Lord Nigel's Travels - A walk across England - Day Eight

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Welcome back...

Join me again as I continue my recount of the time I walked across the whole of England.

It took 16 days of solid all day hiking to travel from coast to coast across England. My chosen route took me through 3 National Parks, i.e. Lake District National Park, the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and the North York Moors National Park.

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Without further delay here is my recount of what I would call another moderate hike; Day 8 - Kirkby Stephen to Keld around 22KM!!

The sun was out and after a mostly nice Day 7 I was keen as mustard to get out and soak up the rays and enjoy the country side. The were a few possible paths today and pending how you are feeling and how wet it is you can go what ever way you want.

So today I decided to take the middle path and while it meant missing out on a few renown 'touristy views' it was a good choice and it was much less boggy (I scouted the high route for a few hundred meters and saw others struggling, so I turned back and took the second path).

The hike to Keld loge is a blend of many types of scenaries, from green countryside with flowing rivers to open plains and bogs

....I recall today I was visited by a strange little creature at the start of the walk. You can see him in the grass below.

I almost didn't spot this little guy who decided to follow me for a bit. Not sure what kind of bird it was but it sure was cautious and curious...I hadn't seen one of these anywhere else on the walk, I assumed some form of pheasant?

Today was mostly open and boggy grounds but there were very wide landscape views making for some nice pictures.

I love the large open spaces of the English country side.

There are beautiful waterfalls along the path and you just know Keld is going to be a gorgeous place. Most of the walk follows fence lines so it is pretty hard to get lost. There is a fair portion of the walk on the road as well though

So fantastic, but then I saw this Kayak and thought, where the heck is the owner? You can see the blue empty kayak below just above the wild english apple trees.

I remember wondering if the person was alright and wondering what I should do? I mean what do you do if you come across a boat in a stream with no owner in sight? I decided to just have a break here, collect an apple from the tree and investigate to see if maybe the owner just lost hold or if suddenly a head popped up screaming for help...

Nope no-one there?....a quick check of the surrounding and no signs of anyone. It looked to me like the kayak had been washed down from upstream.

After looking about, yelling out and speaking with some othe walkers there seemed nothing else I could do but to walk on. I sure hope the owner was ok and reclaimed their boat.

The final walk into Keld was easy enough and followed the road.

...basically a bit of everything today, unfortunately more of the usual rain as the day progressed.

Keld marks the half way point if walking from coast to coast across the whole of England, it is the end of Cumbria and the beginning of the North Yorkshire.

Today's lodging was in Keld lodge. Again a highly recommended choice for accommodation.

Thus ends my recount of day 8 - if you would like me to continue
with each day of the walk, please show your approval in the usual way -
exclusive for Steemians of course :).

Todays post continued the series on a specific request of my friend @minismallholdings; however as I only want the best quality posts for Steem I will discontinue this series if the upvotes and interest is low. On the flip side I am thrilled that Steem is really picking up and the competition for numerous and high upvotes is really on. Steem on!!

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You seem to have gotten to meet all the English wildlife on your walks!

@tipu curate

Good to see you continue posting! It would have been a pity if you stopped your series. There are many curation guilds who are constantly looking for quality content so please don't be deflated if some don't appreciate it for whatever you reason.

Hopefully the kayak was just washed away and the owner is okay and wondering where the heck it got to and not any worse options O_O

Did you miss the ! on some of the images? :)

yeah I can't fix it..looks fine on steempeak...

Yeah I was worried for the person, but suspect it must have just got away from them.

..Yeah no idea why some of the images came out small? just having trouble posting at the moment and under the pump (So not much patience to work out why)..

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