Bigger Than Snowden? Massive Hack of Secret 911 Related Documents From US Gov / Lloyds of London & Others Being Publicly Offered For Sale!

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This is possibly the biggest story in years, definitely of this year anyway.... A blackhat hacking group who previously hacked Netflix, Hollywood studios and a allegedly also a huge list of others has offered Gigabytes of hacked documents relating to the truth of 911, including a hack of Larry Silverstein, the 'owner' of the World Trade Center Complex at that time who 'luckily' took out the world's larges insurance policy just weeks before 911 - plus a hack of Lloyds of London.

Note: I have absolutely no connection to this group, I just saw the story published on RT News.

The full details of the hack are yet to be disclosed and it appears that the hackers are not out to enlighten the world so much as out to increase their own wealth through blackmail. You can read their public statement on pastebin here.

The hackers call themselves 'The Dark Overlord' and their Twitter account is here. They have already released a key to one of the encrypted layers of their multi level torrent file that they have released to the world already.

They have also stated on their twitter feed that they have another hacked bundle of data that is of a similar magnitude to 'The Panama Papers' involving various judges, politicians and others involved in presumably criminal money laundering etc.

Here are some quotes from their main statement on 911:

Throughout our demonic fits of hacking, we often come across or create situations that turn quite peculiar very quickly. One such case was when we initiated an action against a seemingly ordinary company located in the United States, that unfortunately, didn't turn out the way we wanted. We breached their network and stole hundreds of gigabytes of litigation related documents (and others, that the world may soon come to see). We investigated our grand pile of loot and we found documents in regards to one of the most infamous events in the history of the United States. The key is that the documents were not public, nor would this company want them public. Not to mention thousands of documents surrounding companies such as Monsanto, Bank of America, and many other Fortune 500 companies. Hundreds of thousands of documents. What sorts of documents, specifically? E-mails, retainer agreements, non-disclosure agreements, settlements, litigation strategies, liability analysis, defence formations, collection of expert witness testimonies, testimonies, communications with government officials in countries all over the world, voice mails, dealings with the FBI, USDOJ, DOD, and more, confidential communications, and so much more.

Let's get right into the juicy bits, shall we? Since our organisation has been around, we've performed many hacks that have resulted in some hilarious news articles and reports, grandiose stories of entire regions closing schools, NSA, CIA, GCHQ investigating us, hoping to hunt us down, raids all over the world, arrests of alleged members, and so much more. Most of you may know us from our hacks of Netflix and other studios such as ABC, HBO, CBS, and others. We do hope you haven't cancelled your subscription to them. However, the entire planet will now know our name as a result of a single client of ours failing our arrangement and refusing to accept the fair penalties. Edward Snowden leaks were quite impressive and caught the world's attention due to the highly sensitive nature of the materials and the global impact. What we're about to announce and leak will top Edward Snowden's finest work, both in volume and in impact. We'll guarantee to all our astute readers that the subsequent release of these materials will generate millions of news articles and result in the biggest and most significant data breach ever to have occurred.

On their public profile:

In fact, you can find dozens of videos of law enforcement agents standing behind podiums speaking about how they're working to stop us, from making appearances in conferences all over the world, to speaking behind podiums in their districts after we've pwned a local business. The United States Congress has even had a hearing about us, true story, and Christopher Wray himself (director of the U.S. FBI) has testified about his efforts against us.

Enjoy the director of the FBI speaking to U.S. Congress about thedarkoverlord:

What's the takeaway? We hacked Hiscox Syndicates Ltd.

And why didn't Hiscox Syndicates Ltd make this more public? Well, keep reading on to find out! It wasn't just Hiscox Syndicates Ltd that was put at risk, it was Lloyds of London as well as others. Another entity unnamed in this article is Lloyds of London and who we'll attribute as also being involved. Hiscox Syndicates Ltd and Lloyds of London are some of the biggest insurers on the planet insuring everything from the smallest policies to some of the largest policies on the planet, and who even insured structures such as the World Trade Centers. At this point, the keen amongst you may finally be drawing conclusions at this point, but you'll still be astonished at what's to come. Keep reading. This also means that Silverstein Properties is involved, doesn't it? Now things are getting more interesting. Most of you readers will not be privy to the processes and methods utilised by Fortune 500s to litigate high-impact cases, but we are, and thankfully for us, we're going to let you in on this process. When major incidents like the WTC 911 incident happen, part of the litigation must involve SSI (Sensitive Security Information) and SCI (Special Compartment Information) from the likes of the FBI, CIA, TSA, FAA, DOD, and others being introduced into evidence, but of course this can't become public, for fear of compromising a nation's security, so they temporarily release these materials to the solicitor firms involved in the litigation with the strict demand they're destroyed after their use and that remain highly protected and confidential to only be used behind closed doors. However, humans aren't perfect and many of these documents don't become destroyed, and when thedarkoverlord comes along hacking all these solicitor firms, investment banks, and global insurers, we stumble upon the juiciest secrets a government has to offer.

What's the takeaway? We hacked Lloyds of London and Silverstein Properties.

Sample Documents

A variety of sample documents have been provided as proof of the hack. You can find the full list in the linked pastebin document.

So far they mostly point to investigations into security failures that could have prevented the 911 events if they had been corrected in advance by airlines and others.

A further Zip file of documents is here


Is this for real? It certainly looks like it to me - we shall have to wait and see what transpires. The Twitter feed for this group includes a suggestion that people get together a Go Fund Me account in order to crowdfund the purchase of the documents!

One strange aspect is that they are demanding payment in Bitcoin, which as far as I am aware, is able to be tracked by law enforcement agencies - so I have to question why they wouldn't be using a more private token.

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