Task #9: Review A Finance DApp!

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Task Details And Guidelines

Follow this blog for task details: https://steemit.com/finance/@dapplovers/review-a-finance-dapp-and-earn-rewards-ft-state-of-the-dapps

Task Entries

Submit your entries and "Proof of work" as a single comment under this post. Kindly do not spam the comment section. A single person can have multiple entries but they should be of different DApps.

NOTE: Maximum 2 content pieces per person is allowed strictly.


Here is my review of omisego
steemit link


My entry about Smartsteem on

Thanks, @oracle-d.tasks for giving us the opportunity!

My entry by Dtube Vlog-

Also check twitter link-

And Youtube Link-

My review

My tweet

Medium doesn't accept the link to my Steemit article so far, I will try again later.

Reviewed an amazing Ethereum DApp called Bloom! A decentralized solution for credit scores, really interesting concept.

Steemit Article:

Medium Article:


Thread on BitcoinTalk:
▲Added additional backlink to State of the Dapps▲

Here is my Fundition financial Dapp review
Steemit Blog
Medium blog
Twitter post

My OmiseGo Finance Dapp review
Steemit blog

Ah... pity I can't do more than two, I have experience with at least 2 more platforms that were listed there!

Anyway, here is my review of Compound on the Ethereum blockchain.

Steem link: https://steemit.com/powerhousecreatives/@bengy/compound-digital-asset-lending-platform-ethereum

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/CryptoBengy/status/1118108390591533067

Here's My Review & Tutorial of How to Tip Online Content Creators with Crypto, Eth to be Specific, Using Tippit...




Thank you for the heads up @oracle-d... Guess I'll put up a replacement for that ASAP.

🎁 Dear @oracle-d,

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Hey @oracle-d.tasks Hope I am not late in my submission. Here is my link of reviewing GlobalMiles. Finance Dapp.

YouTube :








The last time I did review too, some were curated , some were left just like that..

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We have people who reviewed smartsteem and it was curated. How is mine different? Because am not a whale?

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Here is my entries




There is no link to your post

Excuse me, maybe now it's better ?!

Going to participate yo. Hope again can do some great work pray for me ☺

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Opps, I can see that now. I think all my hard work become useless. I did not read that properly. Anyway sir, please extend the deadline by one more day. I really put a lot of hard work. Please sir. I will put one more article. Please make the deadline as 21st April. Thanks.

In the instruction post, it is asking for non Steem finance reviews https://steemit.com/finance/@dapplovers/review-a-finance-dapp-and-earn-rewards-ft-state-of-the-dapps

Oh I think I missed this non steem word. I am going to post another one for non-steem finance dApp . Thanks

Upps! I did not noticed...sorry... I have seen post/videos for this Contest about Fundition getting votes from you so I though it would be ok to do a review. Thanks for the information :)

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