My Musical Weekend - from hippie-ish FESTIVAL and Giegling to HOME and Kate Bush

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They say when growing older we become more nostalgic. Maybe that is true. But maybe it is just part of the whole truth. Maybe not for all!

When looking at myself - someone who lives already for more than four decades on planet earth - I still enjoy going to a good dance party from time to time. Like last weekend when the Giegling clan had a show at - maybe - our most hippie-ish outdoor club in the Netherlands, "Thuishaven". My best friend and I simply could not resist, the combination of Giegling and Thuishaven is pretty awesome!

From late afternoon - the moment we arrived - onwards we heard some great sets by Giegling members Edward, Dustin, Rafael Vogel (aka Leafar Legov) and Konstantin (the later two in formation 'Kettenkarussell').

After the daytime show ended at 23hrs, everybody was kicked out to prepare the venue for the after party with again the Giegling clan. Fortunately, we got a little special treatment and we were allowed to stay. With some drinks, and some not-to-be-repeated conversations with the others with a special treatment, we waited for the after party to start. An hour I think it took - I guess the time required by the government license - before we heard some tunes coming out of the speakers again.

Tunes, well, we were not sure what we heard. Nothing alike what we know from these Gielging guys. Several tracks further, we were not amused at all! It was just very boring. One of those sets you can expect from so many other artists, those who don't know better. But not from these guys! So we decided to leave and continue our night somewhere else were we had more influence on the music; At home!

From recorded sets by Peter van Hoesen, and Minilogue we went to albums by Zero 7 and at some point in time the very first album by Kate Bush was playing; The one with her first ever hit "Wuthering Heights", published in 1978 (damn: that is about 4 decades ago). I still remember very vividly when "Wuthering Heights" stormed the hit parades, a track I really really liked that time - and still do - and served as my introduction to Kate Bush. I was so pleased to hear the entire album "The Kick Inside" again, something I didn't listen to for a long time.

Call me nostalgic! :)

Are you?

Well, even when you are not nostalgic, the album "The Kick Inside" is a great one, and I challenge you to hit the play button below and have some fun, maybe even some goosebumps!

Artist: Kate Bush
Album: The Kick Inside
Year: 1978
Country: United Kingdom



The Saxophone Song
Strange Phenomena
The Man With The Child In His Eyes
Wuthering Heights
James And The Cold Gun
Feel It
Oh To Be In Love
L'Amour Looks Something Like You
Them Heavy People
Room For The Life
The Kick Inside







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I had to pause the new wave electro synth mix that I was listening to (I'm in my mid 30s, a kid from the 80s, after all), in order to give this a listen. Of course I've heard of and listened to Kate Bush before. I actually own a record of two of her. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring my records and record player along on my travels :>(

I couldn't help myself Giegling (English for giechelen), when I read your post. It's very interesting to hear someone slightly older than me talking about the kind of music that I don't know that much about.

By the way, I totally agree with you, that the best place to listen to music - or perhaps watch a movie - is at home, where you have and can make your own selection.

Alright, een hele fijne dag verder and thanks for sharing your story and this particular album of KB that I didn't know yet!

Owwww, quite a bit of great music from the 70s and 80s around! I dont listen too much to music of those times anymore, but from time to time I get triggered by other Steemians posting older music. And yeh, music at home has its good sides; Good music at some place with some great soundsystem is also something I like very much. This summer I'll be at Fusion festival in Germany again, they have many stages, all with pretty good sound, but there is this one stage, where the sound is SOOO good, I would even listen 'bad' music while sitting a 100 meters behind the speakers, in the morning when most people are sleeping. And I can repeat that 4 days in a row and looking forward to it already :)

Super you like Kate Bush! I think see is simply super!

Nice to hear that you're already looking forward to that festival in the summer. What you describe there sounds like a story in itself. Make sure to post about that ;>)

Have a great weekend!

Owww, I can probably create 10+ posts from a single edition of Fusion festival. It is adventures on top of adventures! :) I may indeed create some :)

She was a very very great talent! I got goosebumps too. Thanks for blogging such quality sounds @qsounds! Keep it on!

Thank you also! And yeh she certainly is a great artist!

Kate Bush is such an inspiring act. Being a woman having success doing your own thing. When I started people compared me to her, sometimes unfairly as I did not know her work. But I made the effort to check and was glad of the discovery. I like "The sensual world" and "moments of pleasure"

How nice when you being compared to quality artist! Yeh, I personally like 'moments of pleasure' a lot as well!

She's got such an interesting shrill voice! I could see myself unwinding to this at a friends apartment after a night out

It did it's job! :)

What a unique voice, I love it!!!!!!! I only recognize the song starting at 07:00, but will listen to more of hers now, thanks for sharing! :)

Yeh, it is the whole album, not all tracks made it to the top charts. I've included a link at the bottom of the post to one of her last albums, a very good one as well if I may say so.

I also have a bit of a guilty Kate Bush thing, especially Wuthering Heights. The opening piano breaks my heart open every time I hear it. And This Woman's Work can make me cry on cue. Embarrassing. : )

Kate has special forces! :)

mungkin saja benar mungkin saja tidak. karena itu semua tergantung pada masa tua kita masing masing

Right! Hmm. Not sure what you are saying. I don't speak your language unfortunately.

Wow.... nice music.....i like your story......
Thanks for sharing your amazing music.......

You're Welcome