HEADLINES: Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 - Antifa Defending Pedophiles, Earth Nation Planetary Alliance, North Korean Test Site May Have had a Dramatic Tunnel Collapse, CoinMarkets.today, Holding Onto Steem Power, and More

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Alternative Media - "Right" Leaning

Antifa Activists Carry Pro-Pedophile Sign During Cernovich Protest
Tony Podesta Threatens Tucker Carlson After Bombshell Report On Russian Influence Peddling
Pat Buchanan Exposes "That Other Plot..." To Bring Down Trump
Trump Calls On Podesta Bros To "Drain The Swamp" By Revealing "Earth Shattering" Dirt On Dems
Roger Stone: Twitter’s Techno-Fascism Erasing Humans From Internet
GOP Rep Nunes on Deep State Leaks: ‘DOJ Could Do Their Job and Begin to Investigate’
Evening ABC, CBS Newscasts Dedicate 70 Percent of Time to Mueller Indictments
WH: There's a Difference Between a Meeting and Millions Spent on ‘Fake Information to Actually Influence the Election’
CNS News

Alternative Media Section II - "Left" Leaning

Moore Calls for Judge’s Impeachment
Political Wire
Report: Lewandowski Was Trump Official Papadopoulos Emailed About Russia Trip
Trump Should Be Scared
Debate Over Trump’s Military Powers Ignored As McResistance Focuses On Manafort
The Greanville Post
North Korea: A Threat or A Victim? Some Facts.
Panic in Trumpland, but Clinton Camp Should Be Wary
Argentina's Jailed Indigenous Leader Milagro Sala Taken to Hospital
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Criticized for Civil War Comments

Mainstream Media

Paul Manafort’s Ambition Set the Stage for His Downfall
The New York Times
Catalan independence: Sacked leader Puigdemont 'not seeking asylum'
BBC News
iPhone X review: Day one with Face ID and animojis
Up to 200 killed in North Korean nuclear test site collapse: report
The Hill
Historians respond to John F. Kelly’s Civil War remarks: ‘Strange,’ ‘sad,’ ‘wrong’
The Washington Post
Questions raised about sailors' story after months stranded at sea
Palestinian 'Pompeii' in Jerusalem Could Face Demolition
US News
What to Watch for as Facebook, Twitter and Google Executives Testify on Capitol Hill
The New York Times

Steem #News

Steemit:The Earth Nation Planetary Alliance. A Decentralized Revolution Bringing Blockchain to the Masses and a Free Steemit Academy and Minnow Support Guild to Steemit!
Steemit:Announcing CoinMarkets.today
Steemit:College Students are Flocking to Cryptocurrency Related Classes! (Plus an 82% increase in Crypto-related jobs)
Steemit:STEEM is Delisting From LiveCoin Exchange | 10th Nov, 2017 | Top 3 Exchange for Steem
Steemit:Authorities In Alabama Sued Over Abusive Speed Trap
Steemit:Why I am Powering Up All my Posts – And other Disclosures
Steemit:Ethnic Cleansing in Occupied Palestine Continues
Steemit:Comparing the fate of Chelsea Manning and the war criminals she exposed makes for depressing reading.

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Evening ABC, CBS Newscasts Dedicate 70 Percent of Time to Mueller Indictments

Maybe because it's a huge story?


Not nearly as deep as the millions paid to Clinton, Podesta and others in PROVEN collusion. Also all of the Manafort crap is pre-Trump.

If what Clinton, Mueller and others have been PROVEN to have done was done by Trump or anyone in his administration not only would he have been impeached, they'd have done everything they can to put him into prison.

So it is NOT a huge story. It is a friggin' smokescreen. That was the point.


I am at a loss to explain why, if evidence against Clinton et al is so overwhelming to the level of PROVEN, the Trump DOJ and the Reublican Congress have done basically squat about it. Where's the special prosecutor? Where are the numerous indictments? It just makes no sense to me. What possible reason is there to not play hardball?


Uhm... the current special prosecutor/investigator handed Uranium off to the Russians himself. In reality Jeff Sessions recused himself from this investigation because he had had some words with Russians and didn't want to have a conflict of interest.

So instead we get Mueller who has done way more than that.

So why isn't there? That's easy. What would they say as soon as something like this started. I mean some congressmen/senators are already coming out saying nothing can be done to Mueller.

This was about Russian Collusion and last I heard $16 Million+ spent inverstigating this.

Manafort is from BEFORE the election and has nothing to do with the election.

Yet, the person leading the investigation has been involved in Russian Collusion and it began if you recall amid claims Trump obstructed Justice by firing Comey... which with what has come out he should have fired him sooner.

Yet, what we have is Mueller and others actually OBSTRUCTING justice.

As far as the overwhelming evidence. It is there. They have not denied it, just like they didn't deny that the wikileaks emails released were true. Instead they shoot the messenger... i.e. they obstruct, they wave their hand and distract you with misdirection.

That is what this is. The evidence IS overwhelming. Yet, the issue is there are people in this mess that are above the law and have been for some time. Held to different standards.


Put it this way...

Manafort is like looking at an inkblot test and saying look at that evil photo...

While in the background is an incredibly well crafted evil painting that does not require imagination to see it's evilness and that is ignored.

That is the situation. It is literally a witch hunt with the witches doing the ones hunting and pointing at other people and saying "It's a witch, burn them!"

Though this is not surprising. Hillary was a huge fan of Saul Alinsky. In fact he was her mentor, and she even did a thesis on him. His rules for radicals state to accuse your opponents of doing the things you do.

I.e. Accuse of Russian Collusion while in fact the accusers were the ones colluding. Right out of Saul Alinsky's work, and something Hillary is very well versed in.

interesting post!

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