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Morning star.
Moist green grass.
Open and shady avenue:
Carpeted with fine pine needles.
Her heart: A reservoir. Enchanted by the dew.
As light as a feather. At peace. Overflowing with gratitude.


There has never been a day on my early morning walks to the Roseville Lake that I haven't seen at least one feather: Caught in the wire fencing or laden with dew on the green grass.

Just a cookatoo or kookaburra feather?

Or a lovely reminder to tread on the earth more gently, to listen more attentively to the sound of the wind and feel her breeze against my skin, to see all the magical colours that nature adorns herself with and to remember to breathe it all in, much more deeply.

Wild duck feathers.

I've mentioned the nudge to start making some Magic Wands as another paper product for my much anticipated Homesteaders Coop store. Well, Magic Wands must have feathers and so one morning I set off to the lake with the intention of finding maybe just a few wild duck feathers.

As I walked along the bank where the ducks like to gather, I was so delighted to see that so many ducks must have heard my silent request and had left their perfectly still intact feathers for me to gather.

Now if you think that all wild duck feathers are alike. It's simply not so. As I hope you'll see now from this set of photographs of feathers, selected from maybe about 100 that I gathered that morning.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Later that day as I played with making some simple arrangements wih the feathers, I was reminded of the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Jonathan pushes himself to fly faster, higher, and lower than any other seagull ever has before. When he achieves one goal, he attempts another. All the while, his mother and the rest of his Flock want him to be just a normal gull. But, there is something driving Jonathan to be more than a typical gull. He knows that his body can do more and he wants to experience the exhilaration of flying above the clouds as fast as he can. His attempts eventually lead to him being outcasted by his Flock.
Which is where his spiritual journey begins: Summary of the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Team Australia.

I've been wanting to join Team Australia forever: But still haven't managed to come up with a FUN FACT about myself. Maybe something will spring to mind as I introduce my personal story ~ As an adaptation of the story of Jonathon Livingston Seagull.


It was morning.
And the new sun sparkled gold.
Across the silent ripples of the lakeland.

~Adapted from Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


'Why, Ally?' her mother asked.
'Why is it so hard to be like everyone else?'
'Why can't you settle into your studies anymore?
Be happy in your job? Stay with family & friends in Melbourne?'

~Adapted from Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


Imagination is an old soul.
Ally had always dreamed of traveling.
She longed to roam the ruins of ancient Greek temples.
See the glyphs of ancient Egypt. Sit in the middle of Celtic circles.

~Adapted from Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


But for now:
'I love the ocean so much.
I just want to walk there. Paint there.
Be alone there. Just for a little while. That's all.'

~Adapted from Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


More than anything else, Ally loved to paint.
Spending whole days completely alone.
On the sand. On the rocks.
Drawing the ocean.
And the sky.

~Adapted from Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


He had a way:
Of speaking to her heart.
And he spoke of very simple things:
That it's right for Ally to connect with her 'Muse.'
That freedom is the very nature of her being.
That whatever denies that freedom:
Must be seen and understood:
To be able to step aside.
From its strangling
Hold on her.

~Adapted from Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


Ally slowly discovered that
When she didn't listen to her own thoughts
About her life, she could live an absolutely extraordinary life.

~Adapted from Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


You have the freedom:
To be yourself: Your true self.
When you stop everything and simply breathe.
And nothing can stand in your way. It is the Law of Creation.

~Adapted from Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


Any number:
Any thought is a limit.
And perfection doesn’t have limits.
Perfect speed is being here and there at the same time.

~Adapted from Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


Cast aside
Fear. Anything:
That has troubled you.
You need to keep finding yourself:
A little more each day. That real, unlimited Ally.
She's your instructor. Simply understand and perfect her.

~Adapted from Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


A thousand lives, Ally. Ten thousand.
And then another hundred lives.
To learn: Perfection.
Your perfection.

And another hundred again.
To understand: Purpose.
Your purpose.

~Adapted from Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


The most important thing in living:
Has been to reach out and touch a perfection.
In everything that I love to do: Living in the present.
I am: In touch with Nature. In touch with myself.
In touch with others. With my art: My writing.
I accept that everyone is striving to reach:
Their own perfection. Where I can:
I support them to connect with:
Their Morning Star.

~Adapted from Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Video: Feathers.

A VERY simple video after learning how to use the Filmora9 video editor.

All the photographs of feathers above were used, with vocals by Australian Willy Wagetails from the ABC Sound Library.

Visually speaking this video is rather s l o w but I do love the magical merging of the feathers ~ Shades of Susan Seddon Boulet. And if you turn the volume right up the bird calls create the most beautiful spacial echos, almost eerie.

Morning Dew.
Translucent. Balanced.
Twelve indigenous duck feathers.
Gathered by the banks of the Roseville Lake.

FUN FACT for Team Australia.

On my journey I've been blessed to have had so many wonderful companions who through their feelings, words and actions have helped my understanding and knowledge of myself and others to grow. My most treasured companions have been those who believe in the connection of all Life and the power of Magic.

It's not always easy being a slightly dyslectic, right-brained, left-handed creative. But I've learned to laugh along with my friends who somehow always seem to see the humor in my many many imperfections.

I'm lucky that I've always, if not fully believed in magic, at least wanted to find out how to. So making a Magical Wand has given me a tool that can help me to focus and relax ~ And then I can ask to bring more magic, more insight, more abundance, more harmony, more adventure, more of anything I want to bring into my life.

Magical Wands.

Just a glimpse of my first Magical Wand: One of the products that I'm making from eco-friendly materials, exclusively for my Homesteaders Coop store.

All the feathers in the wand were freely given by the wild ducks at the Roseville Lake.

All the wonderful things.
That you could wish for. If you had:



Photography: ©Alison Lee Cousland.
SONY Mark2 A7.

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Such an abundance of feather offerings to you dear Ally. Nature was indeed listening to your heart and responding with much love. I am so happy that you are in touch with your heart and one with the magic of nature. Gaia is indeed a beautiful essence that knows you very well. You are co-creating beautifully together. Your magic wands are a perfect and simple example of that. Beautiful my friend!


Thanks so very much Wanda. For the last few evenings, I've been going to the lake and just watching the sky as the night comes. Watching the ducks on the lake at dusk is so stilling. And just as it gets dark the bats come from nowhere and land in a clump of trees on the edge of the lake. Would love to be able to photograph THAT beauty ~ But it's impossible.

I'm about to have a two week holiday, starting on Monday, so that I can make more wands and set my HSCO store up ~ And finally start drawing and painting again. Haven't had a total break from being online for years. And over the last 2 weeks, I have been setting the intent, so it feels REALLY exciting now. Much love to you. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎



Your nightly walk sounds lovely and I wish you could capture the bats, they are really cool creatures. I admire your intention to take some time off from online. I have done that with outside influences since my surgery and my recovery time has been like a spiritual retreat for me. Sometimes we just need to step out and listen to that intuitive voice to take time for ourselves. I made a few wands from driftwood a couple of years ago, and they all lay half finished in my craft room. Perhaps this Spring I can take a look at finishing them. You are inspiring me too you know. Blessed be.

@allyinspirit <3

So much love for you - I'm simply blown away again by the intensity of your words, I can feel it right in my gut.

Cast aside
Fear. Anything:
That has troubled you.
You need to keep finding yourself:
A little more each day.

This has been what I'm doing and please just continue doing what you love doing. It's all worth it! hugs

P.S. I'm left-handed and right-brained too!



So wonderful to meet another right-brained left-hander who is doing what they love Joey.

If you haven't already read the story of Jonathon Livingston Seagull, I think you'll love it. An inspiration for anyone who can still hear their own voice, who is aware that they have a definite purpose in life, and are willing to do everything they can to make their 'visions' come true ~ For the benefit of themselves and others. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


How cool... I've always thought finding a feather is magical! And now I know you too feel the same! I get little bird feathers flying into the apartment sometimes, only about 1-2 inches but soft as... as a feather! :) And I've always kept them... between books, in special boxes, and thought others would find me silly. Now I know there are others who find it magical too!

What a beautiful post, Ally. Very nice presentation, and a cute variety of feathers, together with your lovely thoughts about yourself and everything else. More so than the delightfully composed words, it is the meaning that speaks much of inner beauty.

Wonderfully photographed collection of feathers! Your poetry is amazing!

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Thanks so much @c-squared. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Full of beauty and balance... in words as in the pictures :-)

I love the composition of the shot, nice feather, garnished with melted ice.

Thanks for sharing @allyinspirit

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I love this so much @allyinspirit How you wove together the making of your wand is beautiful. Five ♥'s for you! :)))

I also love the feathers.

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Feathers great subject to photograph, great entry for feathered friday hahaha

This is absolutely stunning! The feathers, your words, the way it left me feeling at the end.

Oh, the end is just the beginning for you. This was a purely magical journey! I love the way your mind thinks!


I Adore that paper! I like the feather as well. I'm always collecting feathers from shore birds and others here. I have them stuck in places all over the house, Turkey feathers, gulls, ducks, chickens you name it. :) Alas I could never join team Australia as I unfortunately life in the sad country of usa :/

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