How to evaluate the proper price of TRC-20 PNUT of De-Fi token

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Proper price of De-Fi token=Amount of pool×0.2~0.4(Experience figure referred by ETH De-Fi token and TRX De-Fi token)÷Circulation of De-Fi token

I'm using this formula to calculate the proper price of PNUT of De-Fi token.

Amount of STEEM POWER delegation pool=1,768,585 STEEM×$0.192(per 1 STEEM)=$339,568


Circulation of De-Fi token=42,667,635 PNUT


Proper price of De-Fi token=$339,568×0.2~0.4÷42,667,635 PNUT=$0.00159~0.00318

Actual price of PNUT=$0.0015


So, we can know that it's similar of the proper price of PNUT of De-Fi token and the actual price of PNUT. Additionally, the actual price of PNUT is lower than the proper price of PNUT. 0.2~0.4 depends on the number of utility of De-Fi token.

Let's assume that if PNUT receives 10m SP delegation, and the price of STEEM reaches $4.

In this case,

Proper price of De-Fi token=10,000,000 STEEM×$4(per 1 STEEM)×0.2~0.4÷42,667,635 PNUT=$0.188~$0.376

Which means that even though PNUT is not listed on global leading exchanges such as Huobi global, Binance, Upbit and Bithumb, it can reach the price on JustSwap PNUT/TRX pool

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