10 Facts about the Battle module

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We’re working under high pressure on the NextColony Battle module and have already made very good progress. Today we give you a little insight into the module, so that you know what to expect on June 8th.

Okay, let’s go…

  • You have 21 battleships at your disposal. There are Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Carrier and Dreadnought each in three versions. The exact dates of the battleships will be published on June 8th.

  • The balancing of the Battle module is already largely completed and was implemented by @jarunik. We’re already testing the Battle module extensively with the Battle simulation.

  • You'll be able to trade battleships just like any other ship by using the deploy mission. The battleships you send will then be transferred to the target's fleet.

  • You will be able to send battleships to support your partners and alliance members by using the support mission. The battleships you’re sent out will then stay on the target planet, remain under your command, and in the event of an attack they support the attacked planet in battle.

  • In order to build the respective combat ship in the shipyard, you need the appropriate skill at level 20. We don't publish any concrete data yet but as much as can be revealed - that's the strength of the battleships in ascending order: Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Carrier and Dreadnought.

  • Dreadnought is the most powerful battleship currently available and will not be that easy to get. The cost of enhancing and building this ship will be very high.
    For alliances, it would, therefore, be advisable to have one settler specialize in this skill in order to be able to deliver this ship to the alliance. The same applies to traders.

  • It's quite possible that we'll be expanding the battleships later on. For example, the Explorer will get a faster Explorer II. There will also be a faster Transporter II, which will have considerably more storage capacity.

  • The battle is designed as rock paper scissors based on attack type and defense type: Lasers beat Shields, Bullets beat Armor and Rockets beat Structure.

  • There are 3 battleships variants: rocket, bullet and laser. Rocket ships: the standard ships are available for everyone by just skilling them to level 20. Bullet ships: you can buy the blueprint in the shop to build them. With the blueprint you can activate building of a new ship type in one planets shipyard. Laser ships: you can gain blueprints through playing. Blueprints are tradable digital collectibles.

  • Battle starts on June 8th.

Battle starts on
June 8, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, and all your colleagues about the launch of the Battle module on June 8, 2019 20:00:00 UTC.

Join the official Discord server now.

Resteem to the moon.

Stay tuned.


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rocket, bullet and laser.

Seems a little clunky.

I would call the types of attacks explosive, projectile, and energy.

That leaves you more open to expand the battle system.

For example, if you wanted to incorporate Star Trek lingo you could have rockets and photon torpedos. Both would be explosive.

You could have lasers and phasers, both would be energy.

You could have cannons and railguns, both would be projectile.

you could even have explosive ammo that would be both projectile and explosive.

Just a thought.

There's some nice ideas here. We shared it internally. Thank you.

Why is combat so simplistic? Is that a blockchain limitation?

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We have by far not yet revealed the complete complexity with this post. Stay tuned. :)


sick burn.

because how could it possibly be a blockchain limitation?

More exciting development… Delta Clan is ready

May the better Battle Fleet win the star war (:

great news!

You're right. Thank you (:

Can't wait !!!!

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Sounds great (: Thanks. Good luck exploring the Galaxy, commander @cehu.

This Looks excited.😍

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Thank you . You have to play it (:

Sounds amazing and I am VERY excited.

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That's the way it should be (: Thank you captain @infidel1258

Thanks for the addition info on the Battle Module, looking forward to seeing how this unfolds next month. Best of luck with the development and testing :)

You're welcome. It's definitely gonna be great.

Thank you.

I am lvl 4 but i hope i will grow fast enough to be lvl 20 for 8 th June ^^.

Lvl. 4 on what? Don't worry, the universe and big enough (:
Good luck commander @jhonny1

Sounds exciting so far! I'm looking forward to details on how a battle actually works.

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Thank you (: We will definitely offer an exciting gaming experience for everyone.

Level 20? Better start building up those skills then :)

That is certainly a good strategy captain @numpypython

Will you consider adding planetary defenses?

Thanks for this question commander @lordnutterfly.
Yeah, that's what we're considering but there will be a time delay.

Registered, going to play from now onwards.

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We hope so (: Thanks.

Wow, i am getting excited for this game.

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Sound great (: thank you.

The news of Battle Module will be very happy to everyone, there is no doubt in it. Everyone will be waiting in advance for the scheduled time. That day will satisfy curiosity. Your post will be analyzed by a new post. Your coordinated effort can be blown out in the corner

Thank you for your kind words @mrnazrul

Yes Dear @nextcolony , Welcome to your interest in writing a small person like me, encouraging comments, steem and voting. Wishing to meet again, one of your beautiful posts. Here is the intention to stay here today

The module looks good, thank you team nextcolony.

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You're welcome (:

Nice update, this will definitely help nextcolony to grow in the coming days.

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It should mainly offer everyone a great gaming experience (:

Wowww, amazing... can t wait to the see the launch of the battle. :) @nextcolony

It is tremendous news! resteem

Battle will also be tremendous (: Thank you.

All my resources are red now, I can't enhance.
Is there any possibility of playing this game for free?

You can play for free any time you want.
When it's red, your depots are full and you can always enhancing or upgrading buildings.
Join our Discord server if you have any other problems.

this looks great. i am definitely going to try this.

You should (: Thanks cosmonaut @kimjonson

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We are happy about this (: Thanks.

@nextcolony Heya, Thanks for sharing info. Resteemed it so that more interested steemians can be in and M in too =) Eagerly waiting for it to get started... Thanks =) Keep updating us =)

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Thank you for your support commander @drakoscliff.

tooo good

You're right. It is (: Thank you.

This game is promising. A lot more interactive and needs the cooperation of alliance members to achieve goals.

That's right. Thank you @edencourage (:

I do like your game, keep up the good work.

I'd like to keep some of my Steem. FFS!

Thats a good idea. Seven days before the start of the Battle module there will be 3 of the 7 blueprints available in the shop

Let's get ready to rumbble!!!!

I can't wait for June to come. I hope we get more info about battle system when we get closer to battle module release date. I am already upgrading all my skills and buildings to be ready.

That's probably a good plan captain @dragonblades. Good luck and may the forces of the universe be with you.

Level 20 in all skills to get into the battle?


First you need lvl 20 Skill for the Explorer. The same applies to all other ships.

Greetings @nextcolony I'm starting I hope to catch up very soon, thanks ...

We're waiting for you. :)

I am happy you are not rushing things too much. Battle system belongs to the core of a game like NextColony and it should be payed attention to.
I am quite satisfied with the pace of improvement so far :)

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Thanks for your kind words! :)

Now I don't understand can I get blueprint with playing or I must buy it from store ?

  • 7 blueprints are going to be free (just enhance the skill)
  • 7 blueprints are going to be sold
  • 7 blueprints are going to be gained through playing

"sellable ships" what dose this mean? Only sellable ships will have "deploy" mission?

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All ships are tradable (mission: deploy); All blueprints are items and tradable.

I've rewritten this point. That was too unclear, hopefully it is now clearer. Thank you for the hint.

this fact makes us excited to continue here

Good to know. :)

Thank you for the latest on the Battle module. Looking forward to it.

Nice! Stay tuned. :)

Wow Oli, GREAT post!!! Happy to see, that you implemented the blueprints. Hope to see the crafting lab too in the future.

Are the blueprints just buyable via STEEM or maybe also via Resources and Research Skills??

The blueprints will be a really cool thing! You can earn (time, success, missions) 7 blueprints and buy (STEEM) 7 other blueprints.

Thank for the info @nextcolony, and now i work for explorer lv20 ahahah

Nice! I'm at level 5. :)
The work on the battle module has priority.

I'm only on the level 3 but I grow up fast :)
I also write a post before this today. Can I ask you, if I want to organize a Steemmonster tournament with your chest like a prize, I can? @nextcolony @steemmonster @splinterlands
Thanks for the attention and i love both games!!

Very informative post. I was wondering why there are so many ship types. Now it is clear to me. Thnx

That's good. Thanks for your kind comment. :)


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We have everything we need. Thanks. :)

i think this game has got great future.

Sounds great (: Thanks.

Very great news! I am getting excited!! 🥳😁

Great (: Thank you.

I want blueprint. What is the criteria to get free blue print.

  • 7 blueprints are going to be free (just enhance the skill)
  • 7 blueprints are going to be sold
  • 7 blueprints are going to be gained through playing

sounds great. excited for the battle module.

Thank you (:


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Looks like you're looking forward to the battle (:

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I like your game, great game

That's our plan (: Thanks.

Interesting feature! I can't wait to play with.

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come on, i'm very excited to play it <3

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