Sons of Anarchy Painting

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IMAG0537 3 2.jpg

A commissioned painting I finished just recently. The Basic project brief was to recreate the Sons of Anarchy emblem in a jersey frame sized canvas.


After some discussion we decided to take it further and include some of the key characters from the series in a sort of movie poster type composition.


The emblem would remain the main focus of the painting while the characters appear washed out and recede into the background.






SOA1 2.jpg

The Canvas is 6mm MDF sheet and painted using acrylic paints.


I have never heard of Sons of Anarchy to be honest :)

How long did it take you to paint it? I can imagine it was quite challenging as you have 9 portraits there plus a skull (which is also more less a portrait, lol)

All of them look realistic and I would dare to say that these are photographs put together in a frame (except of that skull of course :D)

My favorite is on the top right corner. His expression is just cool and relaxed. I also like the skull. There is a lot of details in there.

Well done Jeremy! But I didn't expect anything less from you anyway :)

Have a lovely start of the week!

It took roughly 60 hours to paint! Yes you are correct, some of the portraits I edited or swapped heads, but most are shots taken from scenes in the series. I had the layout already designed in photoshop, then it was just a matter of painting it onto the canvas.

Thank you for the kind words, enjoy your week!

60 hours?!?! I hope that you were paid very well for this :)

Have a lovely week too!

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WOW !!! Jeremy !!! You're always amazing with these art pieces * ___ * I love this so much <3 <3 <3 Each character seems to be captured in their likeness and such a beautiful composition, each character forming an awesome framing device around the central logo !

Absolutely stunning * ___ *

.... I kinda want to see this series now :O Is it good? Do you know or is it just a commission work?

Does it even air in Australian tv? Probably SBS?



i love it, jerrrr <3

Thank you very much for the kind words! Honestly I have never seen the series! I don't watch much TV these days but from what I heard it is a very good, popular show, I'm not sure if it broadcasts on Australian networks but it is definitely on netflix, beware though it can be pretty gruesome.

hahahah yeah, im the same, i dont even have time for tv these days, besides all the local channels are kinda..... eh

but i'll look it up on netflix when i have the chance, I think cuz i kinda like gruesome things :D

this week is going to be hot in Melbourne aaaaa

probably last breath of summer :D

Yeah totally with you there on that.

Heat sucks, I was hoping the cyclone would bring more rain but at least the weather has cooled down!

Today's kinda mild, but they said the rest of the week will be in the mid-30s, and that we should prepare for some uncomfortable nights.... but I hope you're keeping cool. I find my energy drains faster in the warmer months, so I can't art / focus very well....

Yep! My new place heats up like a sauna in the summer, get used to it after a while but It is much harder to get work done when you're sweating at the desk! Life hack; spray bottle doubles as an art tool and cool off method lol!

Wow! Amazing work!

Gotta love Sons of Anarchy. One of the best series.

So i've heard, I need to watch it!

Wow, all those faces are well done. You're really good at capturing and combining them all into one cohesive painting. Well done, Jeremy :).

Thank you very much @scrawly!

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Love this hard realistic style

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