Watercolor sketch " In the big city"

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ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1ntopaz-image-2ntopaz-image-3My watercolor sketch on "Life of a big city" . I tried to show a city street with dense rows of buildings and taxis scurrying back and forth. The work is done on watercolor paper with size A3 and a density of 200 gr. I used watercolors and liners.
First, I made a sketch, placing on the sheet of basic details in the perspective of the street, going into the distance. Then watercolor paints I outlined the main color spots. In the end I used pigment liner to emphasize some details and make the drawing more expressive . In the photos you can see my process step by step.
My path in drawing is only at the very beginning. I try to get acquainted with different styles and techniques in painting. In many ways, I am helped by talented teachers, graduates of the Repin Academy of arts in St. Petersburg. I study at an open online art school. My lessons are held several times a week and I am very happy to attend these lessons and master classes. The school website: https://www.hudozhnik.online/free?utm_campaign=welcom&utm_source=sendpulse&utm_medium=automation360


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Hi! I am pleased to join nTopaz. Thank you for pointing out my inaccuracy :). This is a link to my online drawing school. I take there online lessons and this is my teacher's video tutorial that gives me assignments and recommendations.. Next time I will definitely point this out. Thank you for paying attention to my drawing, I'm still at the very beginning of the road and there is still much to learn.

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Thank you for resteemed and support :))

Hi @madlenfox, it is beautiful watercolor painting and as I can see from @smeralda's link it is online tutorial you used. Would you please edit and insert the link to that tutorial in your post. It is a good gesture and will be promotion to the online-tutors such as Дарья Куцаева.

@stef1, thank you for helping me to make the right format of my post. Your support and recommendations are very valuable to me :) I'm still trying to understand the terms and conditions for ntopaz . I edited and pasted a link to my school.

Мариш, очень круто! Мне очень нравится)). Кстати, я тоже умею хорошо рисовать, но для этого совсем нет времени...

Инна, спасибо за добрые слова! Не знаю что на меня нашло :), но я второй месяц просто наслаждаюсь процессом. Может быть это цветотерапия такая, но мне нравится этим заниматься. (сегодня на письмо отвечу, сейчас вот только рисунок закончу, второй день над ним сижу :))

Esos taxis amarillos son llamativos

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Thank you for the attention and support of your entire team. This is highly appreciated for me. I respect your project and of course I vote for Your witness.

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Thank you, @art-venture ! Always with gratitude and pleasure :)

wonderful job! I love watercolor. I would like to get into it someday.

I did not dare to start for a long time, but the desire was stronger :)
Thank you for watching, @dbooster !

That is beautiful your so talented, looks like looking up 42nd street to me :)

@tattoodjay , thank you for your kind words!
In fact, this is a made-up image :) , but now I think probably so materialized my dream of Your beautiful city :)

Just my honest thoughts and let me show you what I mean here is a shot looking up 42nd Street

Wow! amazing! it's similar. Tall building with a spire, I've seen it before, that's for sure. That's what I meant :).
Today I saw another photo of You, which I really liked

I immediately decided that I wanted to draw it, but I need to see more details that are nearby. What's the name of this place? I have to find him, or do You have any more photos of this place? It's very interesting in detail. What street is this?

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