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Plagio è un’opera pittorica che ho presentato ad Ar(t)cevia InternationalArt Festival.
Con questo opera ho voluto rappresentare un problema di ruoli di genere imposti dalla nostra società. Questo è il caso di una casalinga stanca e delusa dal suo duro lavoro non riconosciuto e non ricompensato. Lei sta dormendo sul suo divano carico di oggetti di uso quotidiano dove c’e una scritta tratta da una poesia della poetessa libanese Nada al-Hajj intitolata “Libertà”. Poesia molto toccante e significativa, a me piace molto!!!
Penso che questa poesia sia appropriata al contesto dell’opera.
E’ un collage di stoffe di tappezzeria, capi di abbigliamento, pelle di pitone/cavallino stampato/vitello, passamanerie, tappi alluminio, pallottole, guanti di lattice, involucro di detersivo, specchi. Dipinto con colori acrilici, il tutto su tela.
Le sue dimensioni sono cm 227x125

Plagiarism is an artwork that I presented at exibition of Ar(t)cevia International Art Festival. With this work I wanted represent a problem of gender roles imposed by our society. This is the case of a tired and disappointed housewife by her hard work that is not recognized and not rewarder. She is sleeping on her sofà full of objects of dayly use where there is a text taken from a poem by the Lebanese poetess Nada al-Hajj entitled “Freedom”. Very tauching and significant poetry, I really like it!!!
I think this text is appropriate to the context of the work.
It is a collage of upholstery fabrics, clothing, python leather/printed pony skin/calf leather, trimmings, bottle caps, bullets, latex gloves, detergent packaging, mirrors. Painted with acrylic colors, all on canvas.
Its dimensions are cm 227x125


Questo festival si ripete ogni anno nella regione Marche nella città di Arcevia, al Palazzo dei Priori sec.XIV e nei Castelli circostanti di epoca medievale.

This festival is done every year in the region of Marche in the city of Arcevia, in the Priori Palace sec, XIV and in the surrounding medieval castles.


In questa immagine possiamo vedere la mostra all'interno dello storico Palazzo nel giorno dell’inaugurazione.

In this picture we can see the exibition inside the historic building on the day of inauguration.


Questa sono io davanti alla mia opera, da questa immagine possiamo renderci conto delle sue dimensioni

This is me in front at my work, from this image we can see its dimensions


Questo è un particolare dell’opera

This is a detail of the work


Altra foto dell'inaugurazione

Another photo of the inauguration


in questo particolare possiamo leggere alcune parole della poesia "Libertà" della poetessa Nada al-Hajj:

...shiavi di noi stessi, dei nostri amori,
dei nostri sovrani
schiavi dei confini, dei sensi e delle parole
schiavi delle apparenze, delle abitudini
e delle credenze
schiavi sottomessi
fendete il cuore che vi ha ferito
e gettatelo nel fuoco!…

In this detail we can read some word of the poem "Freedom" of poetess Nada al-Hajj:

…slaves of ourselves, of our loves,
of our sovereigns
slaves of the boundaries, of the senses and words
slaves of appearances, of habits
and biliefs
submissive slaves
slit the heart that hurt you
and throw it into the fire!…


Particolare opera

Detail of work


Questa è stata per me un'esperienza molto gratificante perché mi ha permesso di conoscere molti artisti non solo italiani ma provenienti da diverse parti del mondo, scelti da una curatrice eccezionale. Inoltre è stato per me emozionante soggiornare in questi borghi medievali dove il tempo sembra essersi fermato. Spero che questo lavoro vi piaccia, ciao a presto!!!

This was a very rewarding experience for me because it allowed me to get to know a many artists not only Italian but from all over the word, chosen by an exceptional curator. Moreover it was exciting for me to stay in these medieval villages were time seems to have stood still. I hope you enjoy this job, hello see you soon!!!

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Amazing concept and outstanding rendition @titti
Welcome to nTopaz and thank you for sharing your beautiful art to our community ❤

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Thank you so much @livvu, I am glad you like it!!!


My pleasure @titti

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Greetings @titti, I'm glad to see you here! <3

Your work is amazing and what you wanted to convey with her is even more!

Housewives who work harder than a man should be better treated and given the credits they deserve.

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Thak you so much @yanes94, in my work I often talk about female problems, bye


That's incredible an expressive art.

Very impressive collage artwork, with a contemporary idea and with a large variety of objects:)
Huge size also, it must have had a lot of work.

[nTopaz Curator]

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Thank you @georgeboya. Oh yes there are a lot of recycled objects and some taken from industries. You are all right, I spend a lot of time to make this work because it is full of details.


You are very welcome @titti:) I saw your other artwork also and is really beautiful and unique, i am looking forward for more:)


Of course...see you soon!!
Bye bye

Wow @titti, it's wonderful to have an artist like you on the platform. Welcome! 💎

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Thank you @smeralda, I'm very happy that you enjoyed my work. Thanks for your invitation,
to share my profile on your channel, I will do it as soon as possible. Bye

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This is absolutely gorgeous, @titti ! The composition is astounding with such a rich texture, a wonderful mixed media painting ! I really love the colours, the patterns, the various different articles and items you worked with, and above all, the pose of the tired figure :) You can tell easily that this woman is exhausted, placing her hand to support her tired face, she is so drained that she does not bother to take off her shoes before she falls upon the couch !

I love the poem, also, it is a beautiful poem and it gives the painting even more depth and beauty :) Absolutely lovely work <3


Hello @veryspider, thank you so much, I noticed that you have observed my work in detail, I am very happy that you liked, thanks again

I have included you in my curation post and i am looking forward to see more of your artworks in the future:) Welcome to @ntopaz:)