Announcing the First Writing Challenge by @celfmagazine [Calling all Creatives!]

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CELF Community + Curation

@celfmagazine is a bilingual (Español + English) curation project powered by Steem. CELF aims to build a decentralized community model of growth with a focus on culture, literature, art and engagement.

The CELF curation guild recently joined @sndbox's Summer Camp initiative, with the aim of supporting and furthering curation communities here on the Steem blockchain. As one of the very first steps together this Summer, we have decided to collaboratively host a creative writing contest for all writers and poets on Steemit.

CELF Challenge Themes:

Steem is a powerful forum for global creativity. With this contest, we hope to introduce you to one of the most exciting new curation initiatives on the blockchain and incentivize you to partake in their first literature challenge! The team at CELF + Sndbox are calling ALL writers on the blockchain, regardless of genre or style. Pick a theme, below:

  1. Determination - a theme about overcoming the odds
  2. Fairy Tales - a theme about childhood stories
  3. Nature - a theme about the natural world around us

Writers are free to choose from any of these themes, letting their imaginations handle the rest. You are free to write a longer-form piece, a short story, or a poem. If you have had a real life occurrence that aligns within any of these themes, please feel free to publish that as well, so long as you tie it back to our "creative" mission!

Contest Duration:

The contest begins today, July 16th (12:00PM EST) and will to last for seven (7) days. Any entry received after the July 23rd deadline will not be considered.

Winners + Prize:

There will be five overall winners selected by our team of judges at the CELF Sndbox Summer Camp. All categories will be judged the same, regardless of genres. The prize for the five winners will be varying percentages of @sndbox upvotes and an opportunity to have your works illustrated by artists commissioned by CELF in partnership with sndbox.

  • 1st Place: 50% @sndbox upvote
  • 2nd Place: 25% @sndbox upvote
  • 3rd Place: 25% @sndbox upvote
  • 4th + 5th Place (Honorable Mentions): 10% @sndbox upvote


  1. Content must be author's original work (and not published anywhere else)
  2. There should only be one entry per author. Multiple entries are not allowed, even though they fall under different literary genres.
  3. All entries must be submitted no later than seven (7) days after this post has been published.
  4. All entries must be posted under the lead-tag #celfchallenge
  5. Winners will be expected to make a follow-up post, telling us about the inspiration behind their works. This will be the post receiving the @sndbox upvote.

So there you have it! What are you waiting for, get writing! We look forward to exploring your amazing entries.

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About the Sndbox Summer Camp

The summer camp is a program accelerator created by @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20. The camp incentivizes Steemians to brainstorm new ideas and to work in teams to kickstart new Steem-Powered projects. With the Camp, our aim is create something different than a typical curation initiative. Here, our hope is to cultivate communities and help network creatives with all kinds of skillsets. This month, @sndbox has been working with three projects, @celfmagazine, @projectgiving and @steem-times.

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Hello everyone! Thank you @sndbox for carrying out such a good initiative with us, and for supporting us in everything, we are really grateful, and we can say that it is a dream come true.

For all those who are getting to know our project thanks to this announcement, and for those who want to participate in the contest, we invite you to become part of our community on Discord:

Visit the #celf and #rules-rules channels to learn about the project and the server rules.

We have a channel called #sndbox-quest especially for you.

Hi @sndbox

I like this challenge because it is gonna bring out the best in participants and help raise frontiers of creative writing. I am in.


STEM contributor

You are welcome, @sndbox it's doing a great job to support us during the summer camp!

Come by our Discord server when you want to!

Joining right away

Beautiful and powerful outcome of the Summer Camp. Your themes are powerful and engaging. Will participate.Thanks to @Celfmagazine.

Resteemed for m good friends and followers: @Liltom @Evegrace @Steemit-tools @Giftakpan @Kemdora @Edichris @Tiapee please check this out. Goodluck!

Meanwhile @Sndbox is there any recommendation as per Image use??

Thank you very much! Related images to your writing should work fine, something from pixabay for example.

Feel free to use this gif + an invitation to our Discord server, so we can spread the word about our project and get support.

Super excited for this! I will definitely be entering. I haven't chosen a theme yet, but I would enjoy trying them all out and seeing what creation is best. ☺️ I hope @isleofwrite and @thewritersblock get wind of this!

Thanks for the heads up. I'll drop a link on our Discord.

Thank you guys @gmuxx @ameliabartlett, it's great to know that you are inviting people from your writers community to participate in the contest, you are welcome in our Discord server at anytime:

Thanks for the support and initiative @sndbox!

Hi and Thanks.

You have received an upvote (from @rycharde) and a resteem (from @accelerator) as part of the new MAP Trail initiative to support curators. I know, in your case the incubation and motivation to create great content means I think it appropriate to include you.
You can see your entry here.
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You are also being followed by @accelerator and may receive further upvotes when your article is added to another of our "curated curations" posts. Delegated SP is also available on a weekly basis.
All of this is free and part of MAP's mission to support quality content creators by supporting curators.
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... or just upvoting this comment :-)

¿La historia debe ser escrita en los dos idiomas o es suficiente con hacerlo en un solo idioma?

Hola @jsock, la historia debe ser fundamentalmente en ingles, puedes traducirla al español si deseas pero solo será evaluada en ingles.

Hello @jsock, the story must be primarily in English, you can translate it into Spanish if you wish but it will only be evaluated in English.

Sounds interesting! So sad I only found out about it today now I'm going to bed... However, I'll try to write and submit my story tomorrow! Thinking of what I wanna write about now, letting my dreams put me to inspiration!

EDIT: Didn't find the time to do it Sunday, so I guess I'll be aiming for a last second entry on monday xD
EDIT2: Whoops, forgot to do it today and now it's 5:34 hours past the deadline...

Good job @sndbox.keep it up.upvote done.Highly appreciated for your work

As a blogger cum steemian from Indonesia, are we allowed to publish stories in Bahasa? @sndbox

Upvoted !!

Request you to please upvote & comment on my blogs too as I am new here & need help of you guys to grow on Steemit.

you have a chance to participate in the quest

Yes, Would love to !

Hi @sndbox and @Celfmagazine
I like this challenge and I appreciate your initiative :) I am a little bit new here and I am going to shoose something to writte about it :)

Thank you :) you can come to our Discord server, check the other comments to find the invitation link.

I wish to have my heart poured out to @sndbox
With this,............. creative writing will see no bounds

Awesome! Excited to see what this competition draws in! Thanks for all your help and guidance #sndbox team, its been great being a part of this project :)

what length of story? Like 250-500 words?

Mostly commenting to keep the page nearby... expect an entry from me.

Am excited to be part of this project, I will try my best to keep this interesting, expect my entry soon.

Loving this @celfmagazine + @sndbox. I will definitely be participating as creative writing is one of my passions and a few of the themes have caught my eye :-)

You're welcome dude :)

Finally got my entry in... just in the nick of time.


Excellent iniciative, @sndbox & @celfmagazine.

I'm interested in participating, excited and grateful for the opportunity. Question: Are entries in Spanish allowed, or English only?

Thanks ☻

Hello @marlyncabrera, the entry will be evaluated in English for the contest, but you can translate it to Spanish if you want.

Good to know. English would be then. Thanks for replying so soon!

Wow I will try to join this...

Hello @sndbox, i have a question:
The entry should be in english or can be submitted in other language?

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Hi guys here is my entry , and should we be posting the second one now itself ?? The follow up post ??

I would rather wish to remind myself about memories ........
How that @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20

Came down to our low Estate to help us
Handing us a dream that we will like to keep for as long as forever
The Celf Art and Culf propagated by @sndbox births the dream

Thanks for sponsoring these contests. I have entered this contest with the following entry. I will look forward to reading all the entries! Good luck everyone.

Love so much this great idea of yours.

I like this, and I already post my story, I'm glad for the motivation of literature and writing that you promote.

@sndbox thank you very much for supporting our project with such enthusiasm, we are very happy for all you are doing to help us grow.

This is a challenge to the authors, in motivating his writing well.
I am glad to be joined.
Please permit, I translate in language of Indonesia

Thanks for this @sndbox

Last time I participated we needed to post our link to our entry in comments. So my entry is bleow. Sure hope I can use the cellchallenge tag to catch me some fish. lol

I want to try this challenge, very challeging

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what a great project, I will be participating, so count on my participation; These competitions allow the development of many people as a human being and personal growth, promoting positive principles in favor of reading and artistic activities.

Hi, this is my ticket, I hope it is to your liking.
the entry is in English and Spanish

hola esta es mi entrada, espero que sea de su agrado.
la entrada esta en ingles y español

Hello this is my entrance, subject determination-Greetings from VenezuelaHello this is my entrance, subject determination-Greetings from Venezuela

This is a very great contest. Here is my entry

Just entered! Thank you for putting this on for us :)

I used the tag - so it's not necessary to drop our link in the comment section, right? :)

Love this. Hopefully, I will be able to cook up something tomorrow or next

Awesome one...Keep this going.

Upvoted, resteemed and's my entrance link

Hi @sndbox, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I found out that @cefmagazine doesn't exist on Steem. Maybe you made a typo ?

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Nice checky ;) that was hiding in the last paragraph. Good catch!

I am very glad to read this blog, without a dout you are a creative person I follow your work..
I always causes pleasure to visit your blog..
Congratulations for your all achievement and continue your success..
All the best..👍👍👍