The Current Status of PNUT Token 花生币现状简析 (2020-01-17) || Market Cap 市值= ~ $66939steemCreated with Sketch.

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Market Cap 市值 (~est.)$66939
Total Supply 总供应*44,626,218.150879 PNUT
Circulating Supply 流动供应*44,626,218.150879 PNUT
Holders 持有人*152 Addresses
Transfers 交易次数*11,748 Txns
PNUT-TRX Total Liquidity 总流动性$6,773
Pooled PNUT 流动池花生币数量2,099,142.0061 PNUT

*From Tron Scan

The market capitalization (estimated) is $66939, there's still a long way to go.

Asset Breakdown by Holders 持有人资产分析

Top 1~10 holders:79.10%
Top 11~50 holders:19.69%
Top 51~100 holders:1.20%
Top 101~500 holders:0.01%
Top 501~∞ holders:0.00%

Assuming that 1 address is exactly 1 holder, the Pareto effect is prominent in PNUT, which is not uncommon for most cryptos. Hopefully, with more investors and users jumping on-board, the Pareto coefficient can be lowered.

Transaction Volume Analysis 交易量分析


The peak volume of PNUT transaction occurred on 2020-12-20.
The transaction volume seems to show rising trend.

Past Records 过往记录



References 参考资料文献

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Operation Guides 具体操作指南

How to mine PNUT using STEEM POWER(SP) delegation (APY: 59.3%)

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Contacts 联络

Wechat微信: cnsteem

Voting for STEEM blockchain witnesses | 投 Steem 区块链见证人一票

If you think that @nutbox and @smt-wherein contribute STEEM blockchain, please, vote for STEEM blockchain witnesses.



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