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The exchange market is really big in any domain and that is true for crypto domain too. But the process of exchanging is still stuck up with the old version of complex exchange with KYC/AML policies. Interestingly crypto to crypto asset exchange is also not that simple with traditional exchanges. The user experience has not come up to a level where a user can deal with a crypto asset exchange as easy as a cup of tea. In order to provide the simplest ever interface for the users and simplest ever exchange process to the users OnePageX has trimmed down the complex processes and presents a most simple crypto exchange to the users.


Simple User Interface

It is the simplest ever cryptocurrency exchange where a user is not required to register, neither have to wait for an approval of registration and not even require any ID verification which is normally hectic & complex procedure. Simply put a user can exchange without having to register in the website of OnepageX. One would be able to exchange Bitcoin & Litecoin to as many as 140+ cryptocurrencies with the most competitive exchange rate as OnePageX searches through numerous exchanges and executes the trade automatically at the best available price.

Wide selection of Cryptocurrencies

Different people have different requirement. When someone strategise a portfolio, then normally he tries to make it diversified. Apart from this the use-case of different crypto assets are different, so as the requirement of a usertoo. So whenever a crypto exchange includes a long list of cryptocurrencies, it includes most of the users in a marketplace and makes the marketplace more dynamic and liquid as well. People are enabled with more choice if they see a wide list of cryptocurrencies.

Exchanges also play a vital role in on boarding new players to crypto space. And if a crypto exchange offers a wide selection of cryptocurrencies means it is offering wide varieties to the investors and traders. With that being said OnePageX has as many as 140+ cryptocurrencies which offers a broad and wide marketplace for users and the process & progress of adding more cryptocurrencies is still on. With the passage of time, OnepageX is going to evolve as a most plural crypto exchange with simplest ever user experience in crypto exchange market.

Simple Conversion

Just like its simple user interface, the conversion is also quite simple. In OnepageX, once the transaction is initiated by the user, its URL is added to the "session". It is required to either bookmark the page or copy & paste the link to come back to it. Further the addresses generated can be used indefinitely.

The simplicity of conversion form Bitcoin/Litecoin to any other altcoin in "OnePageX" can be best understood by the following illustration.


In the user interface of OnePageX, on the left side, the base currency Bitcoin & Litecoin is showing(At the moment, it allows exchange from Bitcoin/Litecoin to other cryptocurrencies, so the base currency at the moment is Bitcoin & Litecoin only, however it has future plans to add more base currencies) and on the right side, other cryptocurrencies (140+ cryptocurrencies) are showing.

Steps of making an exchange through OnePageX

(1) Select either BTC or LTC on the left side.


(2) Select the desired cryptocurrency from the list on right side. For example from BTC to ETH or LTC to ETH likewise. Simply put, on the left hand you have 2 options either BTC or LTC and on the right hand you have more than 140+ cryptocurrencies to select your choice of desired crypto asset.


(3) Enter the withdrawal address of the desired cryptocurrency. For example if you are choosing BTC to ETH then you have to put the ETH withdrawal address.


(4) Hit the "Start Exchange" button.

(5) A card will appear with a deposit address and you are required to send the deposit to that address.


(6) Once you send the deposit, it will update in the transaction card and wait for 2 confirmations.


(7) Once it has 2 confirmations, the transaction card will update like "Exchange is complete ! Starting for withdrawal".


(8) Then the final status in the transaction card will be like "Withdrawal complete ! The transaction is done".


Note- After the required confirmation of deposited cryptocurrency, the exchange is almost instant. So it can be said that the overall waiting time of the transaction is equal to the time required for 2 confirmation of Bitcoin deposit.

The beauty of the interface is that, the transaction card during the process of exchange will update the status at every step, so a user will not have any kind of confusion after sending a deposit. Very often in other exchanges, it happens like that, if the status or updates is not showing after sending a deposit, then it creates chaos in user's mind and the user stand to believe that either it is a failed transaction or there is something wrong !

Multiple exchange from one page

In traditional cryptocurrency exchanges the opening of new tab and new page is very often a tedious job and for the person who is dealing with so many assets in an exchange, it creates a lot of confusion to the user. Very often the users ended up with stacking up of crypto assets and it becomes very difficult to manage them all.

OnepageX solves this issue by offering the users to do multiple transactions from a single page and all the transactions are visible and the status and updates can be traceable in real time.

OneBox Widget

OnePageX has also a widget which can be implemented on any website and it is known as "OneBox". It is only required to copy and paste the snippet which is provided at the bottom of the page. It will enable the users of the website to do cryptocurrency exchange.

OnePageX as a unique crypto exchange

The key features of OnePageX which makes it a unique exchange are:-

  • No registration & complete Anonymity
  • Ease of use
  • Clarity on fees
  • Multiple transaction from one page
  • 140+ cryptocurrencies are available

On an average, most of the transactions happen within 25 mins, but please do bear in mind that Blockchain confirmations depend upon miner fees, so you may adjust the miner fee and pay a higher mining fee, should you require a faster processing of transaction.


Comparison of OnePageX with other similar crypto exchanges



The crypto exchanges can take more initiative to make the user experience better and it should make the users feel like an easy place. The complex processes needs to be trimmed down and simplified so as to facilitate the users to exchange crypto asset by an ease.


OnePageX is the kind of exchange that perfectly suits to the requirement of new generation crypto enthusiast and traders and the fast changing world really needs something like this which can make the things simpler for the crypto traders, so that the Ecosystem can expand at a better pace and new players will also be willing to jump into crypto segment when they see the marketplace as convenient and hassle free and in that context OnePageX will pioneer and set an example for other crypto exchanges.

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