Battle starts on June 8th

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Immediately after the launch of NextColony about 2 weeks ago, we made countless optimizations and fixed bugs. An essential optimization is the API and therefore NextColony runs much smoother.

We were really overwhelmed by the mass of players. We are now working on our next big module, the battle module. The date for the start of the battle module is now fixed.

Battle starts on
June 8, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

Now it's your turn! Expand your mines, choose the skills you want to enhance, explore the environment around your planet and search for a new planet to colonize. Join an strong alliance, form alliances and trade pacts with the settlers in your area. We've released the deploy mission, so you can buy and sell ships now.

The first explorers have already entered unknown areas. From reliable sources we can report, however, that only one new planets have been sighted yet.

Until the start of the battle module we will publish fragments here as usual.

Here are some fresh numbers for you:

  • 1,807 settlers
  • 329,416 transactions to date
  • 14 settlers with explorer level 20
  • 28 missions, of which 27x explore
  • 25 explore missions performed, one planet found
  • 24 ships built or under construction

Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, and all your colleagues about the launch of the battle module on June 8, 2019 20:00:00 UTC.

Join the official discord server now.

Resteem to the moon.

Stay tuned.


Nice shearing

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Two questions

  1. How do I explore? I have a level 7 shipyard and explorer 1 researched but I cant build any ships yet

  2. Do we earn steem some how in the game or some type of rewards or is it just a for fun game where you buy things via steem coins?

Thank you for this questions commander @bitcoinflood.

For the first you need shipyard at lvl 13 and explorer skills at lvl 20

And the 2nd answer you can find here in one of our post.

Good that you are asked @bitcoinflood. I already wondered what I have to do to built a fleet :D

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Great update! Trying to get to explore as fast as possible and just broke into the top 10 of all players. Forming a strong alliance, DELTA-CLAN, To explore the abyss. Battles will add a whole new dynamic… We are prepared!

Cool, congratulations on your rank and good luck for the alliance.

Enhance now button stopped working for me somehow

Try logging out and in again. Also clear cache and cookies if that does not work. That should work again then.

logging in and out worked for me. Thank U!

So I have been upgrading all of my skills and buildings but I still cant seem to figure out how to build a ship. What am I missing here? Do I need to upgrade my "mission control" skill first?

No, mission control is relevant for the number of missions you can have at the same time. For the explorer, you need your shipyard on level 13 and the ship skill explorer on level 20.

Beware of the pirates of steemsilvergold!

You mean the dangerous Space Raiders are coming?

Love the game.

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That's great and we're glad. May the power of the stars be with you commander @lesso

Congrats on the solid growth! The game is really coming along nicely 😊

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Thank you captain @travelersmemoire. We're glad to have you on board.

Great information

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Thank you commander @animashaun

Sweet! :)

I don't understand this game lol

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No problem. Have fun (:

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Always great (: Thank you.

I have just started. hoping to have lots of fun with this. thanks for creating this game. first impressions are great!

You are welcome captain @p-sycophant. We're glad to have you on board with your own fleet and that you left the earth which is smoky and full of ashes.

Yes. building and upgrading in progress. I will regularly post on my progress (my latest post can be found here:

Wow it seems to be great June 8th all the best for the day and hope it ll get success

It will. Thank you very much.

Excelente post!

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Thank you @animus. We always want high quality content.

Thanks for the post.

You're welcome.

NextColony to the Moon!


Looks very nice (:

Thanks Admiral! Number 1 coming soon!!! (-:

You're welcome commander @famigliacurione

Soon we see how it all works out 😁👍👌🌟🎮

It's already working, and it's very good. (:

I have been having some trouble upgrading building and skills since yesterday. Is there anything you recommend to fix it?

This might still be related to the update. Clear cache and cookies, log out and log in again and you should be fine.

this upgrade bug f*** me, too. One full day of progress lost while travelling. This basically kills my competitiveness as early starter :( #mimimi

Maybe it's a bug. But try re installing the game or logging in again. I hope it should fix the problem.

You just planted 0.10 tree(s)!

Thanks to @fuadsm

We have planted already
7761.11 trees
out of 1,000,000

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Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 20945.35
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

Yes. I can see it is a great update

Yes it is. We're always getting a little closer to the moon.


Compete against others in a fun interactive game similar to the famous Agar
Win Steem dollars, honor and upvotes!
Fair to everyone, only your skill matters!
Do you have what it takes?

This project is now listed on SteemProjects. It's also included in weekly update post!

Amazing. Thank you very much.

Es geht sehr langsam voran

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This is exciting, thanks for the update @nextcolony
Upvote 100%

You are welcome captian @khaleb

Great Update !

thank you very much for your information

We're glad you're here, captain @naythan. You're welcome.

you are doing a good job i created maniabook and netbusinesrating cards to let you know i hope you have a media plan

We are still fully under construction but thank you.

best of luck

We'll need it in space full of stardust, thank you @talpata


It is (: you are right.

I'm already excited about the battle system. 😄
Thanks for this announcement. 💪🏻

Sounds great (: You're welcome.

Yes, Me too I feel the same as your excitement.

this will be epic!
thank you NC for the price from the Design-Contest.
I really appreciate it! Thanks @bronkong !

Yes it definitely will be! Thank you for participating @art-universe!

Excellent information @nextcolony and very positive statistics, well done!

Thanks. Here you can find some more nice statistics (:

Great announcement, I'm already very excited about the battle system!

We're also excited. This is gonna be great. Thanks you (:

Great news.

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Thank you. We're using the pipe bombs to reach all the planets in the galaxy.

8 June is fine, 'cause if one not uses boosters or some other superior methods, he can't make any ships until some weeks will pass

We will mainly need the time to finish the battles as well so it's okay to have time to stock up.

Why havent I been on this? Now I am.

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Sounds great (:


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API's so cool! It seems quite an automation is possible with it. Now sure if it's good for the game, but since this game is much more complicated than dw, I think it might still be okay.

API is primary about speed and for cool tools. The automation is slowed down by complexity. We don't worry about bots.

I hope the future of the world will be more successful 👌

It will be. Don't worry @nkri

@nextcolony Heya, Thanks for updating us.. Keep it up... Really excited for this as like other people =) Big Thanks Again =)

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Guys i got really big problems with the server. I trying from 2 days build something, can't game just loading and server didn't resposne. Can you try make better server, because i am so tired of clicking the same building and refresh everytime to make some action.

Yes, that's well known. We're in the process of fixing it.

i am looking forward for this game.
the only problem i have is that i don't know how to explore the galaxy.
i try to build a ship from Shipyard but there is no option there
I try it explore/deploy/transport through Fleet and Galaxy menu but nothing happen.
i've already upgrade Shipyard skill and build a shipyard.


As you have Shipyard at lvl 12 and Explorer Skills at lvl 20, you can build an Explorer.

Thank you for this valuable post. A big project

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You're welcome. Thank you for your support.

Free players will just start to explore and bang users with paid resources, and bots in their hands will attacks their planets. Greate news.

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I'm not worried about bots. :)

no tokenz for uz :{

We'll see. :)

Whoopwhoop! Looking forward to it and hoping it's more competitive than the one in Drugwars. It's definitely important that fleets can be saved effectively, but if you guys had some inspiration from good ol' OGame (not sure) you probably have built something neat.

Can't be online that often, but I'm excited to see the battles involving the @dachcolony community.

Also thanks for the timely heads up, good to have a few weeks to (potentially) prepare.

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Thank you for your support. You expressed that very well. Yes we can be excited. May the more powerful and better planet win. (:

I am new the game. I try to learn :)

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It's not hard and you'll enjoy it (:

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