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ntopaz-image-0Acrylic painting on canvas

It was one of my cousins & best mates birthday recently, this is a throw back to over a year ago of this portrait I painted of him to celebrate his life and gave to his mother as a gift. He passed away over a year ago from suicide. It's difficult to share and discuss but this subject & person deserves recognition & rememberance. He was incredibly kind hearted and selfless, Take extra care of the people close to you.


Such a beautiful painting @jeremyrfk He looks so bright and adorable

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Excellent @jeremyrfk

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Thanks @smerald, consider it done!

Greetings @jeremyrfk;)

Your painting is amazing and I am sorry because your friend is no longer by your side sharing with you the good times. :(

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Thank you for the kind words Carmen, I appreciate it

You're welcome, dear Jeremy. <3 <3 <3

My condolences, @jeremyrfk :( We should all try to look after each other better, I think... Suicides are very sad, and I send my hugs to you and .......if you want to talk more about the person, to remember him, or to recognise him, what he was passionate about, where he had been wanting to go, who he was.... I'm here.

This portrait exudes his character, his gentle soul.... he is smiling, but you managed to capture a kind of sensitivity from his beautiful eyes. Thank you for sharing this work with us, though i dont know him, I think your art brought an energy of remembrance of a beautiful soul.

All my love, Jer...

That is absolutely true that we all should be kinder to one another. I like to believe I am stoic and seldom speak of these things but I will keep your invitation in mind and reach out, that is sweet. Thank you very much for your kinds words, I am glad that it was able to invoke some positive emotions.

Acá se observa que hay mucho talento, muy buen trabajo. Felicitaciones desde Venezuela.

Great painting! Amazing details!

Beautiful portrait and he looks very happy:)

Thank you George

Very good painting, thanks for sharing with us!

Thanks for your comment!

I am terribly sorry to hear about your cousin. What a bad way to leave this world.

Your drawing is lovely and a great tribute to him. Well done!

Thanks mate

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Sorry to hear about what happened to him, it is sad that the world loses another kind hearted and selfless person. You managed to immortalise part of him and his smile.

I will pay attention to my loved ones, thank you for the reminder :).

No problem, thank you for the kind words

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