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What have Nutbox.io Got? Where do we Stand?

  • A community which believes/understands blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

  • The Steem-Tron platform/blockchain.

  • 3 million SP delegation.

  • Sponsorship from Chongqing Jiangji Winery

What does the Nutbox Community Want to Achieve?

  • Revive the Steem community in reaction to Justin Sun's effort to re-invigorate the Steem platform.

  • Help Steem community members ride on the waves of the ongoing explosive DeFi development.

  • Create a vibrant, sustainable and highly integrated blockchain ecosystem.


References 参考资料文献

Nutbox white paper

Nutbox年终总结及功能概要 || Nutbox Year-end Summary and Functions Overview


How to Evaluate the Proper Price of PNUT DeFi Token

Analysis of circulating supply and max supply of TRC-20 PNUT

Operation Guides 具体操作指南

How to mine PNUT using STEEM POWER(SP) delegation (APY: 59.3%)

How to mine PNUT using the deposit of TSP(Tron based STEEM POWER) (APY: 59.9%)

How to mine PNUT using TSP(Tron based STEEM POWER)/TRX LP token (APY: 62.3%)

Burning TRC-20 PNUT by paying for upvoting posts


Wechat: cnsteem
Steemit: https://blog.nutbox.io/@nutbox
Discord: https://discord.gg/zPkMuGY
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/PrBejBh_Grp6lFZEGArDpA

Voting for STEEM blockchain witnesses

If you think that @nutbox and @smt-wherein contribute STEEM blockchain, please, vote for STEEM blockchain witnesses.




We need more growth!

Currently we need to solve the issue of low liquidity of PNUT and its increase value backing.

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