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Greetings fellow steemians!!!

Another week has passed and with it comes a new curation post, with a new selection of artists some old and other new at least for me, most curated posts were from @nTopaz!, here bellow there is a link to get to the website.


For any new comers, consider this an invitation to join the platform, just remember to send me a message if got to know it from me 😉.

Ok well, lets continue with this week's curation, If you like the post please consider resteeming to spread the word and increase notoriety 😉 TY.
CLARIFYING NOTICE: This post only promotes my TOP 10 favourite artworks and haven't received the attention I think they deserve. I know there are way too many other good art being posted but I cannot put them all here.😛
The Artists Curation Post will be done weekly and the earnings will be used to invest in ways of improving my curation capabilities, hopefully making it sustainable and even improving the continued promotion and curation of artworks. 😋

Week #73 TOP 10...

#1 by @whornung

Stop Babbeling!

#2 by @yanes94

Art explosion 69 "DREAM JOURNAL" - The little flut

#3 by @jmkartworks


#4 by @barbarabezina

Luminous Code *gif

#5 by @tomek.biniek.art

"159. Girl in a mysterious garden - 22.06.2019"

#6 by @silver.art


#7 by @vermillionfox

I love painting cephalopods!

#8 by @ultravioletmag


#9 by @abrahmatan

Female face step by step.

#10 by @pipoune

Digital painting : The Little Tree Adventurer.

Other Awesome Art worth checking

@aerozopher - Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Windmerge

@sweettais - [CO] "Eye of iguanna"

@edithbdraw - Señorita- Dibujo digital

@orcish - Daily art #672 Commission

@sawcraz.art - Walking in the rain/Caminata bajo la lluvia

@theartofrez - Traditional Art - Boxer

@onceuponatime - Stone Eagle's Paintings (1)

@faffy - [CR] Watercolor practices pt.2

@paintingjae - Two sides of my personality

@samuel-earp-art - Plein Air Painting - Morning Fog, Taumarere, New Zealand

These were my TOP 10 for this week, please don't forget to upvote them while you still can, also you can help by resteeming this post for more visibility.🎨

Thanks to the @steemartists group for inspiring me to start with this series and now to @ntopaz for their really nice dapp as well fellow curators like @livvu and @georgeboya; And of course to the @c-squared crew and their awesome curation efforts, namely @veryspider, @scrawly and @hiddenblade.

Cheers Everyone, have an awesome and productive week!!!😃

Previous Curation Post (info updated after payout)

REWARD FOR 🎨 Melooo182's Artists Curation Post #72 🎨✅

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My congratulations!

Thanks for passing by and commenting @andrianna!
Your art is gorgeous too 💙🎨 I'm sure I'll feature it soon in coming weeks 😁

Congratulations! <3

Gracias por comentar @esthersanchez! 😁
espero que te haya gustado la seleccion de esta semana 💙

Hello, I am new to steemit, I really like everything related to art, I will be constantly uploading material, greetings from Venezuela

Hola bienvenido a steemit! 😁
adelante, si creas arte o te gusta compartir arte de otros artistas puedes hacer ambas en nTopaz!
solo recuerda seguir las reglas de publicacion 😉
Para mas info puedes preguntar en nuestro chat de Discord

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