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Leafar Legov I first heard in the Panorama Bar in Berlin. As you may know, Panorama Bar is the club room upstairs in the Berghain, the Techno temple of Berlin, well, maybe the Techno temple of the Universe.

A couple of years ago when we were in Berlin and planned our Sunday morning and afternoon in the Berghain, we decided to go to the Panorama Bar the Friday before, since we discovered the Giegling clan playing there that night. Names like Edward and DJ Dustin were on the line-up and we did want to hear them in our most beloved club in the world. After these guys, a duo 'Kettenkarussell' started their live set. WOW! What we heard! Simply WOW! The combination of Giegling's leader Konstantin and Leafar Legov resulted in a great tech house-ish adventure.

Interestingly Leafar Legov is more a house artists, as he says himself. And true, although I heard him in clubs and on festivals only as Kettenkarussell, this guy has some really great solo set recordings on Soundcloud. He calls it house, but it is a mix between ambient, abstract, (deep) house and tech house. Done so Beautifully; I would travel distances to hear him perform at a cool club. Until then, I enjoy his recordings available on the internet. One of them - I think - is perfect for the this Sunday morning and early afternoon.

Artist: Leafar Legov
Set: RA.514
Year: 2016
Country: Germany


Leafar Legov - RA.514 (2016)






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How could I steem without your Great sounds everyday 🙏🙏🙏

Just hit the play button and enjoy while you are going through your Sunday afternoon! :)

awesome sound, love it :) check out my post about the electronic music scene in Nepal, i think you will like it.

hah, I see you already did ;)

Glad you like the recording.

I've been visiting your Sine Festival already before with my maim account @edje. This account is my music album/track/set posting account. I wanted to build a DB of music I really like, and didn't want it to be mixed with all sort of other topics. Although I post about music on my other account as well :)

I love your Circus post! Some super photographs!

I just figured it out, shortly after commenting, I think it is a super nice idea. I love to get served hand-picked gems :) thanks a lot

You're most welcome :)

A beauty of an intro... tuning in for the full set :)

If you like the intro, then you are in for the whole ride, I'm pretty sure! NJOY.