A dress made by Venezuelan hands - DIY

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ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1ntopaz-image-2ntopaz-image-3ntopaz-image-4ntopaz-image-5ntopaz-image-6ntopaz-image-7# Hello my fellow steemians lovers of art! :D

Yeah, well it was made by me, but the fabric! The fabric has the hand's marks of a lot of Venezuelan people! Some time ago, my family and I participated in an activity here in Venezuela where you had to put your hand mark with yellow, blue, or red on a long piece of white fabric to form the flag of Venezuela. A lot of people participated, we took pictures and everyone was smiling, and at the end of it, we keep it that fabric, we fold it and put it over my closet for a long time. Until I found it again the past month while I was doing a deep cleaning of the house. It was a happy surprise to see it again, I always thought it became b¿very cute, but my mom said that we don't use it, so it was hoarding space in the house. She wanted to throw it away because it was a few years since that activity happens, and everything that we need it to do with that we did it. But I'm the kind of person who never throws away something until I get from it all the usage that I could. I mean, we don't know how many effort and investment was made, how many people worked on that piece of fabric to get it to you, the people who did the threads, the painting, even the people who made the machine to do the fabric, and you'll just throw it aways just like that? Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little bit, I don't know, but when I thought that while I was seeing the fabric I knew I had to make a project with that. So, I started to think about what to do with it, and I thought a dress could be a pretty option. I like the design and make clothing too, even when I'm not an expert, it's something that I really enjoy. I just got a sewing machine for my birthday, and I had never made a dress ever in life. I had just made a few skirts, shirts, and clothing for my doggos but never a dress, and I don't know why I waited so long!!

In the pictures, you can see the design pattern I used for the upper part of the dress, the bodice. I didn't use a pattern for the skirt because I made a circle skirt, which it's one of the easiest ones because you just have to fold the fabric in half, fold it again, mark the ratio of your waist and then how long you want the skirt. In my case, I marked 11cm and 49cm for the length. After that just draw a curve in the fabric with those distance all around the folded fabric. Maybe one day I'll make a more detailed tutorial for it if you want. The tricky part for me was the bodice of the dress since I wanted to be tighter and the fabric didn't collaborate with me hahaha xD But with love and patience, and a copious amount of pins, eventually it looked good! And I felt so proud. I mean, I know it isn't the most beautiful bodice on earth, but hey! this was just my first attempt.

After finishing the bodice I attached it to the skirt, and the final result was the pictures up there! I felt so happy, I think you can see it through my face on the photos xD I loved so much do spins with the dress and see how the skirt opens! While I was sewing the dress I was making sure the design at the end show the Venezuelan flag too, which is yellow, blue and red with white from the stars. That's why you can see three colors is especific parts od the dress. What are you opinions about it? Do you liked? I don't know if here in steemit there is some comunity avocaded to sewing, but if you know one, please tell me about it! I'll keep showing my sewing attempts over here.

And with this I let another entry to the DIY contest promoted for @nTopaz, if you like to join, go to the ntopaz plataform and post a craft or desing you did :3

Thankyou so much for reading until here!!

Please Upvote, Comment ( I love reading what people thinks about my art), Resteem, Donate or Delegate to support my artwork!🎨 Thank you!



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That is such a beautiful dress @zaidagrilli !!

You need to join in #NeedleworkMonday where they sew, crochet, knit and many more needlework. Yours would fit in perfectly! The people there are so nice and very supportive!

As an aside, I love the pattern you chose and the flow of the fabric as you move in it. The colors and the meaning behind it really warms my heart. United you stand.

Wonderful post!



Thank you so much for it! I will use that hasthtag the next time I post something like this again! And sure I'll do more. And thank you for the compliments on the dress, it was fun to make it, its fun to wear it too hahaha

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Excellent! It is a fun group of people and the tag has really blossomed into quite a wonderful challenge!

Hermoso @zaidagrilli! Dicen que no es tan sencillo hacer los patrones para costura, así que vas muy bien. El vestido es precioso y es maravilloso que hayas reutilizado la tela. 💎

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Gracias!! Si, definitivamente no es sencillo, tuve que usar muchos alfileres para que me quedara bien al final jajajaja gracias por tus palabras

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You are very creative and thoughtful:) Looking forward for more:)

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I think this is a great idea, @zaidagrilli, for a first time dress-maker, it seems to me like you know what you’re doing. Good job. Thanks for tagging #artzone. I don’t know if she gets down with dresses in particular but you may want to reach out to miss @foxyspirit—she does sewing machine, type crocheting type, mom stuff. 😉


Thanks for tagging me ;) I gave her the right info to follow :D

mom stuff.

LMAO , yeah pretty much.


Thank you for calling @foxyspirit thank you both for stopping by xD

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Those really are some amazing colours, just goes to show, all you need is a bit of pant, some hands, fabric and a way to stitch it all together and away you go :)

Are you going to make another one? :)

That is most definitely a twirling dress 👌 love the colourful print you used ❤️

That is a beautiful dress @zaidagrilli and a more than excellent first effort. I am calling @foxyspirit over because I think there is a #needlwork Mondays - she knows more than I do.

I hope that you are inspired to do more dress designs - and to make them.


Got it covered! Thank you for summoning me :D Lovely dress is it not ^_^

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What a lovely idea for a dress.

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Aww thank you!! It was made with love too haha

I loooooove this dress @zaidagrilli! I also sew and I would have loved to have this fabric. So cheerful and to know it was made by so many "hands" You are very talented just pinning away and making it fit beautifully, Bravo my friend. I'll watch for more beautiful creations and designs from you!


Aaawww your words makes me happy!! I still have more of this fabric, I can give it to you hahaha this kind of comments makes me wanna do more of this stuff! I really appreciate it!

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Primero que nada me gustaría recordarte lo bella que eres aunque eso ya lo debes saber. Que bonita manera de expresar tu creatividad a través de este hermoso vestido, sigue así posteando contenido de calidad y te ira muy bien. Saludos paisana.


Aaaw que dulce eres! Muchas gracias! Seguire trabajando duro para dar un contenido excelente a mi pagina :3 saludos paisano, le echaré un vistazo a tu perfil tambien :3

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I have been summoned! By 2 as a matter of fact :p That feels cool :D

This is a perfect entry for #needleworkmonday, check out the tag as they cater to all fiber arts. I think you can use #fiberartists as well.

You have made a really cool dress! I think they will appreciate seeing this. Perhaps I can summon @crosheille here? She is the one that can truly help with this ^_^

Fantastic work! I love how it looks when you spin too :D


Hey you!! Yeah, you are the one to be called of what I see hahaha thank you!! That's amazing that exist 2 tags for this, I would totally use them the next time I post something like this. Thank you so much!

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You're welcome ^_^


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What a great way to use the colours of your country!
And the wide skirt is so great

Gorgeous work, @zaidagrilli! And...



Aaahhh hahahaha thank you, you are adorable xD

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You did a fabulous job, on this beautiful dress @zaidagrilli. I'm like you, I don't like to throw anything away. I'm a hoarder. 😺

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Being a hoarder it's not that bad right? You get to achieve things like this!

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Definitely job well done. Simple but meaningful, just the way I like it.

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You did great with it
It looks like it was a planned pattern
And the dress design goes well with it :D

It is very pretty...

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I love it. Perfect for summer. The whole idea behind it is awesome. I think you have something here.

I think sewing is fun. I used to make all my kids clothes when they were little. Too many activities now to do anything more than basic fixes.

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Awesoooome!!! Hahahaha thank you so much. Love to be part of this community!

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A beautiful dress. Nice job @zaidagrilli



How sweet! Thank you for the complimented and for stopping by :3

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This was a beautiful post. I love that you wanted to keep the fabric and decided to make a dress with it. It turned out very well for a first attempt!

Truly beautiful idea and work.

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A lovely dress indeed!

Beautiful & inspiring @zaidagrilli ♥ What fun it will be to wear that dress and share your story about it!

Very good Idea ... I like it :) ... And I also go and upvote it :)
I hope there lot sun and fun more ;)

Sweet dress. I’m glad you are a hoarder and kept it around!

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Hola zaidagrilli,

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Wow! Que genial xD hoy definitivamente he tenido mucha suerte jajaja muchísimas gracias!!!!!

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WOW. Literally by their HANDS ((':

It's such an awesome community idea and the end result looks so pretty too <3

So wonderful, @zaidagrilli ! I am glad you didn't throw it away since it has the echoes of all of those people that put their hands in Venezuelan colours on it :) And now it has become a beautiful dress, which looks so nice on you ! :D

Good luck with the contest !!! <3


How sweet of you, thank you!! It does holds the sensation of a strong feeling on it. Surely it was a good decision to keep that fabric, and moreover to share it here xD

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Wow @zaidagr, this is such a beautiful dress. I like the way it flares up when you turn.

Beautifully done, @zaidagrilli. I love how it twirls!

Love your dress! You did a wonderful job especially since it was your first time!
Loved the photos of you twirling in your dress too - you look so happy!
Thanks for sharing and good luck in the contest!

Thank you @foxyspirit for tagging me and @dswigle for mentioning #NeedleWorkMonday!

Hello @zaidagrilli! Yes, I would love for you to join us for #NeedleWorkMonday! Any craft involving a needle is welcome. If you could take the time to read our FAQs it will give you all of the details about what we do, who we are and the posting guidelines for our community. Please let me know if you have any questions :)

It’s great that you took the time to Upcycle such a wonderful piece of fabric that had those special moments and memories attached to it. The dress turned out lovely. Thanks for sharing ~


Thank you so much!! I'll read it, I would love to join this community too! And thank you for the compliments! So meaningful <3

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You are very welcome :)

It would be great to have you ~

For something that has a lot of meaning, good thing it wasn't thrown away. You turned it into something amazing and it looks really cool. Love that turn by the way.

We have this kind of handprint on walls but on fabric, don't have. You are so brilliant. And the handprints make the dress look vibrant. Keep it up! =)

Beautiful work and you make it look fun twirling around in it. Love the photos. Being a seamstress allows you so many options.

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Lovely dress! I'd love to see a tutorial on how you made the skirt. You make it sound simple...but for someone like me it's terribly complicated. :-)



Sure!! I'll totally do it! Keep an eye over here :3

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Primary colors! great idea. I think it's wonderful that you took your idea and made it a reality. It really is a dress of hope and pride. Great work @zaidagrilli!!

Love the printed one...always a cool to watch....

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