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Hello Artists and Art Lovers ❤

I am very happy to announce another visual art contest sponsored by @nTOPAZ. The theme of the contest is Art of Love.

The concept of love has always attracted artists and artists usually do what they really like or love. Love does not only mean romantic love, it can also be love from parents, love for your idols or love for a cause or hobby. Love can be expressed in many forms, such as attachment, compassion, admiration, even addiction.
Love and art are a perfect match. We especially encourage you to show what is in your heart through your art.

You can submit visual art created using any tools, such as drawing, painting, digital art, photography, or multimedia. Sharing the story behind your artworks would be more appreciated.

Submission period

2 weeks from 3 am UTC on 16 May 2019 to 3 am UTC on 30 May 2019.


The contest is sponsored by @nTOPAZ and they will award Topaz tokens to the winners.

  • First Place: 1 winner - 3,000 Topaz Tokens.
  • Second Place: 2 winners - 2,000 Topaz Tokens each.
  • Third Place: 3 winners - 1,000 Topaz Tokens each.

Contest Voting Standards

You will also receive upvotes from nTopaz.

  • The voting Criteria: 30% of the total nTOPAZ voting power expendable for the day will support contest entries with upvotes, this is limited to the top 10 according to Daily respect scores.
    (However, any abuse, plagiarism and low quality entries will be excluded.)


  1. New submissions on Steem blockchain (no repost).
  2. NSFW entries will NOT be accepted.
  3. Each artist may submit up to 3 entries.
  4. Must be uploaded through nTopaz contest page at
  5. If you rely on any reference material to produce your work, please cite your source.
  6. Copyright: you are responsible for any claims and arising issue from copyright violations.
    Please be respectful and follow the rules of the contest and the posting guidelines when you are submitting your artworks. Spamming will not be tolerated and you are risking being blacklisted by the always active Coordination Team.

Some examples

Here are some examples of Art of Love:


Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh

Hand in Hand

So don’t wait around. Seize the day and let your creativity loose. I am looking forward to seeing your amazing creations.

Contest Host: @livvu
Contest Sponsor: @ntopaz

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@khaimi you may interested

Thank you for your recommendation !

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It will be interesting to see the winner of this competition. It will probably be Apolon himself 😻

And hope you will join the contest @yakubenko

@yakubenko, I am looking forward to seeing the artworks from talented artists for this contest too

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I am looking forward for a lot of submissions full of love. Great idea for a contest dear Liv 😊

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Thanks @georgeboya, I am very excited to see what our creative community come up with

Love is in the air already 😊 I think it will be a very successful contest 😊

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i breathe love in the air \O,

@elisonr13 that's a beautiful way to be :D

Very cool, should be an interesting competition!

@jeremyrfk it's a very open contest, and I hope you will bring your own unique style and skills to this contest !

Excellent theme dear @livvu, will be a success and I hope to see a lot of creativity and love in all entries. ;)

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Thank you dear @yanes94 ❤ Love is in the air, everywhere we look around :D

Yes, I'm sure of that. nothing that love can not cure: love, love and love for all. To the people who hate me, I love them for doing it. :)
I know you will have very good works. :)

Yes you are right Yanes, you should love people who hate you. They always follow all your steps of your journey of improvement and success :-D

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Yes, I will do that.
to maintain good energy.

Lovely topic and there could be various interpretation. I hope many will find something for them to share with others :)

Thank you very much @stef1 ❤️ I hope you will share with us too !

love this contest, i was born for this!

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Great to hear that @artbyadida 😍

Good to see your post again! :)

Thank you @vaansteam I'm glad to hear from you. I'll try to post more. Hope to see your next artwork soon!

excellent theme for this contest, will be very emotional.

Uuh I will join soon, almost at the end of it but I will join.

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