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RE: Introducing The Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame – Are YOU up for it?

in #nobidbot2 years ago

Well, I think that I'll give to this challenge a shot. I want to be included. So, add me @paulag to The Redfish Power Up League and Wall of Fame data. Certainly I want to sweep under my own red carpet as many Steembasicincome units as I can afford.

¿Why I'm doing this? YES! For the fun. To meet new people & to engage with others I wouldn't normally have the chance to engage with.

But above all, I'm doing this only to drive you Nuts witnessing how painfully /ˈsləɡiSH, lethargic, drowsy & lumpish will be my meteoric career to come to the top of the leader board and then graduate reaching my place on the Redfish Graduates Wall of Fame. :p

Oh! yeah, of course I have my own infallible strategy for this.

¡Repeat after me!

Sure thing babe. I've resteemed this post to help us reach more people and grow steemit together. :)


I love this reply. - so what is your strategy ( I only speak English and can not understand the video lol)

I have added your name to the list

Thank you babe!! :)

And solely because you loved my reply, I'm gonna please you by revealing my Machiavellian strategy to drive you nuts in your own tongue. };)

However, I think the original 'spanish' version was a LOT funnier. :o)

:) Actually I think she needs to meditate more than eat twistos lol.

Ah! C'mon @petervroom. She is a smart girl. She can do both 'tasks' simultaneously wonderfully well!! }:)

lol thank you for finding the english version - your effort gets a vote

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