State of the Sndbox - Week 51 [Exhibition Website, New Magazine Contributors, Tomorrow's Opening Night!]

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State of the Sndbox is a weekly newsletter that provides the latest in Sndbox activities, projects, and provides the best resources in creative empowerment for the Steemit community. To get up-to-date on all of our development throughout the week, be sure to follow us @sndbox.

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This Week in the Sndbox

Welcome to the 51st State of the Sndbox newsletter!

This past week, we talked about the latest in NFTY NEWS, our final material for The Crypto Renaissance exhibit, and launched our exhibit website. We had the first of many collaborations with Steemit Curation Communities and gave our final reminders for The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition Opening, happening tomorrow!

Launch of The Crypto Renaissance Website

The website is a complete resource for The Crypto Renaissance exhibition. Tools and Resources on the Steem blockchain is a central theme of our public exhibition, supported by information on the integration of these tools by @sndbox members into their creative practice. In this event, the NYC public will learn about the Steem blockchain, the world of crypto, and the prospect of converging their creative work with the Steem ecosystem.

It's not too late to have your Steem ID or custom portrait on the website in exchange with a donation of SBD to fund the exhibition. If you want to learn more about the platform, or how to get involved, click here to view the full article.

The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition Crypto Art Feature Wall

The three and a half week exhibition at the 1st Floor Gallery of 100 Bogart Street in Brooklyn, starting on July 20 7pm, will feature large scale boards that document Sndbox community projects and Steem apps active across the blockchain. This exhibition is a great opportunity to showcase the tools and resources built for creative professionals on the Steem blockchain and their integration in the practice and daily work of @sndbox members. The DAPP Tower is an interactive centerpiece that will feature Steem apps that visitors can browse real time.

This 9 foot tall DApp Tower exhibition wall for Crypto Art shows off some of the most creative talent across the Steem ecosystem. The artists featured on this Wall of Art are the winners of our 13th Crypto Art & Design challenge, which highlights artwork that promotes and broadcasts the Crypto Renaissance exhibition.

The incredible submissions by @crittercrats, @steempampanga, @dinglehopper, @donnadavisart, @manouche, @katalinaooma, @ceheiberg, @anomt, @yanga, @aaronhong, @dunsky, @sumomo, @mbell, @yani98, @karenthfer, @anysia and @munadikiehl adorn this exhibit wall.

Click here to view the Mockup Walls for our DApp Tower and exhibition boards.

First Writing Challenge by @celfmagazine

Kicking off our @sndbox Summer Camp initiative to foster Steemit Curation Communities, CELF curation guild hopped on to partake in this project by partnering in hosting a "let-your-imagination-run-free" literature challenge. We're ecstatic to collaborate with one of the most exciting new curation initiatives on the Steem blockchain! We call on writers of different genres to take on different styles in either longer-form piece, a short story, or a poem grasping on themes of childhood stories, the natural world as we know it, or overcoming hardships.

Read the full guidelines here.

Steem Intro Signage for The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition

The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition celebrates the Steem ecosystem and features a series of boards designed to welcome newcomers to the premise of Steem (and the exhibition as a whole). Introducing Steem to the public and raising awareness on decentralized applications including @utopian-io, @fundition, @dtube, @esteemapp,, @steempress-io, and @steepshot.

Click here to see how we will open up the exhibit entrance with infographics about the Steemit platform, the online network that fully funded this exhibition.

Latest in the NFTY NEWS

A weekly newsletter on the latest developments of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the blockchain space created by Brian Flynn and adapted from his Medium page.

Non-Fungible Major Announcements will recap a crazy week in NFTs between MLB announcing their own collectibles, the KittyHats team launching their own marketplace Atomic Bazaar, and Todd Goldberg’s 🔥 post about NFTs on Token Daily. Click here for more information.

Crypto Renaissance Exhibition Opening Tomorrow!

We're a few hours away from the first full-production cryptocurrency exhibit!

Have few drinks and enjoy music with crypto and creative peers at the 100 Bogart gallery in Brooklyn at 7 PM, July 20. All of the projects exhibited here were developed by global members of Sndbox’s incubator spanning from @blockmountain, @myach, @stach, @steemph.cebu, @urban-thinktank and the Whisper Gallery.

Check out our Exhibition Website for additional information or RSVP on our Facebook event or on our meetup event link. See the full details on this post.

Thanks for reading this week's State of the Sndbox!

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