content in the future <3


Rock on! Thank you. I know, I am with you on the "freakin harp" - I can barely believe it. And she's not just any ordinary harpist (although most likely all harpists are extraordinary I'm guessing), this gal is superb. This whole band thing came out of nowhere, practically, and it all just feels like a major blessing. Sure appreciate you for your encouraging words, wow. Feeling it. And congrats in being a new mama. I'm following you, looking forward to more baby photos!

Hello @cabelindsay, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

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