NiceHash been Hacked & bitcoin Stolen, So i lost 200$ 💰 if i will not get my payment.??

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the official press release link....


--it is not very NICE news to hear .....but what we can do?

I was mining throw Nicehash and I was considering this payment as a rescue bot coming to me.
but the Destiny was hiding for me this shock considering that my payment due in 2 days after three weeks waiting


~~So you can imagine my feeling right now!!

however, as you see the hacker was going for the bitcoin wallet, and Nicehash working on knowing how much they lost ??

-I don't know how they do not already know however, they also shut down All operation for 24 hours.

so all the users of Nicehash are now waiting eagerly for the second shock that describes that they will be bayed later and so on as we sow in similar situations.

and in the end, my Condolences to all the users of Nicehash and to Nicehash them self and I hope that the hacker gets caught and return all that he had stolen.

Thanks to you all.
And have a nice day.



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    This another reason to buy NO mining contracts, as you would make more money buying the coin itself, instead of paying some company a share to make a profit.


    you are absolutely right.
    but I was mining with my GPUs not paying for mining power, so all the hard work and electricity price and hardware decay went for nothing!!

    The little things I heard of nicehash were good, so sad this happened to you bro. Hope they could fix it ;(


    thanks, bro.
    and I hope that you do not have the same experience ever.

    i feel sorry for you and i hope that they bring back your balance unchanged


    thanks, my friend
    i hope that too

    البتكوين هيوصل 40000 الف والسيم هيبقي 30


    فاكرة الاثيريم


    ايوة طلع من 400 ل600 يابخت الاشتري


    تمام 👍

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    I would stick with ONLY the most reputable cloud mining contracts. HashFlare is a legit one.


    even this is not so reliable!


    I know people that have used hashflare with success. That is why I said that. You are probably right though.

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    I am also Very Sad and Disappointed By NiceHash... Awesome Exposing Post UPVoted By @jimmyjemsx


    Thanks, but what we can do?

    I'm slowly switching to gpu mining too. Accumulating profit from cloud mining to buy gpu. Just the cons you have to deal with all the electricity fee and increasing gpu ram usage..


    great the gpu mining beginning to be profitable again .👍

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