100,000 STEEM in only two weeks

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What a wild journey. This journey has been exhausting, turbulent, emotional, motivating, inspiring and consumed a lot of coffee and donuts.

We raised 100,000 STEEM in only two weeks and that means also that we have a huge reward pool to distribute.

Current reward pool: 30,000 STEEM
30% of the income flows into the reward pool

Doesn't sound 30,000 STEEM cool? There are three main ways to receive sweet honey from the reward pool:

  • Wonder of the universe
  • Successful players
  • Active players

Here you can read more about the reward pool.

The huge resonance of the community takes our breath away. Inspiring videos, posts, tools, and graphics appear from all over the world. The crazy thing is, you've only seen a fraction of our complete vision. The best is yet to come. Be curious about how the journey will continue. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

We're not doing a sprint, we're doing a marathon. We have enough energy, motivation and staying power in our luggage and beyond that many exciting ideas that you can look forward to.

The settler @scriptioner is doing some cool stuff with our API as you can see on his website. Please give him a follow and show him some love for the great work.
He’s also working on a map. The entire map will be interactive. You will be able to zoom in to the specific zone and check the information about the planets there. You can find a mockup here.

What can you do with our API?

2,263 settlers have already colonized an alpha planet. These settlers carried out 463,548 transactions. They have uncovered 614 undiscovered fields and found 5 planets so far.

We’re working under high pressure on the Battle module and we're making more progress every day. We’ll keep you informed about our progress until the start and will unveil further components of this huge module like here and here.

Battle starts on
June 8, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

In case you missed it: Since the start of NextColony, we have been constantly reducing the number of chests available daily. We will not increase the stock anymore!

Join the official Discord server now.

Resteem to the moon.

Stay tuned.


I applaud the whole team for what you have achieved in such a short time. And I share the amazement about how much the community has already contributed in terms of tools, ideas and enthusiasm. This is STEEM!

Thanks, @shaka, that means a lot for us! :)

"And I share the amazement about how much the community has already contributed in terms of tools, ideas and enthusiasm. This is STEEM!"


Congrats guys!

Is there some kind of daily payout in nextcolony?

Everything about the rewards that has been published so far can be found here.

Why stop at 100k, keep on pushing, this game has a potential to bring a lot of new people to Steem, maybe try to increase your marketing campaign, now you have the funds to make it happen.

There's no way we're stopping this. We will deliver updates slowly, but steady.

"to bring a lot of new people to Steem"

That's exactly the plan.

I have high hopes for this game, on discord i asked some other pixel art space colony games on STEAM to come move to steem, i hope this next colony game can get soiem good artwork and make the game more fun that fuckin drugwqars

enjoy this artwork for the game

Thanks. :)

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Great news @nextcolony and Next Colony is developing more and more, it is very happy!

Thanks for your kind words! :)

Sweet work guys. I’m looking forward to the future.

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You have made a really cool game, Congratulations guys !!!

(Btw I have lately found a problem, that the upgrades and skill enchantments are not going trough, I am just sitting there endlessly waiting for it to load, but it never ends up loading)

Thank you cosmonaut @tsnaks (:

You have to clear you cache and cookies and a make new login.

ok, thanks

Good job guys! What is mean active players? I am everyday do upgrade my mines and can say that I am active.

We don't want to tell you too much yet. :)

So far this game is great and it is one of the few that doesn't even slightly have a shape like a funnel.

Nice that our principles became seen (: Thank you.

Nice. I am building up my mines as fast as possible and in less then a day i got mission control.

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That sounds goooood! :)

Wow. That is an amazing number. Well done.
Resteemed :-)

Thanks Mr. Resteem! :)

Great work guys! I am really excited about all the new updates, especially the battle module and trading :)

Thank you commander @tonimontana

Looks really cool, congrats on all your efforts.

Hey JP. I just noticed a huge up-vote on my latest travel blog post. So of course I wanted to see who it was from and thank them.

Hope the publisher of this post doesn't mind that I'm reaching out to you through it as I see this is your latest comment. If he sees this message congratulations to you on your project and raising all that steem!

I just wanted to thank you JP for noticing my work. I'm just a small time budget traveler turned steemit travel blogger. I was pinching my self with my success here over a year ago (as were many people) with steem and sbd making all time highs. It funded my travels and more.

So now I'm just scraping by and I sincerely appreciate any support I get. So thank you very much for noticing me and rewarding my efforts with one of your nice up-votes.

From Bali Indonesia - Dan "World Travel Pro"

(next stop Athens Greece in two days)

No problem man, your welcome. I enjoy seeing people travelling and living free. Long may you continue living your dream and sharing it with others.

Thank you so much JP!

I'm looking forward to more updates and new contents!

Thank you @bronevik. Let's explore the hole galaxy.

I think we've got a lot of our own galaxy to explore (or travel beyond) before we can go exploring others. This "hole galaxy" does sound really interesting though.
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡° )
I'mma try yo game now.

Nice keep up the work guys.

Of course (: Thank you Admiral @bigram13

thats amazing!

It is (: Thanks.

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Good stuff, guys! Having fun building things and getting ready for the battles :)

It won't be long now! :)

Go guys - resteemed

Thanks my friend! :)

Congratulations that sounds amazing @nextcolony ..!!!

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Great update! This project continues to deliver without being too ambitious or promising too much like Others have. I love that you are reducing the supply of Chests, rewards early players and will Encourage trading. Speaking of that, are there any plans of a market? I'm sure the answer is yes… But maybe something in the meantime that can allow trading of Chests or Runes? Even on a third-party site. Like a bid or offer system. Looking forward to more!

Thank you, it is really nice that our efforts are seen and appreciated. We take the whole thing and first of all the principles of the Blockchain very seriously.

"Speaking of that, are there any plans of a market?"

Yes. Once we have rolled out all the items, we will create an item market. This will be done before the "Wonders of the universe". For now, the focus is on the Battle module.

Sounds great!


Thanks a lot, @elevator09! :)

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lol this game is weird looking


Großes Kino!

Danke, Möwe! :)

You do a great job!! Congrats!!

Thanks, @balte! :)

I really that it seems like you are approaching this with a business plan. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing how this can grow.

We approaching it with a lot of Coffee and Donuts. Thanks Admiral @thedarkhorse

This project just got launched on the orbit as no other. The space is the ultimate touch of the humankind and the game and community is so cozy to be part of. I am just proud to be one of the Explorers in the game and looking forward for a bright future together by going into a new era. Great job, guys and girls!

Many thanks for these great, motivating words. It goes down like oil. We're glad to have you on board in the Galaxy commander @nygma.

I just started building my own planet yesterday, it's a lot of fun so far.

Good luck building your own colony colonel @gamefiles

Just two words:

Amazing game👌

Thanks a lot Lieutenant @tomhall

This post has been resteemed!

Thanks a lot General @ronel


i wish you the best just dont forget to share more great news with us.

Thank you (:
Of course we're gonna do this.


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Very cool! Congrats to the the whole team.

Thanks too! :)

2000+ registered players is also a nice achievement :)

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Thanks! Definitely! :)

My account doesn’t work. I don’t upgrade every building, skills. Why?

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The best thing to do is to go to the Discord server in the #help area: https://discord.gg/55r9rU2

Nice, getting excited.

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The team deserves 100,000 steem worth upvote. Keep going guys. Great work.

That's what we're gonna do. Thanks! :)

Wow, still not among top dapps why?

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We're not done yet! :)

The future looks promising👍

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For sure (: Thanks.

Nice work team 👍

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You're right. Thanks.

Good development, i think the project needs some marketing as well. As most of the steemians are not aware of it.

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Thanks for your thoughts (:

Also keep the marketing honest so you don't end up as a ponzi with extra steps!

Exactly that's the plan.

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Thanks a lot!
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Congratulations friends! :)

Thank you commander @kajfi (:

Resteemed, good going.

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Great. Thank you (:

This is really great. A great future is really coming for the nextcolony

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Yes it is. Thank you (:

gg dudes ! when can we see the rewards pool in game...
actually I think i need to look up ur roadmap :)

The rewards will be implemented after Battle module and with the module Wonders of the Universe.

Thank you (:

Congratulations friends!

Thank you (:

Dear friends
This publication, the campaign's powerful tool. It's less chance to fail. You are able to convince the concerned people that the shield and the sword are all yours. Go ahead .Thank God and friends

Thanks for this kind words (:

Thank you very much for encouraging writing, giving me steem and vote

That's great! It's only going to get better! Keep up the great work! We are counting on you @nextcolony.

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Sounds good. Thank you Captain @zarlon


That's it (:

Huge success. You guys can be proud. Resteemed.

Thank you captain @art-universe (:

Incredible, great job!!

Thanks for this kind words @lupecoin (:

Wow! This game is really promising. I do my best to make my account here to be competitive and interactive. Cheers. 😊

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Thanks a lot! :)

@nextcolony ,congratulations it more sounds like great achievement 😍

excellent, keep it up guys.

Of course (: Thank you.

Cool, good job!

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great news @nextcolony
sweet work guys.

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that sound strange but my shipyard disappeared somehow..

Clear your cache and cookies and then try a new login. If this doesn't work, please join our Discord (:

i think the future of next colony looks bright.

The future looks ultragalactic for everyone.

i must admire your project and the team. you guys look very hardworking. hopefully nextcolony will do wonders in coming days.

Thank you. We appreciate that very much.

very cool game, and the team also look amazing. my best wishes are with you guys.

Thank you (:

Great job. Wish good luck and prosperity to all participants!

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Thanks for your kind words, @wallyt! :)

Wow!!!! It's a great achievement and wish you to continue the journey .

Supporting everything that can grow and unite the steem community.

And this sounds GREAT !!!

Resteem and shared on twitter.

Happy life,

We appreciate that. Thank you @mariita52

Resteemed, and you guys are going Good.

the new updates are great. this game must set trade mark on steem blockchain.

Thank you (:

the updates look good, i haven't played the game yet, but after this read have decided to go for it.

That was a good decision Commander @kimjonson (: Thank you.

Weldon guys, resteemed.

Congratulations, friends! I am very proud

Thank you (:

100,000 Steem in only txo weeks but howwwww 😲😲

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