Introducing The Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame – Are YOU up for it?

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The majority of new people that start on Steemit start with delegated power.  Just enough so they can make transactions on the block.  These accounts with very little power are know as Redfish, whereas accounts with a lot of STEEM Power are known as whales.

Redfish have a lot of things to deal with when they start on Steemit.  First there is the learning curve, even the terminology of Redfish and Whales is new to some, let along getting your head around STEEM, STEEM Power, SBD and Vests.  And that’s all before trying to understand what is and is not acceptable, let alone creating and curating content.

Redfish have Steem Power of less than 500.  After this you then become known as a Minnow.  It’s a huge challenge and milestone for many to reach that 500 Steem Power mark.  It can be hard to stay consistent, learn and work under the current bloodbath of the crypto prices.  But this is the perfect time for redfish, and everyone else to accumulate and grow their Steem Power Holding.

One of the challenges I have found is changing the mindset of many redfish from short term thinking about their activity and earnings on steemit to a longer-term plan.   It’s in everyone’s favour for people to grow their SP.  Some of the personal benefits include:

• Higher SP = higher vote value

• Higher vote value = you can reach more people

• Higher SP = more people interested in networking with you

• Higher SP = proof of long term vision

• Higher SP = greater chance of support from larger accounts

Introducing The Redfish Power Up League and Wall of Fame

To help redfish reach their milestone allow me introduce The Redfish Power Up League and Wall of Fame

The aim of this challenge is to grow your own SP to 500. The challenge is to come top of the leader board and then graduate and be place on the Redfish Graduates Wall of Fame. Every Week I will post a leader board like the sample below.  


When a Redfish joins the league the owned STEEM Power(SP) on date of joining will be recorded.  Every week I will then capture the current owned SP and calculate the % increase to date.  The final column in the table is what will rank people.  This is the average weekly % increase in SP and is calculated by taking the % increase since joining the league (% increase to date) and dividing it by the number of weeks the participant has been in the league.

This initiative is aimed at helping Redfish grow their accounts which in the long run will help the Steemit platform. I hope this will compliment other Redfish initiatives as I know there are many others also helping in this space.

The Wall of Fame

Once you become a Minnow your success will be celebrated and you will be removed from the Redfish weekly leader board and added to the Wall of Fame when you graduated.  All Wall of Fame minnows will be given Steembasicincome units as a graduation prize.


Why you should enter

For the fun.  To meet new people.  To engage with others, you would not normally have the chance to engage with.  For the healthy competition. To watch your growth and give motivation.  To be seen on the Wall of Fame.  To win steembasicincome units.

How to enter and rules

To enter the Redfish Power Up League all you have to do is comment in any of the Redfish Power Up League posts saying you want to be included and the following week I will add you to the data.  Its opt in only and those will remain unless they asked to be removed.

To enter you must (edit) have total holding SP (owned and delegated in and out)  have a total of less than 400 owned SP – I know that redfish have an SP of less than 500 however it would be too easy to make it to the Wall of Fame if I allowed entrants start with a higher SP than 400.  

There are two ways to increase your SP.  Power up STEEM or get delegation.  Delegated SP will be excluded and we will be working from owned SP values only.  I will be using Steemsql to gather the data.

These rules are not fixed and may change over time,  Your feedback is welcome

How to earn STEEM to Power UP

I mentioned above that only owned SP will be included.  To own SP you must power up STEEM.  STEEM can be earned from posting, trading earned SBD on the internal or external markets, in contests and even by purchasing STEEM on the open market and transferring to Steemit and powering up.  

How you can help

Please resteem this post.  That’s the easiest way everyone can help.  It will help us reach more people and grow steemit together.

We all have to start somewhere and I will be funding the Wall of Fame myself.  All upvotes will count and go towards the prizes.  You could also help by sponsoring a Steembasicincome unit spot on the Wall of Fame, please contact me on discord if you would like to be a sponsor.

Shameless Promotion

@steemcommunity is a witness project from myself and @abh12345.  There are many good witnesses out there and doing your research is important. I hope you will take the time to read our witness introduction post and consider us as one of your steemit witnesses


Since the price is low, it’s a great time to powerup

I would love to join the league ! Great idea by the way, anything to improve retention is most welcomed. 378 SP, almost didn't make the cut. I won't be here for long...

I will sponsor a spot (1 SBI) on the Wall of Fame (algo.coder #7160 on Discord), maybe not every week, but at least to increase the prize pool on this first edition.

you are now included in the league and thank you so much for the sponsorship to help kick this off. I will contact you on discord. Oh Im excited now. :-)

Thanks ! No problem, I'm looking forward to see the first results...
Waiting for contact...

Well, I think that I'll give to this challenge a shot. I want to be included. So, add me @paulag to The Redfish Power Up League and Wall of Fame data. Certainly I want to sweep under my own red carpet as many Steembasicincome units as I can afford.

¿Why I'm doing this? YES! For the fun. To meet new people & to engage with others I wouldn't normally have the chance to engage with.

But above all, I'm doing this only to drive you Nuts witnessing how painfully /ˈsləɡiSH, lethargic, drowsy & lumpish will be my meteoric career to come to the top of the leader board and then graduate reaching my place on the Redfish Graduates Wall of Fame. :p

Oh! yeah, of course I have my own infallible strategy for this.

¡Repeat after me!

Sure thing babe. I've resteemed this post to help us reach more people and grow steemit together. :)

I love this reply. - so what is your strategy ( I only speak English and can not understand the video lol)

I have added your name to the list

Thank you babe!! :)

And solely because you loved my reply, I'm gonna please you by revealing my Machiavellian strategy to drive you nuts in your own tongue. };)

However, I think the original 'spanish' version was a LOT funnier. :o)

:) Actually I think she needs to meditate more than eat twistos lol.

Ah! C'mon @petervroom. She is a smart girl. She can do both 'tasks' simultaneously wonderfully well!! }:)

lol thank you for finding the english version - your effort gets a vote


Upvoted (by @rycharde), resteemed (by @accelerator) and has been added to the latest MAP Upvotes post.

= Quality Content Creators can request to join MAP = see the Benefits = Free Membership =

as always, thank you!

Not a redfish, but happy to see an initiative like this @paulag! Steemit's retention issue is best addressed by creating enthusiasm among those just starting out.

Resteeming for more visibility.

Since this is a program for redfish powering up, they need every cent that comes their way, including no lost value when they vote for each other. Would you be interested in something like I sponsor three @dustsweeper basic memberships (1 SBD each; gives them $2.00 worth up upvotes to lift rewarded posts/comments past the $0.02 dust threshold) per week?

Denmarkguy#4747 on Discord.

thank you so much for the resteem and the offer of sponsor @dustsweeper basic membership. I will contact you on discord later today. So awesome. thank you again.

I want to be include to this awesome league @paulag, this is big opportunity for me and everyone, thanks for this one

you are most welcome

Thanks for the initiative, sign me up please!

For feedback, this might be difficult or impossible to track, but I'd consider excluding straight purchases of SP, because then it could become a measure of who is the richest and simply invests in Steem. This seems slightly different than the spirit of the league, which (I assume) wants to encourage growth in quality content and networking. Conversion of earned SBD or Steem earned though participation on the platform is fine - accounting for purchases makes gives it a slightly different vibe. Again, understand that this may be difficult to track! :)

Hi, @eoj,

I believe the Steemians who understand how progress is made on Steemit and the value of powering up are probably already investing whatever fiat they want to or have to spare to buy SP. If they've been doing it consistently and long enough they probably are past the 400 SP eligibility for this League.

Peeps who have some cash saved or invested and willing to pull it, can just buy 500 SP upfront (or more) to reap the benefits @paulag outlined accrue to those who become minnows.

So I don't think it would be fair to leave out Steemians who want to invest their own fiat but who don't have enough to buy 400-500 or more SP straight away.

If we do that, and leave only earned rewards to be the way to increase stake in Steemit, that would send a wrong signal, I feel. Investing in Steem AND Steemit is good. Many of those who are successful here have not only invested time and energy but also some of their own fiat too.

Also, leaving it to just earned rewards would probably mean it would take a super long time for many to reach 400 SP and Paula would have to wait that long to have any graduates at all.

I think the MAIN benefit of this initiative is to get plankton/redfish in to the mindset of being serious about wanting to increase their stake in Steemit via increased SP.

The League will be a constant source of inspiration to help develop and execute a workable strategy for participants to get their SP stake in Steemit up to that major basic main goal of 500 SP... whatever way is best for each person.

Increasing earned rewards is a given but investing fiat should not be left out as an additional, complementary method. Indeed, seeing some participants doing this may increase the motivation for others to find a way to earn and invest fiat IN Steem also, resulting in higher stake, quicker and graduating from the 500 SP League faster. Then maybe Paula will have a Dolphin League for us to graduate to. ;)

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Hi @angelacs - thanks for the thoughtful reply! I agree: if the intent of the league is to simply get up to 500 SP quick, then purchases should definitely be included. Thanks for clarifying @paulag's intent.

I suppose there's a few ways of looking at Steemit: as an investment vehicle, as a social media/blog platform, some sort of hybrid, or something else. It probably depends much on what drew you to Steemit in the first place and what you expect out of it. Personally, I was attracted to Steemit by the possibility of building something from nothing though hard work and quality posts, as per the Steemit tagline:

"Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!"

That's what drew me here: the possibility that quality posts will be rewarded and with hard work I would succeed in the platform. And while there would be time invested, this could be possible at no cost. If I was good. And patient :)

Now that I'm here, I'm aware there's a lot more going on ;) Flag wars, bit bots, spammers, opportunists, etc. But I remain on the platform because at the end of the day I'm hopeful that quality content will win the day, and that authors and curators will be rewarded for it. I guess we'll see. I'm patient and I'm in it for the long haul. I'll be here for years and I'm planning on converting all earned SBD and Steem to SP to grow my account to have more influence and be able to help beginners, maybe run some contests or leagues of my own in the future :)

Sure, I can plop down 500 SP at any time, but for me, because of how I see the platform, that wouldn't be as interesting of a story as growing organically. I don't believe buying SP equates with more commitment or buy-in to the platform. I think there's a strong counter argument that those who wish to thrive mostly through content creation or curation are adding more value to the platform as a whole than those who simply buy in. But I suspect most folks fall somewhere in the middle. I suppose we can ask - I wonder how many people have used fiat to purchase SP vs. how many have never done so?

I'm also filtering by my life experience: I've lived most of my adult life outside of my home country doing humanitarian work in desperately poor countries. One of the most exciting possibilities of a platform like Steemit is that in theory those with little to no resources can begin to better their lives. I just read that 50% of the world's population now have access to the internet. If they're on the internet, they can have a Steemit account and theoretically open another income stream to help themselves, their families, and their communities. Even if this takes years to happen, the mere possibilities these days give me hope. Exciting times!

Anyway, thanks again for the comment! It's a good discussion and always interesting to see how others experience Steemit!



Sure I'll be happy to join. Me and my massive 2 native SP. :)

awesome - welcome on board.

I will be joining. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

Upvoted and resteemed.


Very good, man.

Join also SteemCommunity on Discord here. 😎

Thank you d discord link.

It's okay, man.

I have added you to the legaue - cant wait to see you grow :-)

I'm on Steemit for 10 months now (and a follower of yours due to a recommendation some weeks ago). Only the last month saw me getting rewarded with STEEM (not just SBD and SP) which gives me the chance to power up regularly (by small amounts but who cares?).

According to your classification I still count as a Redfish which could be translated to: bloody beginner. Well, I may be, kind of. But in fact I think the months between october 2017 and march/april 2018 have been a hard time for anybody on the platform.

I'm at 58 SP as of now (right now, I just powered up with the latest rewards before finishing the comment), 400 or 500 is so much out of reach for me that actually the thought of having to achieve this makes me upset. (Which is the main reason I'm commenting.) I have lived with a small delegation for nearly 4 months, covering the time between having nearly 20 SP and about 45 SP of my own (I don't remember the exact numbers, it might have started at 15 SP too and ended at about 30.) However, the cut-off for a voting value of 0.01 was slightly above 30 back then. Now (due to the exchange rate ?) it's somewhere above 100 SP I guess.

I don't want to compete. And it makes me sad to be called for competition by a user I appreciated for her specific content.

P.S.: There is no user account @steemcommunty - please check the spelling. ;)

thank you for your feedback. Small amounts all add up so you are right, who cares.

"According to your classification I still count as a Redfish which could be translated to: bloody beginner"
Not always the case. This classification was not created by me but here on steemit before I started. I know plenty of redfish that are by no means beginners.

500 can seem a long way off for many, I remember feeling that way only a year ago.

This is all just a bit of fun, with some rewards added. I did not 'call' you, although this post must have landed in your feed? as I said, it is opt in so there is no reason to be sad as you do not have to take part .

Updated the spelling error, thanks :-)

Do I qualify to enter? I do have less than 400SP myself but do have a rather big delegation!

after reading the feedback and talking to some on discord, I am just about to update the post with a rule change. accounts with Owned SP of less than 400 can join regardless of delegated power. Do you want in?

Am I entire for it? 😆 I will help to resteem it too. Thanks for the initiative @paulag!

thanks for the resteem, it helps. I have also added your name - best of luck

Awesome! Thanks for the entry.

What a great initiative @paulag! It's so important to grow the "base" here, so what you are doing is awesome! And to continually send the message to "power up" is such an important one too! Thanks for doing this :) I'm at 300 SP of my own, but thanks to 4 different delegations, I'm just at the 700 mark. I am however working towards continually important...maybe one day we'll even have a middle class here :)

You can Definitely do it Lynn!!

Thanks buddy! I know I can with support like that :)

after listening to the feedback I am changing the rules so that accounts with owned SP only of under 400 can join - do you want in?

Well then Yes, of course, I'm in!! Thank you @paulag :)

Please add me to this league. It will help me keep track of my growth.

I have added your name - welcome to the league. I hope we can all have some fun while growing

Awesome. Thankyou :)

Interesting... Atlest the competition will motivate me to power up more... i am interested...

I would like to join the league. Great initiative.

sure thing, I have added your name, the first league post will be out next week and every week after

This seems pretty cool. I want to be a part of this.

Is this comment good enough to be initiated here?

i will gladly join this

I knew I could count on you. Thanks @tfq86

Great! I am excited already. I will be joining this moving train. Thank you for the opportunity to grow.

Welcome and good luck, sis.
Join also SteemCommunity on Discord: ... 😊😊

Great! Thank you friend

awesome. The more the merrier. This is going to rock

I will enter, thanks @paulag!

wowwhooooo glad to have you on board. lets have some fun :)

Hmmm I don't think it would hurt to join. Can we drop out of it too just in case? Or are we members forever until we get past 500SP? 😁😁😁

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of course you can drop out

Cool. I'd like to join then. 😁

you are in. Thanks for joining

Wow, that's nice of you to hold this... uhm, I can't say "challenge", hahaha.
It's nice of you, @paulag! :D

Could you include me in this "Redfish Power Up League," please?

Thanks a lot for your help! :)

Of course I can add you. Welcome on board. I hope we all have fun growing together and use this to make new friends and meet new people

I am no longer eligible to join but will have this resteemed and sent to some of my local communities.

With the bear market down we need all the motivation we can get :)

This contest has been placed in the Steemgigs Contest Channel which has over 5000 members and will be presented in a compilation post on the weekly Talk with Terry Show every Sunday 12:00 AM Manila Time.
I will endeavor to join all contests left there or at least make a small upvote and add on the compilation post.

Steemgigs Contest Channel link

wow thank you so much for your support. We sure do need all the motivation we can get

Fantastic idea to get some motivation for new users. Kudos to ya! Resteemed!

thank you for the resteem - the more that see the post the better.

Your welcome!

please add me in!

I have added your name - welcome to the gang

This is a good idea and way for redfish to engage
I am a redfish with 360 SP. I have a delegation so that rules me out

I am thinking of changing this rule, stay tuned. It would be a pity for people not to be able to join because they won delegated power!

I hope you do because no matter what they are a redfish and the important thing is for that group to power up and any help in engaging or being part of a community is important

I am hoping to cover my 160 SP by next week, fingers crossed depending on cost, and your redfish league is super

hehehe I have updated the post, so do you want in?

but I have plans in a couple days to leave redfish statues. If it goes well LOL. you never know when something doesn't work out
so yes

with my native 4 SP and 41 reputation, i am like a strongest contender here lol.
Sign me up.

you have been signed up - great stuff - this is going to be so much fun

yes indeed! A strong contender for the last place.

Thanks for the laugh, @cave-man!!!! ;)

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All the best for this wonderful initiative and you can add my name in the list. As you said there is no shortcuts and I can say I am trying my bit to reach the target though engagements. But though I am not sure what is the succas rate weekly and hope this wiill help.

And I have only one concern that when there are so many people in this league how to get an information when they will post new blogs and when they comment.

Thanks for this initiative and stay blessed

with this we only need data on power up, which I will be getting from STEEMSQL.

Posting and commenting and general engagement, if you are interested are covered on the leagues of excellence. Do check out the posts on @abh12345 account for a general league and my account for those that curate/post to the indonesian region tags

Thaaaanks for the information...I am already in @abh12345 league for 3 weeks...Is yours is same like it or different...Sorry I am very poor in such statistics so hope you don't mind if my questions seems out of bounds...

you are better to ask the questions than not ask :-)

Hahaha... I loved the reply...Maam

The league needs a super geek like me, sign me up lol
If anyone reading these comments like pokemon/pokemon go or even card games you can join me in the fun on my blog, Ive been posting my progress in pokemon go as I have rejoined the geek fad for the 3rd time since its release, I hope to get some more followers of course & upvotes on current posts would be nice.

I also need suggestions of what to post about, Im open for almost anything but my think tank is currently on full drain to my current pet project which is Im a part of a team writing for the steem monsters official 1500 sbd fantasy writing contest If you suggest an idea keep it closer to home with a geeky one please lol...i will try (almost)anything though!!

I have added you to the list.

So you are a pokemon go fan. I do remember reading somewhere that there was a blockchain type pokemon go coming out. Thanks for the reminder, I must do a google check to see if its realease. I don't even remember the name. Do you know? Wouldn't it be awesome to have a pokemongo on the steem blockchain

I am currently the only Pokemon GO player to semi frequently post lol. I had not heard of it, I know someone had created a game boy Pokemon style game that cost satoshi to play, I looked it up & are you talking about the Chinese chain game “Let’s Hunt Monsters.” was released in china in may or "crypto hunt"? i found a mention of October this year...

I am in. This should be fun.

cool - one step at a time we can all become minnows

Ok, sign me up.
I struggle as a content creator, I'm giving it a shot. Hopefully, my crappy posts will be less crappy by the time I learn enough to hit 500sp.
I think I just made a funny... which will be good when I learn enough to earn something on here.

steemit is not easy and as I said there is so much to learn. Its not only about your posts, but your personality and interaction on other peoples posts. It takes time. And we can all work together

Great iniative!
I will follow the developments.
Curious to see how many red-fish will join?
And also how many of them will become dead-fishes?

so far there are 33 signed up. I think people that want to grow and want to power up are less likely to become dead fish. Hopefully this will add a little motivation.

Thank you for posting well, I read and liked your writing

I hope you like it. Thanks

How do i joib the redfish, i guess i didnt get a link ......and after joining , what am i required to do?

to enter you just have to tell me here you want in. After joining I will post the league and wall of fame here on steemit , so you just have to follow me and keep an eye on your feed. the league details are in the post above, so its about powering up your SBD and STEEM to Steem power

Thank you @paulag and im interested,

fab, you name has been added

Been on the platform for almost six months and our target has always been 500 SP and then we would be happy with anything extra. Why 500 SP? It is because of the voting slider. Therefore, we can vote more often for less voting power - spread the love to more accounts. We have 283 SP, so just over half way to go, so we'll be happy to join in (if we can) :D

Do you know I actually forgot about the slider. Good reason to want 500SP. I did hear before that some of the other apps have the slider before 500 but i am not sure which ones.

I have added your name to the list

Yes, ChainBB allows you to adjust how much you want to give without having 500 SP, but it's not our favourite interface at all.

Thanks for the add! :D

Condensers like and has a setting to enable a slider even if you don't have one yet since less than 500 SP.

The Esteem app also does that.

Although to be honest it makes sense to only have the slider at 500 SP especially with the bear market where value of the upVote is so less. Mine is at 50% of what it used to be. My 10% upVote now is just 0.01cents when before it would be at least 0.03 cents.

yes votes are worth a lot less at the moment and people do need to consider when they have low steem power, do they upvote as much as possible adding no rewards, or do they just upvote their favorite content giving a reward.

It seems people do that because on two posts where I talked about the dust threshold and the dustsweeper initiative people said that it is fine with them if their upvote on a comment is lost as dust because it is the thought that counts in rewarding comments on post.

I'd rather be pragmatic and if I have low SP I would go to a post of the person that left a great comment and upvote a post that I like and leave an equally good comment. Who knows I miight even get a follower if we build enough rapport.

I am very careful with my voting power and try to be above 70% so that my vote would have value. My way of thinking is not because I am selfish with my votes but rather I want to reward good content.

I usually have Steemnow or Steemdb up so sometimes I see people that have 15 SP and upvoting me with 15% voting weight, so they won't be getting any curation rewards. They also have a habit of running their Voting power ragged with it being in the 20-30% which I was also guilty when I was starting.

When I do give them advice about voting weight and power some take it, some dont.

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I would love to join. I joined last month in May and have less than 0.2 steem power. I am having fun though and have found some other steemits interested in origami. I also love the abundance of truly beautiful photography.

I am glad to hear you are having fun, and if you can earn rewards along then way then even better. I have added your name to the list

Hi, i would like to join!

and like magic you name has been added, welcome on board

I want to be part of the league. This is so fun :) @paulag.

you are in. one step at a time and everyone here will become minnows

By the way, for the knowledge wise as I am quite on blur on certain thing and don't know who to ask, if I am also for #nobidbot, does purchasing upvote from smartsteem consider as a bidbot. Or it is an a way to power up SP? Smartsteem is an trading market and not a bidbot right?

I would like to join the redfish team,am just hearing this for the first time since I join steemit like a month ago,pls how do I join the redfish,need more enlightenment on this

you are in. Keep an eye on my account for the weekly post to see how you are doing. I will gather data each week to compile the league and it is based on increasing your STEEM Power. That means POWER UP

This is great! I defiantly need to join. I am only at 42 SP right now so have a very long way to go. I think us little guys need any opportunity to stay motivated.
Thanks for this one

if you really want motivation I can get a wip? Lol only messing. I hope we can all have a little fun while doing this, welcome on board

Lol you better go back for the h in whip. I think I'm going to like this league. I had to be away for family stuff and fell way behind. Thanks for taking time to do this.

I think this is a wonderful gift that you have to help others @paulag and all that I can say is that I remember how tough it was at the beginning. We couldn't have grown without your help! Bravo with this great new "Red Fish" adventure! Blessings!

thanks @papilloncharity - lets grow Minnows :-)

I’d love to join. Need some motivation to keep steeming.

Also, how do I resteem?

To the left of the reply button for the post there is a weird enter like arrow. Press to resteem.

welcome on board. To resteem, just under the post before the comments, right beside the button to reply/comment is the resteem button, its an arrow. Do you see it?

Ma'am. Still room for my name? 😀

there will always be room for more - welcome on board :-)

Feels so good to be the early mouse. 😐 Hmm. Thanks, Ma'am.

I would like to join this. Sounds like fun I think that more users with higher SP would make steem a better place. As us minnows pay more attention to the little guys.

Have a way to see how you are stacking up against others to see how your progress is vs their is fun IMO. think that many can benefit from seeing their progress tracked.

I do hope it will also add a bit of fun and allow new people meet each other that have common goals

I love Steemit, and you are a motivator for me.
I want to include this awesome @paulag League, this is a great opportunity for me and everyone, hopefully I'm lucky
Thanks for this @paulag

upvote and resteem

wohoooooo welcome onboard

Thanks you very much @paulag

#Steemit is the best

This sounds great. I would like to join this. Can I, can I? Please?

of course you can join, the more the merrier. welcome on board. Cant wait to see you grow

Nice. Thanks for the warm welcome!


Good idea @paulag - a nice bit of gamification I would have liked to have joined something like this back in Jan! You could have a whole cohort of redfish graduating school together and supporting one another!

Thank you so much for the positive feedback @cryptocurator

Great idea. Mind if I send you my Cheetah appeal graduates?

if you think they want to grow their accounts and power up feel free to send them over. Thank you for the support :-)

Hi @paulag, I would love to join the league. Because fun, because motivate myself seeing some data, because yes!

Your way to write and teach was awesome, i feel all the redfish trouble things, and make me wanna dream in long-term. Thx so much for this initiative, i will vote to @steemcommunity witnness.

Thank you for the support for @steemcommunity, as a new witness all of the votes for us count.

I have added you to the league - best of luck - now lets go have some fun

I'd like to join! This will help motivate me to meet monthly SP goals that I can set for myself. Thanks for the idea!

you are most welcome, glad you stopped by. I have added you to the league, keep an eye out for next weeks post

I want to join. I am @Uyobong. Thank you for this great opportunity.

and just like that, your name has been added.....

Hi Paula, cool initiative. Interesting to see how this will progress..

thank you, all I can do is try. There are so many new people joining steemit - I do hope this adds some value.

@paulag thanks for trying to make this a better place ;)

I would love to join your league @paulag! I'm already part of Asher's curation and engagement leagues, so this will be awesome. I have already voted for your witness.

I have a couple of delegations that currently make me a minnow "in name only," as my own SP is around 60 — but I plan to keep powering up!

Resteeming this for additional visbility!


maybe we should change the name to whales in the making :-)

I have added your name, welcome to the league. lets have some fun

@paulag, i think it ll help to newbies like me on steemit platform

are you putting your name down then?

m late i think............. not opening

I would love to join the redfish. I currently have less than 80sp so still still have a long, long way to go.

I have now added your name. Cool. welcome on board

Good Luck everyone!! Let's get Powered Up!!!

mrs @paulag, i am I entire for it, I think the contest makes steemian will be more active.😙

awesome glad to have you on board. let go have some fun

Thank you mrs @paulag😙😙

Can I join? My current SP is only at 51 for now. I would like to join in too.

of course you can join, I have added your name to the list

Thanks. Will I be able to check on the list? And how?

every week on a Wednesday I will run a report to gather the data and then publish a post with the league data

Thanks for the quick response.

I would like to join the Redfish Power up league please! I have been turning most of the sbd I earn into steem and powering up, but it has definitely been slow going lol.

its gets faster as you grow. The power of compounding.
I have added your name and I look forward to watching you grow

Awesome, thanks! I will be interesting to be able to follow mine and others progress. :)

Seems like a good thing. We'd like to join the league if that's okay.

Once we get to the point that we can do so reliably, we'd also like to help sponsor the Wall of Fame.

glad to have you on board. I have added your name. Looks like its going to be very interesting, loads of people joining in.

If and when you can sponsor, please do contact me, but there is no pressure. The league post will be out every Wednesday. Hope you will come over and see how you are doing.

My SP is not encouraging at all. I will love to join the league.

your wish is my command, I have added your name. The first league table will be out on wed. best of luck

I want to join your suggestion, but not much understand because my english is poor and my steem dont much, Please supporting us as new comer.

I have added your name, welcome to the league

I love this idea @paula . I’d almost wish i was a redfish again, so I could join ;0)

I’m pretty sure this will be an awesome way to give a little extra motivation to people, just like the curation and engagement leagues do.

I’ll be happy to sponsor a couple of SBI shares or Dustsweeper accounts.
Discord: #simplymike5957

I’ll be happy to sponsor a couple of SBI shares or Dustsweeper accounts.
Discord: #simplymike5957

really cool. I will contact you on discord later. thank you for your kindness

awesome idea!!! i love to see more and more initiatives like this! i hope my starfish who i'm boosting to get to 500 SP @jackdub and @goldenoakfarm will take a look at this <3