Adding colour to Yesterdays Sketch Yorkies

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ntopaz-image-0I've added colour to yesterday's sketch.

The full piece:

I awoke this morning looking forward to my morning stolen studio time. I knew, having done my sketch yesterday, that I'd get to play with colour today.

I knew I wanted it to be in the same range as my other piece I shared with you in pinks.

So, I toyed with pinkish/purple and blue and orange, colours I love together.

I wanted the dogs colours to be a mix of reality and fantasy.

The darker silver/grey tones of the Yorkie could handle some pinks and blues I think.

Next I'll have to decide what sort of design I want to use for the background.

I've already sketched a bit of an idea, keeping with possibly a large floral pseudo-60's pop art feel. We'll see.

That will have to wait until tomorrow.

I'm rather happy with my limited studio time becoming at least a bit more productive. And here we are now into February already, so who can say at what pace I can hope to achieve by March.

I do like a plan but also know Plans are MADE to be adjusted.

I'm hoping all of you are getting a few moments to create or delve into your passions. And I hope that all of you are either staying warm, as we know poor @vermillionfox has had some cold temps in MN or staying cool as the exact opposite is true for @scrawly with high hot temps it AU.

Whatever your weather, enjoy your day the best way you can.

If you feel so inclined please upvote, resteem, and by all means comment below.

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So cute! These doggos are perfect for such furniture :) They somehow fit together. I like that you made their color being a combination of realistic with a few pinkish spots. It looks very nice and I like when art is not too realistic :)

I wish you a lovely weekend! Thank you for sharing!


Thanks @delishtreats. I will most likely continue to 'un-realistic' it too, as I may flatten out the chair and add a flat pattern. I always start with a more real world sketch and work from there.

I love taking liberties with colour, it's part of the joy of being an artist. Like playing God and saying, "I think I'll have the grass orange and the sky magenta" why not, right?

And nice to see the color version. Quite a different feeling

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Thanks @axeman Yes, when I don't go down the black and white route I LOVE colour and to play with it.

It's rather fun being an artist, eh?

[nTopaz Curator]

The colours give this art such a bright and happy feels :).

[nTopaz Curator]

A lovely lightness has been added with the watercolour washes now Donna. Makes the dogs come into the limelight more. Love their faces. Each with it's own expression. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

⚖️ S H I N E ⚖️ Y O U R ⚖️ L I G H T ⚖️


Thanks @allyinspirit I love giving splashes of colour and life to their little faces :)

Oh my..they are too cute ! ^_^ love your mix of colors 😉


Thanks, you love colour as well, I can tell by your joyous colourful pieces @barbara-orenya

Pretty in pink. My friends have yorkies...I should let them know if any of this goes up on your society6.


Thanks @barracudadiaries, I'll let you know ;)

Sooooooooo cute :-D I just want to pick them all up! The few added details in the wood work of the chair pull this together. I appreciate your choice in colors.

Ah, the colours are fabby!


Thanks @meesterboom fab, I'll take :)

Lovely pastel colours Donna and i believe that the 60s background will be well suited:)


Thanks @georgeboya I think so to, we'll see. And anyway I can do a variety of versions if I am so inclined :)


You are very welcome Donna, this is one of the good things that digital medium has:)

The sketches are good, but I think the color of the more life to the drawings, because you can see the contrast of colors and how it combines with the others, this is a tender drawing I love that you have colored it.


Thanks @yanes94 and yes it feels more inviting with colour of course. And the original sketch is just that, a quick sketch. But, it's fun to share the various stages of build up, I'm just having to do it over a few posts as I've not the time to do it all in one :)

I'm going to try and work on it more today.


I understand you very well, we always have a tough battle with time and apparently always wins us. :(

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