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I am going to run a poll on https://dpoll.xyz to get votes on which project on Steem I should delegate 10k Steem to for one year.
Comment below your favorite project built on STEEM for a chance at winning a one year 10k STEEM POWER delegation for your favorite project!

I will take 5-10 of the most requested projects to enter the poll. From there it is up to the voting gods.

The poll will start 1/26/19.


I nominate @cleanplanet! They encourage people around the world to pick up litter by rewarding it with upvotes and tokens.

I support the nomination of @cleanplanet! Even conceptually, clean planet let's us envision a future with the power of incentivation applied to diverse problems - freeing us and newcomers of our closed-minded, blogging platform preconceptions.

And as a huge BONUS, the garbage that is being picked up is very REAL!

This post has received a 12.9 % upvote from @boomerang.

@Share2Steem for sure... it's helped me to convince a dozen or so mates to join STEEM already.

I am with you, Zord :(

Haha thanks @thekitchenfairy, I was just teasing @braaiboy. :D

You got a 100.00% upvote from @emperorofnaps courtesy of @farizal!

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hey @theycallmedan I would like to promote #whalepower curation project. lead by @whalepower
its a cool project who had help me alot gaining experience and curation as well as a lot of other whalepower tag user.
if you could look at it, and considered it to get the delegation, it would be a very good help in helping to the project going, in supporting and helping new or small account.
thanks so much

I second this nomination, I support the manual and careful curation @whalepower executes


I nominated @whalepower
@whalepower has helped me a lot since the first time I joined Steemit, they always gave awards at every post I made.
Thank you for your attention.

Hi @theycallmedan. I agree with the @ekavieka. whalepower project that deserves it. 10k STEEM POWER from you can help the project founded by caring mederator Mr. @bullionstackers. I myself really helped with the #whalepower project. The progress of @whalepower is also the progress of #steemit.


Hello @theycallmedan, I am very happy to see your work for the community. Thank you. :-)

One of my favorite projects that I think the delegation deserves is @Votovzla. They do a beautiful job for the Latino community, mainly for Venezuela and they are educating through the blockchain to have better people and a better world.

I show you the promotional video.

I also nominate @votovzla, they are here for the long haul. Hard workers.

I also nominate @Votovzla, for their important work.

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Hi everybody!
I nominate @votovzla, is an excellent project with a wonderful team, they are very kind and have many good ideas for our Latin American community, they help us all the time to improve in the blockchain world with great activities and we can ask them advices of this ecosystem. Votovzla promote the cooperation, unity and our growth. This was my first community, with them I learnt a lot of things about this big world and is very helpful for all the Venezuelans to overcoming our hard situation. I think they deserve this great support.
Bye! And thank you for this opportunity.

I second this ... I am working closely with @votovzla and helping them curate the latino community. These guys are true Steemians.

And now, as a grand finale, I'm leaving you all with one of my favorite latino songs:

You always with your witticisms thank you for supporting votovzla

I nominate @votovzla has been my home for 1 year, it is a stable, united and cooperative community.
A great family that deserves to keep growing.


OH! Habla ingles ? lol

it is a project full dedicated, noble, organized, nomino also @votovzla, from the beginning have supported steemit with the heart in hand. <3

Successful beloved team @votovzla
Good vibes.

I nominate the project of @votovzla. They do a great job for the Venezuelan community.

How not to nominate this great project? The team does a great job for the Venezuelan community, as well as being very active on the platform. I'm sure it will be put to good use, that's why I nominate @votovzla.


@Share2Steem is the way to go! It has the potential to get Steemit viral/trending on the big social media platforms.

My favorite project is @share2steem. Share2steem is building a resource to allow users to share their content from other social sites like Instagram, YouTube or Twitter directly to the Steem blockchain. This will not only allow new users an easy way of producing content but will also create a conversation point to spread awareness about the Steem blockchain.

Let's onboard 1000 more users with this generous 10k SP delegation via @share2steem. Slowly onboarding new users using s2s existing resources, s2s let new users create free steem account, 19 new accounts with 297 SP delegation to help them perform actions on steem chain.
Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 2.30.09 pm.png

s2s help users on popular social media transit to steem chain EASILY, just post like they normally do and add #share2steem.

@share2steem is a great Project bringing new People into steem

My nominations are:
And the one most important operation for me crowdwitness :) is to be excluded :) (all votes to crowdwitness to be transfered to @crowdmind :)

@actifit is awesome and if they implement with the big fitness trackers could be a huge win for steem.

I already know of a lot of worthy projects all of which are helping a vast number of people. Some of them have more power and some of them less. I think I will list those with less:

@steemitbloggers / #powerhousecreatives

Thanks for mentioning me Manol! :))

Thank you so much for nominating the @freewritehouse - and you got that right, we don't have much power but we use it as well as possible to support the community :)

Thanks for the c-squared nomination :)

I nominate @girlsfoundation !

Hello, @theycallmedan! This is an amazing support to the community, thank you.

In behalf of the travellers community I'd like to nominate @TravelFeed

On TravelFeed, we have been manually curating great travel content for over a year on a daily basis, that way distributing our Steem Power to those commited to high-quality content. Throughout hard work and passion for the Steem blockchain we managed to reunite over 1000 enthusiastic travellers and content creators, giving us a solid foundation to the development of our own Steem dApp.

On the current stage we are offering a new dApp for blogging on the Steem blockchain with the main focus to make content creation simple and easy, hoping to make it easier to new users to adopt. It's still under development, but tons of great ideas will come soon.

I'd like to invite everyone to visit our dApp and web page: https://travelfeed.io/

004Artboard_3 (1).jpg

Learn more about our travel project on Steemit by clicking on the banner above and join our community on Discord

I support @travelfeed! Travel blogging is very huge niche and with this in Steem it will attract more travel bloggers. And it's not just travel blogger but any traveler can now easily share their stories on the blockchain. The hardworking team of @travelfeed is doing a great job at strengthening this community and I hope they get a chance on this contest.

Just stopping by to say "hi"... I know you haven't logged in for a long time, but that doesn't mean we don't miss you. I hope you are doing well and I'm glad to see you have kept your Steem. One day if it goes up, you will be happy about it... Take care and I hope you come back every now and then and just say hi to your friends!

Yes! Travelfeed is awesome!

Travelfeed is one of the best ones out there encouraging travellers to be active on the blockchain! <3

Easy, @travelfeed would be my first choice! A T-Rex traveling the world can't survive without this community.

Amen to that @mrprofessor! @travelfeed would be my first choice to enter this poll.
Goodluck guys, will cross my fingers for all of you.

I support Travel feed too!

It's over already Gabs, we didn't make it.

Oh damn..I'm so sorry about that!! :(

@theycallmedan: great to see you offer this opportunity.
My nominations:

  1. @davinci.witness (because translations of (opensource) projects to reach the world is important.
  2. @oracle-d
  3. @crowdmind

And since I see people nominate more than 3 projects, I add:
Good luck to everyone!

Thank you kindly @misslasvegas! hehehehe

and... i hope to be seein' a Monkee of yers joinin' the @spunkeemonkee Treasure Hunt on Feb 1! ;)

-Monkee Capt'n Dreemie :)

Yes, we're definitely planning to! And I am sure you'll be sending me reminders lol ;) can it be a team effort or is it better to let them join each on their own? What do you think @dreemsteem?

Thanks for the nomination!

You're welcome!

There are so many awesome communities worth the delegations. I nominate the below:

@dcooperation, pioneered by @clixmoney who supports creators. And make collaboration and interview to invite ppl from YouTube to Dtube.

@onelovedtube pioneered by @d00k13 which support Dtubers and to have all successful together. Super loving and supportive fam.

@drisers pioneered by @steemersayu907 who support Dtubers and have training and advice for newbies on dtube.

@steemitbloggers pioneered by @jaynie (now knows as Powerhousecreatives)

@steemitmamas pioneered by @khimgoh who support mamas in the blockchain

@freewritehouse pioneered by @mariannewest who give relentless support to freewriters as well as the Latino community.

@teammalaysia pioneered by @bitrocker2020 who support Malaysians as well as behind the scene supporting steemxp and sndbox and etc.

@thealliance pioneered by @enginewitty which let the family sail together on the same boat and same tide, looking out for one another.

Many many awesome communities.

Thank you for the support my dear 💪

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Yay for the @freewritehouse, definitely <3 All these are wonderful communities, but this one is just so close to my heart!

Thank you for supporting the freewriters and the @freewritehouse!!

Would love to see @mariannewest get this too!!!! For @freewritehouse!

Thank you so much for your @steemitbloggers (aka - #powerhousecreatives) nomination @alimamasstory :)

Thanks a lot Jade for nominating us :) It's a great honor for us to be mentioned in here :)

Thanks sweetness, appreciate you looking out🤗

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Thank you so much for the nomination!! You are the best!!

Thank you for the nomination!

Es uno de los geniales proyectos para fomentar la escritura creativa, me refiero a @freewritehouse apoyo esta nominación.

Thank You for the Support!

I support you and all communities because I'm in most of them..

I second @steemitmamas!
Such a fabulous group!


Hello @theycallmedan, I would surely nominate and throw my support the group now known as @powerhousecreatives , formerly known as @steemitbloggers. I have been involved with the group now for about 5 months and I have seen first hand the amazing work the leaders and members have done to place this group very near the top when it comes to groups on the steem blockchain.
Thanks for your willingness and generosity with the 10K delegation to help a group out.

Thank you for the @steemitbloggers (aka - #powerhousecreatives) nomination @sultnpapper - MWAH!

Hi @theycallmedan !

At the start I want to thank you for that great initiative. There is a lot of reason why that initiative is super. It can make our community better. I also get to know a lot of project I don't know before your post.

I'm from Poland, and my posts are supported by one man, who makes a really much for Steem community, not only for the polish community. Now I'm saying about @fervi, who is with us nearly two years. He makes a lot of projects, and he is really respected in the polish community. His biggest project is @dgameshop. In dgameshop you can buy games for steem. It is excellent because if you don't wanna to exchange your steem to real money you can buy games directly for Steem.

I know, you can think "this is a next random person from strange country", but it isn't true. @fervi makes a lot of projects, which can make Steem better, but they need promotion. I think the best promotion will be that, his account will can make bigger upvotes, what makes author will post better posts.

@fervi :

  • makes @dgameshop where you can buy games for Steem with minimal fees. There is something more than Mario. You can buy here Assasin, GTA, and a lot of other games. His shop has about 100 games where you can take everyone for STEEM or SBD.

  • makes @dmusicshop where you can buy music. This shop works similar like @dgameshop

  • makes bot called @hellobot , who welcome new person on Steem. That bot also give him a lot of pieces of advice how to start on steem.

  • makes a game based on Steem blockchain. I said now about @steemnova .

  • makes @bitinfobot who help traders to trade on exchanges

  • makes @diosbot who support people by Wise.

  • makes dgamemarket, what use the architecture of @dgameshop , but here you can buy games and programmes from other steemians. Dgamemarket is part of @dgameshop .

    My vote is going to @dgameshop

    What is my case? It is simple. Big projects don't need that SP. You can really help to expand for that little projects like @dgameshop .

I also nominate @fervi and his @dgameshop!!! :)

Good choice. I think he is the best person for this prize. We must do something to award him.

Dgamemarket is great project i sold there a lot of my games for steem and bought few too Go @fervi!

Yeah! Dgamemarket is great. I wasn't tried selling games, but I buy here a lot. I love that.

I think so too 😁

Yes, Dgameshop is the best. All @fervi's projects are at the highest level. I think dgameshop should receive a delegation.

@fervi, for https://dgameland.com/ 's practical use case!

Vote for dgameshop/dgamemarket!

Dgameshop and dgamemarket can be the future of Steem ecommerce, I think it should be supported.

Dgameshop i awesome! Buy/sell games for steem - this is a future of Steem economy!

@gameshop! YEAH ! nominate

My vote goes here - I have used dGameShop many times.

My vote for @fervi. @dgameshop is the best choice! :)

SteemPlus (@steem-plus) could really use some extra delegations. We have over 3,200 users and upvote our users daily! Cheers!

@steem-plus is really an important project with enormous potential for the dissemination of content and for the optimization of the processes on the blockchain of Steem, a competent staff made up of friendly people who deserve attention.

The CooperFelix - Multiservices invites the users to take a look at the objectives of the project, hoping for your participation


The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden
The CooperFelix - Multiservices Project

Love using stem plus. It really improves the interface and also encourages activity by rewarding users for being active.

This is a very generous gesture! I would like to nominate our community account @homesteaderscoop; an ethical, international, steem community marketplace where mom & pop vendors sell handmade goods. https://homesteaderscoop

Our community is committed to ethics in commerce, sustainability, eco-consciousness, biodegradable, handmade. We are starting a slow e-commerce movement right here on the steem blockchain.

We reward our community members for their hard work, their ethics and their dedication to leaving a better planet to future generations. Our community account rewards our members with upvotes.

Our community blog (@homesteaderscoop) is run by our Contributors who receive a substantial portion of the blog payouts.

Unlike other marketplaces, our vendors are not charged listing fees, commissions or transaction fees.

Since we are a very new community and a new marketplace your delegation would go very far in helping us reach our goals of rewarding our community for their efforts.

You can learn more about our short term goals in our fundition proposal and get to know our mission in our introduction post.

Thank you for considering our ethical community marketplace for your delegation.

Homesteaders Co-op

A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD): https://homesteaderscoop.com

follow: @homesteaderscoop

I would like to nominate @homesteaderscoop.

I've been wishing for a long time that someone at Steemit would design a Marketplace where Steem and SBD could be used as payment for handmade artifacts and other creative works. I've seen a few attempts to do this ~ BUT NOTHING LIKE the structure that @sagescrub has now set up.

I'm also nominating @homesteaderscoop !!!

Agreed, @homesteaderscoop for the delegation.

I nominate @homesteaderscoop, a fantastic project which allows users of the Steem platform to use Steem currency to make purchases, in lieu of or along side USD if they wish.

Yes to @HomesteadersCoop! My comment in this thread:

My nomination is for @homesteaderscoop... The community is growing fast but needs a good push to kick-start other communities alike. Free Marketplaces that offer products in exchange for Steeem and SBD.

These markets play a big role in on-boarding new people to the Steem platform and the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a real form of exchange.

Congratulations for convening the community to make their decision.
Photography is the second most used tag in steemit and I think it needs support, therefore I nominate @phototalent.

This is a photography curation project in which I see quality, passion, effort, perseverance and impartiality, already with more than 100 reports.

Thank you for this opportunity to try to win a delegation for these amazing initiatives and communities!
I would like to cast my vote for:

@bananafish - A wonderful growing community of people who are dedicated to supporting solidarity, quality content through contests (both fiction and haiku) and an easy going attitude!

@crowdmind - This fantastic group supports crowdsourcing initiatives with interviews and daily manual curation of quality content and programs.

@freewritehouse - A terrific group that encourages fun and community involvement with a daily freewrite prompt and weekly contests.

@spunkeemonkee - This creative and fun program will change how families interact with both the internet and the blockchain.

@thealliance - A stupendous and welcoming family that wants everyone to shine in who they are and do what families do. Support each other.

@curie - This community strives each and every day to reward posts that bring quality to the blockchain.

I want to nominate @homesteaderscoop for the delegation, this amazing project has set up an online marketplace for people who are selling handmade sustainable products. The vendors are all members of steemit and you can but any of the products in steem. This project is really important in that it is helping to promote the steemit community and steem itself whilst also encouraging people to but more sustainable products. To me this is what the future looks like xx

I nominate @steemnurse

First of all, thank you so much for taking this awesome initiative for helping a project...

I belong to some good communities and involve in some good projects..

  1. At first i wanna mention @steemnurse , a community that belives in sharing and spreading love and helping other, they don't take delegation from members but their goal is to help everyone to grow. All post are manually curated so i think this community deserve delegation.

  2. @bdcommunity which is also an awesome community for everyone , this community have some good services for people and this delegation can help them a lot.

  3. @pifc a community which is also helping newbies plus people which run some meaningful contest.

  4. @spunkeemonkee , a treasure hunt project for kids and families... You should check that out..

Thank you...

@spunkeemonkee loved spending time with you and @blind-spot in Ukraine hehehehe thank you for the shout out and vote of confidence! :)


from the top of my head these are the first few I think really deserve a humongous boost. I'd be more than happy to see any one of these winning the delegation...I might add few more to the list pretty soon too

definitely @spunkeemonkee .... this project will be bringing families to the blockchain and empowering kids as they grow. Awesome project.

yayyyyyy for families! @spunkeemonkee - i hope it is like one of those slow-moving trains. Takes a bit to pick up steam steem , but once it gets started, there's no stopping it!!!! :) All aboard! :) hehehehe

This page is getting harder and harder to comment on hahahaha its starting to get loaded up with lots of data LOLOL thank you for the nomination !!!! My Monkees are still waiting for those bananas that you bribed them with hahahaha

I nominate @steemnurse. A new loving and supporting community. @KawaiiCrush @nathanmars

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Great initiative. Hard to pick projects I not only feel strongly about but that actually really need the delegation. My nominations:

Project: Military Veterans on Steem
@shadow3scalpel military veterans curation account.
@umvbot military veterans upvote bot curation account.
(Member list held on @chairborne)

Project: Spunkeemonkee
@spunkeemonkee is a treasure hunt project for kids.

I'll second this.

With both hands in the air to vote for @spunkeemonkee as it is a NEW project that has already been tested and proven to work.

& it is the first project/app on the Steem blockchain that is founded by a lady among us Steemians.
So all the power and luck to her on this one, fully love how she is trying to get "Family" involvement, from the youngest to the oldest in the household.

heheheh oh i like the sound of that! Lady Dreemsteem ;)

but beneath all those fancy lady clothes beats the heart of a MONKEE PIRATE!!!!

arghhhhhh we be comin' fer treasure! Me and my Monkees!!!!
@spunkeemonkee lives!!! hehehe

-Monkee Capt'n Dreemie! :)

Thank you @guiltyparties for the nomination!!!! :) @spunkeemonkee will be filled with happy monkees if we get this delegation!! hehehe

Two additional nominations to my first list:

  • @davinci.witness is managing tons of translations for open source projects - they are a witness but don't have a lot of name recognition even though they are working fulltime and making sure a lot of talented bilingual people on this blockchain are being rewarded on a daily basis and making sure cool projects get more visisibity thanks to readability in more languages. The delegation would be used to reward and motivate those working on the translation projects

  • @travelfeed is an amazing curation project - who doesn't love travel? I know the team doing the curation personally and I know their heart is in this project, but have never received the curation support some other projects have gotten in the past

Hi @theycallmedan,

First of all thanks a lot for initiating this epic contribution for boosting a group of people who are workin to improvise the blockchain

Well I would like to nominate @DRisers, It is a community which is solely dedicated for DTubers as well as Steemians, we work for the users of the entire platform and especially we focus on the new onboaders because we believe if we can uplift the newbies, they would help the entire platform grow mutually.

We also are workin on a number of projects and have some more that we're gonna implement very soon.

This is our video profile which contains some of our project and gives a figure of what DRisers is based upon and what we aim for.

Our Moderator - @blind-spot Founder - @steemersayu907

I really like the @steem-plus project, and have been following and watching developments closely. @stoodkev has been working tirelessly on the project, and delivering premium services for users to utilize with their Steem Plus Points, which are acquired through either purchasing with Steem/SBD, and just by utilizing the plugin itself.
I think @steem-plus shows much promise, and would be a good choice for increased support. Thank you.

Thanks for nominating us! =)

My nomination is for @homesteaderscoop... The community is growing fast but needs a good push to kick-start other communities alike. Free Marketplaces that offer products in exchange for Steeem and SBD.

These markets play a big role in on-boarding new people to the Steem platform and the adoption of cryptocurrencies aas a real form of exchange.

I nominate @partiko ... and a few votes for my weird contests and projects, haha ;-)
Big Plastic Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Well said, mate... especially for the votes! 😎
I love @partiko too! 😍

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I nominate @homesteaderscoop for the delegation. I'm happy to be a part of an online marketplace for home made and sustainable items that accepts STEEM, SBD, and USD.

@dsound has built an incredible musician community through dedicated, team-based manual curation and strong leadership in @prc ... a community that is currently hurting from the loss of a 1m sp Steemit Inc. delegation. As a musician it was my gateway to Steem and given they are currently doing everything they can to cultivate delegation and get back to work, I know they would greatly appreciate your contribution.

The gold standard for organically building a community around your dapp!!