The Earth Nation Planetary Alliance. A Decentralized Revolution Bringing Blockchain to the Masses and a Free Steemit Academy and Minnow Support Guild to Steemit!

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The Earth Nation is a Planetary Alliance of Ecovillages, Cooperative Businesses, Humanitarian Organizations and Change agents that are choosing to embody a culture that transcends national borders and racial/religious differences to create systems that fairly distribute wealth and decision making.


We are literally embodying planetary scale solutions for most of the problems facing humanity today. By creating ethical, sustainable, decentralized alternatives to every government and corporate product and service we are moving towards a world without Poverty, War, Disease, Ignorance, PTSD, Emotional and Cognitive Dissonance.

Our alliance consists of 100+ organizations, dozens of properties spanning over 15000 acres of land with a combined net worth of 70+ million dollars in tangible assets and proprietary software systems.

We see that the Steem Community holds many of the same values and goals that we do. We are excited to connect with you and to help Steemians become even more autonomously empowered, grounded, and supported.

We have created a free online academy to help steemians find their place here and start earning a living income. Please enjoy it.

Next month well be opening up the EN steemit guild to the public. Our guild is designed to help get minnows off the ground by curating and boosting one post from each member once a week. Get a sneak-peak of our pre-beta Guild program at

The Earth Nation Global Community Portal opens up to a public beta on December 2nd! Find out more and support the movement at

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CONTENT WARNING! This is an obvious sponsored content. Financed by an anonymous community member @Freedom

I heard that freedom received the SP from multiple accounts that pre mined. Is he known to the devs?

That sounds really interesting. Good luck with your many different projects!

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Hi @steemcleaners We have posted many earthnation steemit articles to our facebook page!

Are we verified now?

Yes, you are. Thank you.

It is very exciting that EN is growing very fast. I shall wait for EN steemit guild

Count me in!
How do I join? Do I just follow you?

Follow the links at the end of the post to join our Steemit Team... Also, join us via our HomeCenter, , nearly every day of the week we have Meetings or Live Shows in which you can introduce yourself, and plug in to all we are doing. Simply click "Media Center", then "Calendar"! :) Looking forward to your presence!

Welcome to Steem Community @earthnation! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

In the New Steemians project, we help new members of steem by education and resteeeming their articles. Get your articles resteemed too for maximum exposure. You can learn more about it here:

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Cool stuff! good luck!

Interesting concept. Thanks!

A unified global community where every individual has a voice used to be a dream, but we're getting closer to this reality everyday.

Thank you @earthnation for creating this platform and giving our Mother Earth a voice among the noise!

Hoping to see you soon as a part of Earth Nation, join us at our HomeCenter! ... Introduce yourself at any of our Meetings or Live Shows, nearly every day of the week! Simply click "Media Center", then click "Calendar". :)

Wow now that is freaking exciting. I will say the future is looking real bright for Steemit.. So Glad I got in when I did!!

Wow, this seems like a massive project. Between when you said planetary, then I thought Martians and Saturners are also joining us!!!

Thanks for the post. I have been wondering if I would ever leave the $1 earning category. This is sure encouraging to know that one can get support from individuals like you in the steemit community. Please feel free to read my first post and input your comment, as well upvote. Thanks.

Thanks for your effort to help minnows. This is encouraging. I am a minnow who did my first post today and I am already optimistic. I have given my support for the thunderclap movement. Thanks .

You rock!! I hope to see you soon at our Steemit Guild, or any of our Meetings listed on our HomeCenter , click "Media Center", then "Calendar". Thanks! We are doing this!!

This is quite ambitious. I look forward to seeing what happens. As a South-African, a living income is not to far fetched. $10 a day will do...

i love new people in the community is just perfect :D

Hmmm The Earth Nation. A commendable effort aimed at uniting the world.

This post is honestly really inspiring what you are doing is truly great for our planet..

I approve this message! :) I have been working with the Earth Nation leadership for around 1 year now very closely! My core project, The Source, had been working side by side with similar missions for a few years previous to coming together. I know all the leaders personally. We are all the leaders. I am excited to share with you that you can be a part of this movement too! Join us at the Steemit Academy's and Guild, and we will bring in a better world together, and have a lot of fun together living out our dream lives!

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Earth Nation Planetary Alliance I like the sound of that. Let's see what you have to offer.

Interesting and ambitious project. Evil in the details and implementation. More helpful information for steemit community will be helpful :)

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Hi Joe! Here at HeartQuarters of the EN.. Your feedback is very important to us.. I am a leader of this movement, and encourage you to join us at the Academies, and Guild. We are a democracy, we share our resources as a collective, and we are all working together to bring in a better world that serves all life, and our Mother Earth. I would love to see you come into abundance with our programs, and working with us to end poverty, and so much more! Sending you ALL the love of the eternal Creator,

Doron Kutash, The Source

@the=source You said 'to bring in a better world that serves all life'
If that were true you would NOT be feeding the money lenders! That is not even respecting the platform let alone the whole world.
Your intention seems very clear to me.
Take take take

Feeding the money lenders? I heard it said best, Steemit being a "Meritocratic" Platform, it is a democracy of sorts. It is built with "pay to play" aspects.

The greatest thing we all can do, is invest our value into the Steemit EcoSystem, to provide liquidity and what it takes to scale it, much like Facebook and Google did, in building their empires. The difference is that Steemit is built to provide you a Return On Investment (ROI), and is "by the people, for the people"; we all win when we all play long-term, as investors, and truly curate great content/ valuable services to the Steemit community.

Steemit is a great media platform, that will evolve more and more into a whole EcoSystem (Many applications are being built by many entrepreneurial beings, and all are investors in the EcoSystem. Within this space will emerge new economies (many businesses, products, services), cooperative governance, sharing/education systems, and frankly solutions to all problems that exist on Earth today will be resolved by the open-source sharing of solutions, and collaboration in systems like Steemit.

@Earthnation is an early stage investor in Steemit, by investing in Steem, powering up, and creating a "currency", or flow that is exponentially increasing, fractaling throughout Steemit... everybody wins!

We bring great value within Steemit, as well as bring the value that is Steemit to the rest of the world.

Much love divine brother,

Doron Kutash, The Source

Hey Doron , that is a rather large Content Warning that has arrived at the top of your comment section. It seems I am not the only person that finds it all rather suspicious.

This post is honestly really inspiring what you are doing is truly great for our planet! Please continu what you!! I'm resteeming this and upvoting it ! :P


Have you taken the course? This is pretty legit... :)

I just invested in buying steem power...I'ma helping the steem platform so i would like to see it grow maybe to the next Facebook :)))


There's a chair beside my bed. I was lying down reading this post it inspired me so i decided to get up sit down and rest then continued reading.. ^^

i dont have a lot but i upvoted ^^

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Wow, this is exciting stuff! I’ve read some ideas about using having basic universal incomes for the whole world and using digital currencies to distribute it to everyone in the world. All you’d need is a basic mobile phone with Internet. Of course you’d need to have Internet access.

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biar a españolWhen translating, it changes the original text a bit. He raises it from a fair world a perfect world where equality of conditions is what abounds, where each person is respected is ideal. Maybe that balance is what is missing so that human beings do not reach those existential crises that in many occasions are so harmful that they stain millions of homes of pain and rage. Betting on the improvement of each member is the sign that they want the best for everyone, I read this and in one way or another gives a little hope. It's what we all want to happen.

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You can join, I just did and they make the process and understanding Steem so easy.

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I have some ideas to create a blockchain and/or a DAO that will reward people for indulging in their interests and pursuing their passions. Let's talk! I'm working on a few smart contracts now to illustrate the basic idea and then we can finish the white paper and scale it up!

Yes!! Let's do this!!! :) Please join us at our HomeCenter, , click on "Media Center", then "Calendar", and join us nearly any day of the week for Meetings, and Live Shows! Get to know all our people, and projects, and gain access to our resources/land/products/services/events/people in our network!

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Al traducir cambia un poco el texto original. Lo plantea de un mundo equitativo un mundo perfecto donde la igualdad de condiciones sea lo que abunde, donde se respete a cada persona es lo ideal. Quizás ese equilibrio es lo que falta para que los seres humanos no lleguen a esas crisis existenciales que en muchas ocasiones son tan dañinas que manchan millones de hogares de dolor y rabia. Apostar por la superación de cada miembro es la muestra de que quieren lo mejor para todos, leo esto y de una u otra forma da un poco de esperanza. Es lo que todos queremos que pase.

Welcome to Steemit dude!

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Very timely and powerful presence! Your declarations are I think commonly felt by people today, whether exposed online or not, a person reading your words here is challenged to live life freely and responsibly. I hope your desires of the heart are in line with your statements here. And I will support you and your mission with love and respect because I believe in what you believe. Mother Earth deserves movements and advocates for her protection and preservation.

Thank you so much for being here. More Power!

Great initiative @earthnation

It’s the good opportunity for steemit beginners like attend the online courses/tutorials regarding the vast areas of steemit..
Thanks ones again..

I'm taking the course now and even the introduction is helpful!

Ne tanrı,Ne devlet,Ne ulus ne de iktidar istemiyoruz.
Özgür insan özgür toplum oluşacak..

Wankan Tanka / Paramatma / Universal Soul supports this project

Earth Nation Rocks!!! Im in

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