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So far, we've talked not much about the reward pool. Waving with rewards would have been way too easy. But today we offer you a rough overview.

Let’s got…

30% of the income flows into the reward pool
Current reward pool: Approx. 4,500 STEEM

The reward pool currently amounts to approx. 4,500 STEEM. So we calculate from the start of the auctions. There are three main ways to receive rewards.

  • Wonder of the universe
  • Successful players
  • Active players

Wonder of the universe

Building a wonder of the universe is an enormous challenge even for a strong alliance. All settlers are encouraged to cooperate. At NextColony, team play pays off. Be smart and form an alliance or join a promising alliance now. Specialize yourself (skills) and make yourself attractive for an alliance.

Alliances will form around the legendary planets because these are the conditions for the construction of a wonder of the universe. A wonder of the universe is the key to the reward pool. Anyone who has built a wonder of the universe deserves to sit by the honey pot.

Successful players

The second way to earn rewards is a success. Those who prove to be worthy in different disciplines will always be allowed to taste sweet honey. The most successful players will soon be able to quit their jobs and live off NextColony Rewards. But don't be too excited, this only goes to the elite.

Active players

There are many players who don't see the center of gravity of the fight. These players want to settle down on a planet and participate in the game as merchants, diplomats, politicians or justice of the peace. They fight for peace, are smart traders and skilled tacticians. Will they succeed? Who knows. If you don't want to constantly compete with the top 100, but play actively, you also have the opportunity to taste the sweet honey. The Galaxy is enormously huge (endless) and offers a basis for different ways of playing.

The deadline for the first payouts of the reward pool is the start of the wonders of the universe in about 12 weeks. In advance, we will implement and optimize smaller and medium-sized modules such as profiles, alliances, Galaxy 2.0, planets (buy/sell). The next big challenge is the battle. When battle is complete, the wonders of the universe are not far away.

We will open the gates on:
April 21, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, and all your colleagues about the start date.

Something big is coming.

Resteem to the moon.

Thanks for your patience.


Man, sounds good, if I had time to play

You should definitely take your time. This will be a great gaming experience for everyone.

Make sure the fundamental rules of the game no longer have to be changed a lot by the time the reward pool is online. There's 100% chance people will try to game the reward mechanism.

We challenge everyone. Playing our reward mechanism won't be easy.
Thanks, we appreciate that.

I hope you guys learned why the Drug Wars economy is a failure and dont repeat what they have done.

You just planted 0.10 tree(s)!

Thanks to @ucukertz

We have planted already
7840.40 trees
out of 1,000,000

Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
in Cameroonian village Kedjom-Keku!
Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 20881.50
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

After all the excitement about the project I almost forgot that we are on the blockchain and any good blockchain project is expected to have a reward pool. And I got to say the reward pool system is quite detailed in this game. I wonder if I could become an elite player? Anyway, I'm looking forward to a rewarding experience whether I become an elite player or not.

That's absolutely right and important, you are right.
Of course you will become an elite player, because unlike others, you will successfully colonize your colony.

Thank you Thank you for your thoughts @yuki-nee

Can we login to the game yet @nextcolony the sign-in button on your website wasn't clickable the last time I checked.

you can start playing on sunday. After the Countdown for the last legendary planets disappears, you are able to login :)

just a sudden thought, maybe we can have some cross promotion like a in game casino planet for moonsteem and we can have a ingame planet exploration via next colony while players try to moon their STEEM everyday.

Sure, let's talk: Oli#2625

Alliance, there we go! successes guys, wish me luck to get good planets.

May the better alliance win and conquer the planets (:

Thank you for this post. The reward pool is very capable for Nextcolony users

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That's the way it should be in our opinion. Thanks for your galactically comment @huseyinunozkan16

I think one needs tons of patience and skill to be one of those "elite" players. Though the thought of making a living through the reward pool alone is very tempting. Also, what's the system requirements for this game?

You don't have to be the elite player to have a galactic gaming experience (:

Thank you for your thoughts. There is no system requirement.

That's clever and useful to look for an alliance in advance. May the better one win.

Thanks for sharing. The reward is very useful for us. Thanks next colony :)

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That's the plan we're pursuing. You're welcome.

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