Kate Bush - Simply A M A Z I N G ! ! ! !

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Kate Bush. I remember her as if it was yesterday when I heard her for the first time. It was on the Dutch Top Pop music show on television. And it was with her song "Wuthering Heights" that got to the top of many hit lists in many countries. I simply loved her special voice! Some compared her with a witch, I guess because of her voice and maybe the video clip, I don't know. To me, a star was born! 1978. Such a great year :)

Kate never was overly productive - I don't mean this in any bad way at all - releasing an new album every 2 or 3 years, resulting in something like 12 to 15 albums in total, depending on how you count. In 2005 she released a double album "Aerial" that I really LOVE. This album I still play quite often, and always when I play it, my memories wander of to my childhood, end of the 70s. Luckily (mostly) positive memories :)

  • Artist: Kate Bush
  • Set: Aerial
  • Style: Art Rock / Pop
  • Year: 2005

I simply advice: Press both Play Buttons below

Sequentially :)

Kate Bush - A Sea Of Honey (2005)


King Of The Mountain
Mrs. Bartolozzi
How To Be Invisible
A Coral Room

Kate Bush - A Sky Of Honey (2005)


An Architect's Dream
The Painter's Link
Aerial Tal
Somewhere In Between

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Great artist. I remember seeing her on MTV. Babooshka.

It wasn´t what we used to listen to, thats for sure But there was something with her voice and the dancing that made us listen to it. Great artist!

Absolutely a great artist! :) Thank you for your comment and appreciation.


I remember :)

I love her too. Her voice is truely unique.

The man with the child in his eyes...

Indeed, unique

Very amazing