it was great working alongside you @jeanpi1908 all this time!
all the best for your job and thesis...

Thank you, it was a great time.

You did a great job as a curator JP ! it's been great to work with you for almost 2 years!

Good luck with your student's job and the thesis.

Thank you @macchiata, it was also great to work with you.

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Schön, mal wieder etwas zu hören von dir!
Ich bin auch gerade am siedeln, und wenn das alles geschafft ist, werde ich auch wieder aktiver werden hier :)

Dank dir bekam ich mal einen fetten Upvote von @ocd, danke nochmal dafür! Schade dass du nun nicht mehr zu den Curatoren gehörst, ist aber verständlich wenn sie ihr Team etwas verkleinern wollen.

Dann viel Erfolg beim Umzug.

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salut j'entend beaucoup parler de newsteem mais je comprend pas ce que c'est vraiment si tu as un post de présentation du projet, merci d'avance, bonne journée

En gros c'est le nouveau Hard Fork.

à ok je croyais que c'était un genre de communauté merci de ta réponse

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hi @jeanpi1908, if you may be interested in lending directly I can offer you an APR 13%, advance payment every 5 days starting from the 1st day

Sry I already delegated away the amount I wanted to delegate for profit, maybe if they exprire I will come back to you.

Hi @jeanpi1908, I missed this post when you wrote it. I stopped by your blog to see what you’re up to, as I hadn’t seen anything from you for a while. Good luck with your thesis. I hope you find something on Steem to Interest you again. I like @actifit. It motivates me to post daily.

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