In the hot afternoon.

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ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1ntopaz-image-2ntopaz-image-3ntopaz-image-4ntopaz-image-5Hello, friends! Have a nice weekend! Teachers in drawing lessons always say : draw every day, draw a lot, draw everything you see. Good, I thought. Practice and only practice should help me.

On the way, I took a photo of the city square: a hot day, a lot of people on the street, everything is bright - in General, a good summer day. You can see this picture.

Step-by-step process - attached

I used watercolor paper (A3, 300 gr.), watercolor paints, round watercolor brushes (synthetic №7, №3, №2), pigment liner.

And here is the final result. My drawing.

Thanks for your attention, see you soon ...

DSC04022 (2).JPG


Me encanto, quedo super. Para ser una acuarela que tiene muy pequeños detalles quedo muy bien, porque la mayoría de acuarelas, son cuadros grandes, con grandes dibujos y uno solo, ejemplo dibujan una flor, un animal, pero aqui como dices tomaste una foto primero y luego lo llevaste a la acuarela.

Todavía no soy lo suficientemente bueno como para dibujar en la calle como lo hacen muchos artistas en nuestra ciudad, así que pre-hago fotos y ya estoy dibujando en un entorno hogareño:) Gracias por visitar, @zhanavic69

It is a great practice!
draw, draw and draw hehe. Your teacher is right.
drawing scenarios with a lot of people is not my specialty, but you did it very well.
Great job and luck in the contest

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Thank you for the encouraging words! I try to try different things in drawing to understand which direction will be most interesting for me. I saw Your drawings, especially I liked to watch the process of drawing a frog. It seems so difficult to me :). Thank you for Your visit and support, @yanes94 !

Good morning @madlenfox, I think at the beginning we all make different styles and try everything to know what can go better and get our own style, I continued in your search and I will try to support you whenever you can. ;)

Thanks for watching my work, try to make a pretty little frog... it's not that difficult, I assure you.

If you draw the frog, label me to see it. <3

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Lovely! Hard to find time for everything! Keep on creating! ☺

thank you for your kind words of support, @maria444 :))

Thank you @madlenfox for this city painting, it is one of the favorite subjects for Artists who use watercolor to create paintings of busy cities. Like the architecture, beautiful details of buildings but also it is not easy to create the crowd and you did it very well :)

It is likely that I took too complicated an idea for this drawing. Because of the little experience it was difficult for me, but I am attracted to such stories. So that Your words this very much praise for me. Thank you @stef1 !

Beautiful photo of the city with bright blue sky!

Your artwork is magnificent. It's great to see each steps of your drawing. Well done! ;)

Thank you for Your support and encouraging words for me,@tangmo

You're welcome! ;)

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Очень впечатляет. Я бы так точно не смогла. Ты большая молодец, Мариночка! У меня даже терпения бы не хватило :-)