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A couple of years ago I met these guys from Giegling for the first time. Well... 'met' in a figure of speech. They are this collective of DJs who regularly take over a whole night in a club or run a stage at a festival from start to finish. At Fusion festival (Germany) they took over my most favourite stage Tanzwüste) for a considerable time, 10 or 12 hours as far as I can remember correctly.

They started sometime in the middle of the night. But we decided to have some sleep and get the Giegling clan playing with our hearing senses as an early breakfast. And I think we made it just in time; The sun was about to come around the corner, and DJ Dustin took over the wheels. We were told Dustin was the one to have a go at. We decided to station ourself not to far away from the stage and massive speaker sets - speakers that brought the absolute best sound I've ever heard in my whole live into the field and our ears.

Not for long - we figured out - we hit the jackpot! We were so pleased with what we were hearing, a beautiful house set (HOUSE as it should be) playing such wonderfully with our hearing senses, we immediately declared this to be one of the best sets of the 5 day festival (and we still had a couple of days to go and guys like Petar Dundov (here) and Voiski (here) still had to play, but we already reserved spots for them in our 'most loved sets' book).

Dustin's Fusion festival set was never recorded as far as I know, therefore I share with you another set. It is a bit harder than the one in Germany, but it gives a good impressions of what this guy can do.

I suggest to play the music over a good sound system, or get some quality headphones out and start the flight.

Artist: DJ Dustin
Set: Finest Morning
Year: 2014
Country: Germany

Chill / NJOY






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Giegling Label

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nice & chilled house mix !
good to see this kind of music on steemit.

Thank you and glad you like it! DJ Dustin is one of my favourite House DJs; He is also quite diverse!

Recently I was in one of our clubs in Amsterdam (De School) were he played "Such a Shame" by Talk Talk (one of my most favourite bands ever) when I entered the room and a couple of hours later into his set he was playing Techno. In between lots of other music and genres like House and Tech House. He combined all this music in such a great way, his set never became dull, it never bored, it always was dynamic but also in harmony; A great quality not so many performing artist have in when DJing and mixing such a wide spectrum of genres in a single show.

Cool story, bro!
Always enjoy your posts!

Thanks for your support

Now I see what kinda music you like :)

From only this post? :)

yup just heard only this tune

check the rest if you like and have time :) It is quite diverse in genres, but two elements are the constant factors and that is none-mainstream (mostly) and what I personally perceive as quality.

ok... I think I should give it a try

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